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Kylie Jenner, Plastic Surgery, Botox, Implants: The Unfortunate Evolution of Kylie’s Face (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner looks very different than she did a few years ago and some would say that plastic surgery, Botox, and implants have played a role in the transformation. Above and below is Kylie Jenner back in 2010 and 2011 respectively. She’s got thin lips, a widish nose and a pretty round little face. She’s certainly no supermodel, but she’s a cute kid. So why can’t her famewhore Kardashian-Jenner family just let her be without implants and plastic surgery. Perhaps they’re not actively pressuring her to get her face carved up and become a cosmetic surgery addict like Kim Kardashian, but they are essentially peer pressuring her into it by getting themselves implanted, Botoxed, lip puffed and other cosmetic atrocities.

Then there’s the proliferation of sexy pouty photos her siblings, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and of course the grande dame of sex tapes, Kim Kardashian, post constantly. Pile on top of all that sister Kendall Jenner who is genuinely gorgeous (Kendall, not the other ones) without all the surgical tweaks and getting fame (almost) on her own as a model and you’ve got a recipe for low self-esteem and a desire to alter what her true nature is.

In short, it sends a clear message that who you are isn’t good enough. So let’s look at what Kylie’s clearly done, or had done, to her face – despite the claims that she’s just growing into her face, that it’s makeup, puberty or whatever other lame excuses their PR machine has invented.

So, from the top down, let’s look first at those eyes and eyebrows. Kylie’s eyes are nice, but pretty blah and her eyebrows are pretty much flat with a small space between her eye line and her brow.

Here is Kylie a couple of months ago and we see that her arch is drastically higher. Even if she’s raising her eyebrow in this pic, she can’t be in all of them, her eyes would be exhausted. Botox is a common tool to achieve this type of targeted lifting action. She’s 17, why not pour botulism into her head?

The sides of her nose also looks a bit more sculpted, but I can put that one down to makeup. Contouring and highlighting can make a nose seem whittled down. However, the tip of her nose looks like it may have lopped off a bit. Look at the area between her upper lip and tip of her nose and you’ll see it looks slightly larger and the tip slightly less pointy. If her nose was tweaked, it was done subtly and well.

She still has a puffy little face at this point. But look at these two pics below. Her jaw line looks taut and a little strange. But the face fat is gone. This is more than you can explain away with the loss of baby fat. Plus since she’s just 17, the time for baby fat melting away has yet to come and go.

There’s always a chance she’s Photoshopping her face in her IG photos but even press photos show a drastically different face. Now let’s look at the lips. Everyone’s been talking about Kylie’s lips and with good reason. Look at the first photo – the young woman has paper thin lips. Puberty doesn’t cause lips to puff. Pregnancy can do that, bee stings can do that and even a severe allergic reaction. But since she’s not knocked up (yet), not traveling with an entourage of apians and is only allergic to a lack of attention, the obvious answer is a plumper – and a lot of it.

And don’t try and say it’s lip gloss. Nope. It’s collagen or another filler syringed into her lips. There’s no denying it no matter what. There is no science behind going from lips 1/8” wide to 1/2” wide overnight. No, no, no. She’s got Angelina Jolie lips now but if you look at Angelina’s childhood photos, you’ll see she’s always had that plump pouter and it didn’t just crop up on her face spontaneously. Unlike Kylie’s mystery face apparition. Finally, let’s look at her chest. I know it’s routine for California teens to get enhancements, this is just icing on the Kylie plastic surgery cake.

Here is Kylie with her big sis Khloe giving her a kiss. It’s a sweet photo but what stands out to me clearly is the clear outline of her right breast implant peeking out of her sweater. That’s not how natural breast tissue behaves. That’s a bag of silicone. I do have to give her props since she didn’t opt for giant fun bags, but still it’s just one more thing to make her less herself and more some crafted avatar intended for social media consumption.

Where is her mother in this? Why hasn’t she said no? Why hasn’t she told her daughter that she’s beautiful as is and to embrace herself rather than trying to tear it apart and rebuild it artificially? And if she has taken this approach but Kylie rejected it, why didn’t she just tell her no. At 16 and 17, Kylie can’t have surgery and other cosmetic procedures without both parental permission and money to pay for it.

There are a couple of ways to look at this. We can see Kylie as a victim or a perpetrator. And knowing that family, I think it’s the latter. She’s seen how her big sisters have benefited from their looks and with her looks as they were, she wasn’t going to benefit. And that’s not to say she was unattractive or unworthy, but she definitely didn’t have model good looks. So why not consider a real career doing something? Her family can certainly afford to put her through college. But it’s easier to carve herself up and sell herself based on her looks. This is just lazy opportunism.

And while it may work now to get her some modeling gigs, eventually it’s going to cost her. It’s one thing to get Botox in your 30s or a facelift in your 50s, but monkeying with your skin when you’re still a teenager will cost you in the long run. Surgery damages your skin and requires more and more maintenance and results in a less natural looking face. If she keeps this up, she’s going to look like Joan Rivers did at 80 when Kylie is just 40.

So Kylie, lay off the Botox and quit posting inappropriate and unlikely photos of your ever-changing face and age-questionable social activities on IG. Be a normal 17 year old – get your high school diploma (and not some sketchy home school crap like you’re pursuing), go to college and be a real person from the inside out. Or wait until you’re 18, make a sex tape and follow your sister Kim’s “career” path. Either way…

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I love this post! Your right on the money! She looks good! But I thought she was pretty just the way she was! Not is….. Sucks she didn’t have better sisters to look up too! Or at least talk some sense into her! But as you can see all three sisters look ugly now since they got work done on there face! It is what it is!

I think people are mad they r rich. Worry about your own life and quit being hatters.

Why don’t you take a spelling class, cupcake? Is it really too much trouble for you to write “are,” and to spell “hatters” properly? Seriously?

It’s their mom’s fault,that they are addicted to fame. Kris Jenner is pimping her daughters out and it’s sad.

is their mom Kris Jenner fault she loves exploiting her kids she was the one that released Kim and Ray J’s sex video its all about the mighty dollar with them

What a hate spewing monster you are! Don’t get me wrong I think it’s sad this little girl is doing this to herself but to call her an opportunist while you sit there on your computer bashing this child-and her family as if you aren’t right now making money off of their careers whatever they may be is more shady than slim…you’re a pompous asshole in my opinion

Seriously. The article is full of nasty, belittling, backhanded compliments. “Pretty little plump face” and “plump face.” You can’t condemn her for plastic surgery and then make comments about how much prettier her sister is and point out facial “flaws.” What do you expect her to do with that? Sit there and just take it? Be happy with just being a “cute kid”? If every photo of my face was picked apart on a regular basis then I’d load up on plastic surgery too. I don’t know how such a young girl functions when surrounded by such a toxic media environment by no fault of her own. She’s an attractive girl. She always was, and I wish she knew it.

I don’t hate the Kardashians. I hate the vile media environment constructed around them that destroys perfectly attractive (notice how I don’t qualify this or backhandedly compliment her “plump little face”) young women.

Thank you for your comment & for being a humane person – a rarity it seems in this world! Yes, Kylie was always attractive.

You spend way too much time on the Internet (“…my previous comment, texts, articles and comments…”), and doling out armchair psychology (“…this is bringing others down to make YOU feel better about yourself”), at that. Get a job, genius.

First of all I’m black. Second,it’s not about race,I’m tired of all you racist,internet thugs coming on here,looking for trouble. Third,I said,what I said. Don’t come for me,unless,I send for you.

Sad that we are still talking about this family…me included…just putting money in their pockets.

You all need to stop suckin Kardashian ass ! HA! ( lotta suckin) . I’m so tired of hearin bout this poor girl! Leave her alone. I’ll say one thing, most likely she’s had her lips done, but who gives a shit ? I had mine done a while back. I got to move on in peace obviously cause I’m no celebrity. The only reason it’s a big deal is cause of her name. I’m not a huge fan of the clan, but u can’t take away from them the fact that this is one gorgeous bunch! At the end of the day whether u hate on her or stick up for her, she’s probably not gonna show up at yer door over “your” comment lol. As for this article, who gives a shit? So she contradicted herself in a few places! I’m sure y’all are perfect right? At the end of the day, it’s her opinion, Kylie’s lips remain how they are,and she’s still rich as hell.

Money talks , I know what it feels to be less attractive than other family members. As a kid I was made fun and fat .There’s a lot of pressure being celebrity, she’s beautiful just hope she doesn’t over do it later.

I hope you realize that over the years shes just started to wear more makeup. Its not plastic surgery. She overlines her lips and obviously grew her eyebrows out and contours her face more. Don’t be so judgemental. This is why people are afraid to do anything nowadays. If you don’t wear makeup, you’re ugly and if you wear too much you’re considered fake. This article is a piece of crap.

Well I am white and YES if a 25 year old, and who gives a damn what their race is, is messing with a 17 year old someone needs to put a stop to it. Not right.

Lol when can people just be happy with the way they are instead of using plastic sergery and botox and stuff. By time she gets older that stuff will still sag and wont look as glamorous and it might do now. But she looked better before now it look like her face is sideways because of how high one of the archs of her brow is and thats not cute. The best pic of her on here after the surgeries was when her face was half covered with her bang, n thats a shame.

Her lips are clearly from overlining her lips. You can see where her original lips start even with all that lipstick…

This article is disgusting. It sickens me that a woman could write such awful things about a teenage girl trying to figure things out. I’m only repinning this to spread awareness that this is not okay and something should be done about this “journalist.” If you have a talent for writing, use it for good. Not for belittling other people you know nothing about.

They still ugly inside.

Care more about yourself and how much of an ugly-hearted nobody you are, before you go judging and being blatantly nasty to other people, who probably have no idea who you are and could not care less about what you have to say.

I couldn’t have said it better! You hit the nail on the head!

Who is this weird writer of this article? Why does your choice of language make you sound as though you’re a 60-something year old? Why are you so hateful and making so many presumptions about her character? Get another job!

Ahahahahaaa…you forgot the chin reduction and butt injections my dear…you didn’t venture low enough. In the selfies she looks somewhat normal but when she moves her face or doesn’t have 12 pounds of makeup on it she looks like a cartoon monkey. I myself am enjoying the plastic reincarnation with popcorn because at this point she looks about 40 and I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring. Yeah, I work my shitty day job and enjoy watching the disgustingly rich and sef-absorbed f their faces up. I think all of the poor schmucks on here pretending to be so up in arms at the writer of this article are a joke. Everybody read it and everyone loves a trainwreck, especially when they do nothing with their undeserved millions but get plastic surgery and post “hot” selfies.