Who is david schwimmer dating

Who is david schwimmer dating

Allen, Woody - Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer (real name: Allan Konigsberg)

Barr, Roseanne - actress, comedian, writer, television producer, director and candidate for President of the United States with the Green Party of the United States

Beckham, David - Soccer Star, Movie Star, Jewish Grandfather, Lured to Los Angeles Soccer Team in 2007, Highest Sports Salary in History

Berfield, Justin Tyler - Actor, Writer, Producer, Star of Reese, Malcolm in the Middle

Bialik, Mayim - Actress, The Big Bang Theory, Blossom

Bleeth, Yasmine - Actress -Father Jewish, Baywatch, One Life to Live, Max Factor model, Johnson & Johnson model

Bochner, Hart - Actor, Die Dard, Rich and Famous, Breaking Away, Apartment Zero

Boxleitner, Bruce - Actor, Tron, Babylon 5, Gunsmoke, Gods and Generals

Brody, Adam - Actor - Played Jewish heart throb, Seth Cohen, on FOX TV Series "O.C."

Bruce, Lenny - Comedian, Social Critic, Known for Cutting Edge Speech Landmark Trial

Bullock Sandra - Fantastic Actress. We Really Don't Know If She's Jewish. Everyone Keeps Asking. We Know She Is Hot.

Chomsky, Naom - an American philosopher

Cohen, Rachel - Lisa Simpson's fantasy Jewish Friend on The Simpsons Cartoon Show

Cohen, Seth - Popular fictional Jewish heart throb on FOX's O.C. TV Series

Crusty the Clown - The Simpsons - Jewish Name Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski The Simpsons - Jewish Name Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski

Curly - (Jerome) Curly Howard (Horowitz) - One of the Stooges

Davis, Jr. Sammy - Black Singer, Actor, Dancer (died)

Douglas, Kirk - Actor, Father of Michael Douglas, Academy Awards, Spartacus. Listed as One of the Top 20 Actors of All Time

Douglas, Michael - Actor, Son of Kirk Douglas, 2 Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Picture

Duchovny, David - Co-Star of the Hit Show The X-Files, Top Star in Californication

Duritz, Adam - lead singer/songwriter for Counting Crows

Edelstein, Lisa, Major Actress on House TV Series, role of Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Eisen, Rich - NFL Network, TNT Reality Show

Finkel, Fyvush - Starred as Harvey Lipschultz on Boston Public and Douglas Wambaugh on Picket Fences TV Series.

Ford, Harrison - Raiders of the Lost Ark, Witness , Force Ten from Navarone, Star Wars, and Blade Runner

Freed, Alan - Rock n Roll innovator, disk jockey, Cleveland and New York (WABC)

Geffen David - Dreamworks, Owns Geffen Records (Israeli )

Geller, Uri - Psychic, spoon bender, performer, entertainer, author.

Gold, Ari - Fictional Jewish Hollywood character on Entourage played by Jeremy Piven

Gould, Alexander - Shane in Showtime's Weeds, Voice of Nemo in Pixar's Finding Nemo, Voice of Bambi in Disney's Bambi II

Grey, Joel - Broadway Actor (Emcee, Cabaret)

Gyllenhaal, Jake - Actor, Prince of Persia, Donnie Darko, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain

Hoffman, Dustin - Actor Who Is Definitely One of America's Best Jewish Actors

Howard, Moe - One of The Three Stooges

Hirsch, Steve - Founder / President Vivid Entertainment, America's #1 Porno Industry Giant

Jeremy, Ron - Actor, World's Most Famous Porn Star, Comedian, Advertising

Klugman, Jack - Actor, Quincy M.E., The Odd Couple

Kunis, Mila - Actress, That 70's Show, Book of Eli, Max Payne, Black Swan, Friends With Benefits

Lambert, Adam - American Idol, Singer, gay and lesbian advocate

Mandel, Howie - Comedian, TV Host, America's Got Talent, Deal or No Deal, Dr. Wayne Fiscus on St. Elsewhere

Mesh, Adam - Star of Average Joe, 50 million TV viewers, about trading stocks.

Monroe, Marilyn, Official Certificate of Her Conversion to Judaism, Dated July 1, 1956, Archived on This Page

Neuwirth, Bebe - Actress - Played Lilith Sternin - Fictional Jewish Character on Cheers and Fraser

Phoenix, River - Actor, died of drug overdose, brother of Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix, Joaquin - Actor, Gladiator, Walk the Line, also brother of River Phoeni

Piven, Jeremy - Actor, Ari Gold, a Jewish Hollywood Executive in Entourage TV Series

Presley, Elvis - One of the most Spectacular Singers and Actors ever, Jewish Mother and Grandmother

Raymonde, Tania - Actress, Lost, Malcolm in the Middle, The Nightmare Room, etc.

Sagal, Katey - Jewish Actress, Peggy Bundy on Married with Children, Gemma Teller Morrow who is the Matriarch on Sons of Anarchy

Samberg, Andy - Actor, Rapper, Singer, Filmer, Soft Raw Humor

Shatner William - Actor (Star Trek's Captain 'James T. Kirk')

Silverman Sarah - Comedienne, specializing in obscenity and sacrilege.

Springer, Jerry - Host of The Jerry Springer Show, Misanthropic Entertainment Genius

Stern, Howard - Radio Commentator, controversial host, judge on America's Got Talent

Sternin, Lilith - Fictional Jewish Character on Cheers and Fraser played by Bebe Neuwirth

Stiller, Jerry - Jewish Actor, Mr. Costanza and Ben's dad, Seinfeld Show

Taylor, Elizabeth - Jewish Actress, Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Whitford, Bradley - Played Josh Lyman Presidential Political Advisor on "West Wing"

Avital, Mili - Israeli actress (extremely beautiful), U.S. debut: Stargate

Bonet, Lisa - Ex-Wife of Lenny Kravitz

Walter, Bruno - German conductor and student of Gustav Mahler. Had to change his name.

Dell'Abate, Gary - Howard Stern's Producer (Baba Booey!)

Fagen Donald - Steely Dan - Singer - Composer

Feuer, Aaron Neal - Wrestler, Talmud Scholar, Debate Champ

Fisher Carrie - Actress: Star Wars' Princess Leia

Freed, Alan (first radio star in 50ґs to play Rock n' Roll)Freedman, Jacob -- WBZC's Sunday Morning Klezmer DJ

Geller, Uri - Magician who Bends Spoons & Levitates ObjectsGere Richard - Actor

Goldwyn Samuel - Director, Executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Gould Elliot - Actor from Bay Parkway Brooklyn

Alan Greenspan - Federal Reserve Chairman, His wife, Andrea Mitchell, Is a Jewish NBC NEWS Reporter. Greenspan is also Talented as an Entertainer and Concert Violinist.

Hayworth Rita - Rita Cansino - Source: Debrett's Goes to Hollywood - Cansino Family

Hoskins, Bob - Roger Rabitt, Cotton Club, Ex-Kibbutznik

Iggy Pop musician (James Newell Osterberg, Jr.)

Kaye, Danny - Philanthropist, Song-and-Dance Man

Joel, Billy - Musician, Winner of Grammy Awards

Kaufman Andy - Latka on Taxi, Strange Humorist, Saturday Night Live Guest

Other Klezmer Performers - Klezmer Singer Extraordinaire

Martins, Luciano Costa - brazilian musician (mother mulatta, father indian/jewish)

Meyer Jeffrey - World Series Yankee Hero - Jewish Boy, 12, Who Deflected a Home

Meyers, Ari - Actress / Kate and Allie

Owens, Ronn - San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host

Peczynski , Dominika - TV star (Dominikas Planet), member of Swedish dance

Ramone, Joey - Lead Singer of the Ramones

Rickman Alan - Actor (Sense and Sensibility, Die Hard, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Reudor - Cartoonist, Author, Creator of Comic Strip and Books Featuring The Doodle Family

Sachs, Nelly - Poet, Noble Prize in Literature

Server, Josh - Actor On the Show All ThatSeymour, Jane - Actress (father is Jewish)

Shue, Andrew - Actor (Melrose Place) US actor, brother of Elisabeth Shue (Jewish father, not raised Jewish)

Shue Elizabeth - Karate Kid, Back to the Future II & III, Leaving Las Vegas, The Saint, etc.

Silver Josh (keyboard player in goth metal band Type-O-Negative)Silverstein, Shel - Children's authorSilverstone, Alicia - Actress, Clueless StarSimon, Paul - Musician

Sioux Siouxie (female singer of British punk/goth band Siouxie & Banshees)Singer, Isaac Bashevis - Writer (Yiddish)

(Bokkie Rosenthal) - Composer and ScriptwriterSondheim, Stephen - Broadway lyricist/composer

Spungen Nancy - Girlfriend of Sex Pistolsґs Sasist Sid Vicious (Deceased)

Stanley Paul - Lead Hard Rock Singer and Guitarist for KISS, Real Name Stanley Eisen

Steinman Jim - Composer for Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine DionStern Howard - King of All Media

Stewart, Jon - ComedianStreisand, Barbara - Director, Singer, ProducerTal, Shiraz - Israeli supermodel (pic on top model directory)

Tandy Jessica - Actress, probably Christian descent, played her most famous role

Tracht, Doug - The Greaseman - Nationally known radio shock jockUstinov Peter - Actor

Williams Robin - Actor (Said he was Jewish on "Oprah" possibly as a joke or

in referring to a movie role); he is probably of Christian descent. According to Adherents, Williams gravitated to Jewish friends in school and attended 14

bar mitzvahs as an "honorary Jew". His parents were descended from the English Welsh, and Irish (father) and French (mother). Robin Williams plays many Jewish

Hoskins, Bob - Roger Rabitt, Cotton Club, Ex-Kibbutznik, Sephardim

Jean-Pierre Barda - actor, TV star member of Swedish dance band Army Of Lovers

Dinah Manoff - Actress - "Empty Nest"

Chaim Goldberg - World renowned artist of the Shtetl Culture. see site

Sara Silverman - commedienne

Sophie Marceau - french actress Braveheart daughter of Marcel

Howard Ashman - lyricist Little Shop of Horrors, Disney animated features

Clare Carey - actress, coach

Kevin Kline - Actor, Best Supporting Oscar in A Fish Called Wanda

Harry Houdini - World's Most Famous Magician and Escape Artist

Barry Horowitz: real name, professional wrestler in the WWF & WCW

Goldberg: name: Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler, WCW Champion

Raven: name: Scott Levy, professional wrestler, former WCW Champion

Dean Malenko, professional wrestler, former WCW champion

Jon Lovitz - Actor, comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Critic)

Susanna Hoffs - Singer in the Bangles

Christine Lakin - Step by Step

Herman Wouk - Author of War and Rememberance and other great epic novels

Jason Alexander -- Actor (George Castanza on 'Seinfeld')

Joseph Gordon - Levitt - actor on rd Rock From The Sun

Michael Landon - Little House On The Prairie (Eugene Orowitz - real name)

Robert Redford - Actor. Describes himself as 'half Jewish'.

Leslie Ann Warren - Actress Jewish?

Marc Chagall - Painter, visual artist, Other site

Gene Simmons - singer/bass player for Kiss Israeli/Turkish, real name Haim Witz

Joan Collins - Actress and Socialite Jewish?

Gilbert Gottfried - Comedian

Jonny Clegg - South african musician Jaluka and Savuka

Hank Azaria - Cartoon voices in Simpsons and starred in Birdcage

Michael Jackson - ABC Talk Radio Host

Larry Fine - one of the Three Stooges

Jakob Dylan - lead singer of The Wallflowers and son of the great

Irving Berlin -- songwriter & writer of musicals (God Bless America, White

Marcel Marceau - Famous French mime

John Banner - Actor (Schultz from Hogan's Heroes) Jewish?


George Burns - Comedian, Actor (Real name: nathan birnbaum)

Randy Newman - Composer performer ('Toy Story' soundtrack)

Isaac Stern - Famous Violinist

David Helfcott - Musican

Lawrence Hershon- little in the middle but he got much back

Jamie Gertz -- actress

Lorraine Bracco - Actress (Goodfellas)

Brett Gurewitz - owner of Epitaph records and former guitarist for Bad Religion

Giselle Fernandez (mother is Jewish)

Jenna Leigh Green - actress on Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Naomi Shemer -- composer to Yerushalayim shel zahav

Stuttering John Melendezbaum - He looks as good as he talks!

Neil Gaiman - Author (Sandman, Neverwhere)

Brooke Langton - actress (Samantha on Melrose Place)

Peter Riegert - actor, Crossing Delancey

Joy Division (at least Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, Ian

Dennis Prager - radio talk host, essayist, moralist

Scott Simon - host NPR's Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist

Mara Wilson - child actress in Miracle on th St, Mrs. Doubtfire

Alan King - CNN king of talk

Melissa Joan Hart- Mother's father devout orthodox Jew

Jerry Herman - Composer of Hello Dolly!

Lorne Green - Bonaza star

Fred Astaire (Fredrik Austerlitz - real name) Jewish?

Ron Silver - Actor/Director

Perry Farrel - ne Bernstein. Musician, Porno for Pyros

Roman Polanski - Director

Super Dave Osborne - Comedian. Real name: Bob Einstein.

Maury Chaykin - Actor -

Jenna Von Oy -- actress who played six on blossom Jewish?

Paula Abdul - famous singer (Mother is French canadian Jew)

Lorne Michaels - T.V. Producer (createdbureaucrat

Lacey Chabert - actress on Party of Five

Werner Klemperer (Klink on Hogan's Heroes, son of Otto K.)

Monty Hall - game show host

Leslie Howard - British actor, in Gone With The Wind, Killed as Pilot in WWII

Tony Curtis (Bernard Schwartz - real name)

Marc Bolan (Marc Feld) - UK singer: T. Rex Frontman

Sally Jessy Raphael-T.V. talk show hostess, (real last name: Lowenthal)

Richard Beymer - 'West Side Story' - actor

Jonathan Larson-composer (Rent)

Matt Lauer - NBC Today Show

Brent Spiner - Data character on Star Trek Next Generation

Matthew Broderick - Actor. Jewish Mom

Tim Burton - Brilliant Director

Michael Bolton - Singer

Hillel Slovak - Late guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers

Victor Borge (Borge Rosenbaum) Pianist and Humourist

joey slotnick - actor/single guy

Harry Reems- 'Big' porn star of the 's

Fyvush Finkel - Actor/Entertainer - Picket Fences

justine bateman - actress

Totie Fields - comedienne

Matityahu Glazerson - Author of Mystical Books/Composer

Marat Galperin - athlete, entertainer, and regulator.

Peter Lorre - ne Ladislav Loewenstein, Actor

craig t. nelson actor-coach

Robby Benson Robert Segal-actor/director

Richard Kaufman (Ricky The K) - Disc Jockey

Brody Stevens - Comedian and Cable Access TV host in Seattle

Judd Nelson - Actor, Suddenly Susan, The Breakfast Club

Tina Louise - Actress (Gilligan's 'Ginger' - origin of the Hebrew word 'Jinji')

Keith Moon - The Who ( Reputedly Jewish )

Elsa Morante, Italian author

Irwin Chusid- Writer, Record Producer, Radio Personality and Bon Vivant

Lawrence Harvey - born Skikne - actor

Danielle Harris - Actress

patricia wettig - actress-thirtysomething

Ricki Lake - talk show hostess

Andrew Norden - Pre-Medical lover of women

melanie mayron - thirtysomething

Garson Gershon Kanin - actor

Franz Kafka - author

Arnold Schoenberg - Composer

Gary Schandling - Comedian

Mark Reizen - Great Russian bass, "probably the greatest bass voice Russia ever

mike ogulnick - one on one sports radio network anchor

Audrey Landers - actress

Estelle Getty - Actress (Sophia, Golden Girls)

Harlan Ellison-Science fiction writer

Jack Carter - Comedy

Howie Morris - comedian (Your Show of Shows)

Sophie Tucker Abuza - performer ''last of the red hot mamas'

Steven P. Greenberg - songwriter (Funkytown)

paul michael glazer - actor/director starsky and hutch

Robert Downey Jr. - Actor Jewish?

Neil Simon - Broadway playwright

David Harari- Film Maker

Debra Winger actress

Mark Dixon - Counts cars in Nissan in Sunderland,UK

Al Cohn - famous saxophone player now deceased

Arlo Guthrie, Woody Guthrie's son, mother Marjorie was Jewish

Carolyn Summerlin-Comic/Concert Pianist

Joe Dytko--the first founder of the turrles

Stan - South Park (Comedy Central) character (Wed. pm EST)

Jerry Orbach- Briscoe on Law and Order

Al Kooper - Founder, Blood Sweat and Tears

Matt Fraiberg - owner Guardian Alarm

Chaim Potok - Author

Mr. Rogers - TV star. plays with little kids

Camille Pisarro - Artist

audrey hepburn actress

Peter Mark Richman - Actor/writer/artist

Marilyn Michaels - Impressionist

george jessel - Toastmanster General

Yasha Heifetz - Violinist

Pamela Anderson - Playboy model (born Joan Goldstein)

Phoebe Cates-Costar of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Real last name: Katz)

Bronco Billy Anderson-silent film cowboy star

Charles Bronson - Movie Star

MCA (Adam Yauch)- Rap musician, Beastie Boys

Josef Schmidt, Rosa Raisa, Leonard Warren, opera singers

James Caan - (Actor) Rollerball etc.

Louise Wener - Frontwoman Britpop band Sleeper

Richard Lewis - Comedian

michael fishman actor-roseanne

Walter Mathau-Actor and Comedian

Joanna Going - actress

Randy West - Porno Star

Paul Mazursky - Director, beautiful, meaningful films

Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits lead vocal and guitarist

max weinberg - drummer, bruce springstein, conan o'brien

Mike Nichols - Director ( The Graduate, Catch , The Birdcage )

Yaakov Agam - modern painter/sculptor

Rowan Atkinson(?)- Comedian (Mr. Bean, Voice of Zazu in Lion King) Jewish?

Benny Goodman - King of Swing

Jean Jacques Goldman, french musician et singer

Paul Cohen - Quebecer guitarist

saul rubinek actor

Marty Feldman - actor, comedian

ADRIAN KAPLAN - South African actor

Corey Feldman - Actor

Madeline Kahn - actress (Clue, Nixon)

Donna Karan - designer

Justine Frischman - Frontwoman Britpop band Elastica

Arthur Fiedler - Former Boston Pops Conductor

Brett Sommers - The Match Game

Stanley Kubrick-movies director (clockwork orange,the Shining. )

Buddy Rich - worlds greatest drummer

Aaron Copland - Composer of Appalachin Spring and other great classical music

Maury Yeston- Musical composer of shows like Nine, Phantom and Titanic

Gary Lewis - Rock Singer ( Jerry's Son )

Ernst Lubitsch- Polish film Director of classic To Be Or Not to Be

Oscar Levant - pianist

Jan Peerce (Pinchus Perlmutter) - great operatic tenor

Joe Elliot- Def Leppard lead singer

David Horowitz - T.V. Personality

Debbie Gibson - Singer Jewish?

Wallace Shawn- actor (Princess Bride, Toy Story, Clueless)

Moshe Weinberg (Vainberg) Russian composer and contemporary of Shostakovitch.

Simone Signoret - French actress ('Diabolique')

Saul Zaentz - Producer ( One flew over. Amadeus, The English Patient )

Rachel Rosenthal - Los Angeles-based performace artist

Will Self - British writer (mother)

Fritz Lang - German director of classics as Metropolis and The Vampire of

rena sofer actress

David 'Dudu' Fisher - Popular Israeli Singer and Cantor

Daniel Day Lewis, British actor (Jewish mother)

Dina Meyer - Actress-appears in upcoming film 'Dragonheart'

Felix Mendelssohn, composer

Marcel Proust - Second most important writer (after Kafka) this century

Yul Brynner - definitely Jewish screen actor

Michael Gelman - producer of Regis and Kathie Lee

Rain Pryor - actress daughter of Richard, mom Jewish

David Cronenberg - Canadian director/writer (The Fly)

Rina Mor - Messinger - Israeli Miss Universe -

Randy Spelling - actor son of Aaron Spelling and brother of Tori Spelling

Carl Reiner - Comedian

Lee Grant - actress/director

Alicia Markova - Ballet dancer (nee Alice Marks).

S. J. Perelman - Writer - Screenplays for Marx' Comedies: Monkey Business; Horse

Yuri Rasovsky - Peabody Award-winning radio dramatist of the s and s.

Edward G. Robinson-Actor, Realname Emmanuel Goldenberg

Enrico Macias Algerian-French jew Famous?

Melissa Rosenberg - Joan Rivers' daughter/Host E! Entertaiment

Joely Fisher - actress/Ellen. Half-sister of Carrie.

Adam Yauch - Musician (Beastie Boys)

Joe Belgrade - stage and screen actor

Elliot Goldenthal - Movie Composer - Batman and Robin and others

Kent Brockman - TV anchor on The Simpsons Kenny Brockelstein

Stan Getz - world famous saxophonist

Arthur Koestler - author

Jennifer Jason Leigh - actress

Al Waxman - actor / Cagney and Lacey

Max Fleischer - Animation Producer (Betty Boop, Popeye, etc.)

David Halberstam - Author

Fritz Reiner, George Szell, conductors

Ronn Owens -San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host

Aaron Freeman - Chicago radio talkshow host

Helen Hunt (Father Jewish; Mad About You)

Josh Niehaus - Musician/entertainer/player

Felix Mendelssohn - composer

Laurin Sydney - Showbiz Today CNN

Robert Merrill - Opera Singer

Jerry Stiller - Mr. Costanza and Ben's dad

Justine Frischmann - lead singer of well known UK indie band Elastica

Steven Tyler - lead singer in the music group Aerosmith

Harvey Korman-Comedian, Costar of The Carol Burnett Show

Harrison Ford - one Jewish parent

Sakari Topelius - Old finnish national fairy-teller

Isaac Mizrachi -- fashion designer

Paul McKellar-Nazi Hunter, Nationally recognized lectur on Holocaust events.

Doc Severenson - Tonight Show

Alan Wilder - keyboards player of Depeche Mode

Andrew 'Dice' Clay - Comedian, Actor. Real name is: Andrew Silverberg

Justin Wilson- Mais, Cher, ANOTHER famous Cajun

Jennifer Doctorovich - theater actress in Houston ,Texas

Joanna Gleason (daughter of Monty Hall) actress

Pittsburgh Pete - Radio Actor

Jerry Bock - Composer( Fiddler On The Roof, She Loves Me plus more)

Ross Martin- actor(TV's 'The Wild, Wild West').Real name Martin Rosenblatt.

Charles Grodin - actor/writer

Michael Ovitz - Disney

Ben Elton - comedian and writer.

Arthur Schnitzler - Viennese playwright, novelist and doctor

Laura Shaff - Bon Vivant, Girl About Town

Haim Topol - Actor (Fiddler on the Roof)

Hans Rosenthal -- showmaster

Laura Bertam, actress on the Disney Channel's 'Ready or Not'

Jamie Lee Curtis (Father is Jewish)

Steven Adler-ex drummer for guns n roses

Arlene Dahl - Actress

Suzy Mamann Greenberg - Producer of Seinfeld and some other NBC shows

Mick Jones - Musician from the Clash/B.A.D. -- mother Jewish

Rick London (London's Times Cartoon force.supernews.com in Mississippi

Steve Guttenberg - Actor

Jay Diamond - Radio Talk Show Host (used to be on WABC)

Hy Berkawitz - Owner of Rogers Dept.store in Grand Rapids MI

Adam Faith - British singer

Jackie Kallen - manager of James Toney

Barbara Hershey (Herzstein)- actress- one-time hippie/flower child, now likes

Sasha Mitchell - Actor (Step by Step, Kickboxer )

Ann B. Davis - Actress (Alice in The Brady Bunch)

Ramblin' Jack Elliot-folk singer/guitar player

Carnie Wilson - former singer (wilson phillips), former talk show host, and

brian wilson (mother marilyn rovell is Jewish)

chevy chase -actor comedian

Jackie Mason - Comedian

Ken Berry-T.V. star-Mayberry R.F.D., F Troop

Totie Fields - Comedienne

Pope John Paul II -He's the spitting image of my Galitzyaner grandfather

Milton Berle - comedian

Ian Ziering - actor,

Adam Rich - Eight Is Enough

Linda (Epstein) Eastman - Paul Macartney's wife

paul shaffer musician-letterman show

Ivan Reitman - Canadian director - meatballs

Shelley Berman - comedian

Yves Montand - real name Ivo Livi, famous french singer

Lyle Waggoner-Comedian and former costar of The Carol Burnett Show

Woody Strode - black man from spartacus

Jeff Chandler -- 's movie star

Stephanie Powers - Actress

Samy Elmaghribi - Famous Singer - Morocco

Jonathan Brandis - actor

Walter Lippman - journalist/ founded the New Republic

Rob Cohen, Director Horror Films

Jerry Seinfeld -- comedian, tv star

Dani from Cradle Of Filth (Mother is Ethiopian,Father is Jewish)

Andrew Mark Berman - Actor that was on The Wonder Years and other shows

max weinberg - drummer for bruce springstein, conan o'brien

Michael Berrin - M.C. Search formally of rd Bass

Gene Wilder, actor, Silver Streak, Gilda Radner's husband

King Diamond - american singer (Mercyful Fate)

Julie Kanver- voice of Marge Simpson

Jenna Jameson - porn star/mother teresa protege/wife of SQS

Tony Randall (Leonard Rosenberg - real name)

Jay Black - Jay And The Americans

Dustin Diamond - screech from saved by the bell

Paulette Goddard - famous movie actress of the past

David Gahan - Lead for Depeche Mode

Arnold Schoenberg, famous composer

Robert Clary - actor (Hogan's Heros)

Joel and Ethan Coen - producer, director, writers (Raising Arizona)

Jackie Vernon- comedian

Mitzi Gaynor - Actress, Dancer, Singer

Mark Feuerstein - actor (comedy Fired Up)

Mickey Hart - Drummer for Grateful Dead (also Mystery Box)

Herschel Bernardi - actor

Michele Landsberg - newspaper columnist and Jewish Womens' activist

Melissa Manchester - Singer

Mark Moran - Talk Show Host

Ross Gelman-actor,comedian,adult entertainer

Ron Leavitt - Married With Children Creator/Producer

Jack Gilford - Comedian/Actor

dianne weist actress

Barry Sonnenfeld - director Get Shorty, Addams Family

Sheldon Harnick - Lyricist (Fiddler On the Roof, She Loves Me plus more)

Mr. G - WPIX New York weatherman

Selma Diamond - late gravelly voiced actress from Night Court

Dorothy Rothschild Parker - author and Algonquin wit

Malcolm McLaren--manager/impresario of the Sex Pistols

Zohra Lampert - actress

David Susskind - producer

Sheldon Leonard - late actor/producer

Sonny Fox - children's TV producer/host

Stuart Pankin - former host of HBO *Not Necessarily the News

Sherwood Schwartz - Creator Of Gilligans Isle

Paul Muni - Actor(Realname Muni Weisenfreund)

Emma Lazarus - poet ('Give me your tired, your poor. ' from the Statue of

Alan Gratzer and Kevin Cronin-musician of REO Speedwagon

John Leguizamo-Colombian actor/comedian (Jewish?)

Phobe Levy Pember --Confederate Civil War Heroine

Jean-Luc Godard- filmmaker

kim greist - actress: chicago hope/homeward bound

Kitty Carlisle-panelist on What's My Line (real last name: Conn)

David Mamet - director-writer (The Verdict, Hoffa)

Artur Rubenstein - piano virtuoso

Dina Sfat, Brazilian actress

Jerry Ohrbach - Actor

Bill Pullman - actor Jewish?

Adam Horowitz - Musician (Beastie Boys)

Lisa Edelstein - actress/Relativity

Camryn Manheim - actress (The Practice)

Andy Ackerman - producer/director (Cheers, Frasier, Seinfeld)

Georges Bizet-composer of Carmen, Symphony in C

Michael Rappaport - actor

Eugene Ormandy- conductor (purveyor of the Philadelphia sound)

Roy Lichtenstein- painter

John Rubinstein- actor (Family; son of Artur)

J.D. Salinger- author (Catcher in the Rye)

Sam Jaffe- actor (Ben Casey)

Marvin Hamlisch - composer of A Chorus Line

Peter Green - Blues guitarist, founder of Fleetwood Mac

Marianne Faithful - singer, girlfriend of Mick Jagger

Richard Dix - famous movie actor of the twenties and thirties

Florenz Ziegfeld - theatrical producer

Carl Bernstein - author and journalist

joseph papp public theatre

Harold Prince - Broadway Director (Phantom Of The Opera, Cabaret, and many more)

Benjamin Mor - Benyad from the rap group Blood of Avraham

D. Saevitz - Mazik from the fap group Blood of Avraham

Max Aranoff (sp?), violist of the Curtis String Quartet

Primo Levi - Writer(Holocaust Survivor)

Adam Goldberg - actor (TV-Relativity, Movies-Higher Learningunfortunetlyand The

Shimi Tavori - Outstanding Israeli Singer and Performer

Karl Haas-pianist, conductor, acclaimed host of Adventures in Music

hal linden hal lipshitz actor

Beverly Sills--opera singer and director

Daniel Stern - Actor

Fredrick Loewe - Composer( Camelot, Gigi, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon)

Tom Bosley - Mr. C. on Happy Days Jewish?

John Garfield -- 's movie star

Susan Strasberg, daughter of Lee, stage and screen actress

Stanley Drucker World-ranked clarinetist, NY Philharmonic Orchestra since

Kevin Pollack - actor

Natalio Finkelstein - famous violinist in tango orchestras- Argentina

Norman Corwin - pionerr writer, producer, director of American radio drama

Alan Rachins - LA Law

Fania Fenelon -- singer, author, Holocaust survivor;*Playing for Time* is her

Lee Strassberg - Actor

Jeannie Becker - Fashion Television

Kenny G - World renowned Musician(sax)

Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskin - musicians from Bauhaus, British goth band

Josh Niehaus - Musician/Entertainer

Pierre Monteux - Orchestral Conductor

Rita Rudner - commedienne

Herb Edelman - Police Chief on 'Murder She Wrote'

Chip Zien - Broadway actor (Falsettos, Into The Woods)

Bruce Adler - singer, dancer, comedian

Abigail Van Buren - dear abby

Robert 'Mutt' Lange- owner Flood/Mute records (Depeche Mode)

Stacy Earl- singer

Bill Maher - comedian

Jule Styne - composer of Gypsy

Louie Nye (Neistat) - comedian

Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)-advice columnist

Ralph Bakshi- cartoon director (Fritz the Cat, Cool World)

Greg Hetson - guitarist for Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks

Matt Groening - Creator of the Simpsons

Robert Lansing - Actor

Sidney Lumet - Film Director

Mark Rothko - Abstract Expressionist Painter

Al Cooper - Musician

Rod Serling - Twilight Zone Creator Jewish?

Herb Alpert - musician and mogul (Russian Jewish)

Sue Mengers - Agent

Edward G. Robinson - actor

Paul Muni - Actor ('Louis Pasteur', 'Fugitive from a Chain Gang')

Walter Mosley Writer (mother is Jewish)

Dictators-'s NYC punk rock pioneers-Handsome Dick Manintoba (Richard Blum) Andy

Ross (The Boss) Friedman Scott(Top Ten) Kempner Richie Teeter

Goldy Hawn-actress, First Wives Club

Adam Sandler- Comedian, songwriter

Dr. Ruth - Famous Sex Therapist

Emanuel List - Opera Singer

Rita Shane, Norman Mittelmann, Met opera

Gregor Piatigorsky, Emanuel Feuermann, cellists

Thomas Shlamme - director

Georgia Brown, actress

nora ephron - writer/director

Goddard Lieberson, President of Columbia Records

Bonnie Franklin - Actress

Chaim Topol -- singer and actor

Bruce 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow- great 's+'s NYC disc jockey

Richard Hell-punk rocker-Television Heartbreakers Voidoids

Mike Diamond - (Mike D.) band member of Beastie Boys

Adam Horowitz - (Adrock) band member of Beastie Boys

Silvio Santos- Brazilian humorist

Duncan Renaldo - Tv's Cisco Kid (born in Roumania)

Ricardo Cortez -Film actor (born Jacob Krantz)

Douglas Fairbanks Sr.- Silents star (real name Ulman)

Larry Gelbart - Mash producer

Alan Klein - briefly manager of both The Beatles and The Stones

Bernard Kalb - CNN Host of 'Reliable Sources'

Armin Shimerman- 'Quark' on Deep Space Nine

Matt Groening - Genius Creator of The Simpsons

Barbara Walters - Journalist

Shalom Harlow - model need confirmation of being Jewish?

Frank Hope- From Oddville he is the host on the show.

Joseph Brodsky - Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,

Claire Bloom - Actress

Katrina Neville- soprano- star of Penn State Opera Theatre

Henry Jaglom - Director of off-beat films

Amy Heckerling - director-writer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Sarah Berhardt - famous French actress-early 's

Isaac Babel - Writer

Nathanael West (Nathan Weinstein) - Writer - Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the

All the members of The J.Geils Band except for J.Geils

David Schwimmer-in Friends

Bert Bachrach - popular American composer

Larisa Oleynik - Secret World of Alex Mack

Oscar Hammerstein - deceased composer of Broadway musicals

Arthur Hiller (director of Love Story)

paul kossoff, guitarist english group free

Syl Sylvain - Member of New York Dolls

Judy Landers - actress


Elmer Bernstein - musician (composer/conductor)

Jill Clayburgh-Actress (An Unmarried Woman, Silver Streak)

Brett 'Da Hit Man' Moses - Proprietor of Atlanta's Tattletales

Wendy Liebman - commedienne

Estelle Harris - Yiddish actress plays George's Mom on Seinfeld

Norm Crosby - comedian

Bill Dana - comedian

Manfred Mann - musician

The King Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz)- rap musician, Beastie Boys

Dave Katz - Lead singer of Ekoositk Hookah

Tristan Tzara ( real name Sami Rosenstein ) - french poet (-); begginer of the

Antуnio Josй da Silva, o Judeu - Portuguese playwriter, his work is the most

of portuguese dramatic theatre of XVIIIth cent. Killed by the Inquisition.

Harold Pinter -- English actor and playwriter; founder of the 'absurd theatre'.

Kim Iglinski - Israeli top-model, discovered in Paris with y/o.

Steve Lawrence -- popular singer-real name Sidney Liebowitz

Michel Boujenah - famous french actor

Louise Lasser - Mary Hartman

Gabriel Kaplan - Comic/welcome back kotter

Malcolm Gets - actor (Richard on Caroline in the City)

Earl Pomerantz- executive producer for the Larry Sander's Show, Major Dad, (the

Alexey Sayle - Comedian

Susan St. James - Actress

Mick Green - Rock guitarist with the Pirates (was Johnny Kidd and the Pirates)

Max Miller - English music hall comedian.

Ruby Wax - comedienne.

Mendel Feibush - famous Yiddish character actor

Horst Buchholst - actor (one of the Magnificent Seven).

Brian Epstein - impresario (Beatles manager).

Alfie Bass - comic actor.

Frankie Vaughan - singer.

Bob Monkhouse - comedian.

Leslie Gore – singer

Ronald Harwood - Born in South Africa as Horwitz( playwright)

Melvyn Douglas - actor

Artie Shaw - bandleader

Bob Hoskins - Oscar winning actor : got an Oscar for 'Mona Lisa'.

Taylor Dayne - Singer

Donald Weilerstein, former first violinist of Cleveland String Quartert

Viola Spolins - inventor of theater games

Bernie Sahlins- founding producer of Second City

Ritz Brothers - comedians

Marty Balin - singer, Jefferson Airplane (father)

Gwyneth Paltrow - Movie Star(Emma,Seven)(father is Jewish)

Saul Bellow - Novelist

Janet Leigh-Movie Star (Psycho,Bye Bye Birdie), mother of Jamie Lee Curtis

Robbie Robertson - singer, The Band (father)

calvin trillin - writer

Grace Lee Whitney - actress who portrayed Yeoman Rand on 'Star Trek' -

Smith and Dale - comedians

Rachel Lipman - Emmy winning tv writer ('Rugrats','Hey Arnold'. )

Peter Bogdanovich - director

Alan Rosenberg - Actor in LA Law and Cybill

Bert Lahr - comedian

Carl Reiner - comedian

Molly Picon - actress

Mary Livingstone - comedian

marlee matlin actress-picket fences

Anne Revere - actress

John Forsythe (John Freund) Actor

Bob Saget - Comedian, Host of America's Funniest Home Videos

Joan Micklin Silver - director, writer (Hester Street, Crossing Delancey)

Michael Douglas (Kirk's son) Actor

Jason Hervey - costar of the wonder years

Susan Cabot - actress

Leo Gorcey - actor

Ben Harris- Scholar Extraordinaire

adam wyle actor-picket fences

Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie) - Disc Jockey

Albert Suissa - Famous Singer - Morocco

Michael Stoyanov - actor he played Tony Ruso on the show Blossom

Murray Kaufman (Murray The K, The Fifth Beatle) - Disc Jockey, WINS

Aaron Spelling - famous TV producer/ daughter Tori on

Jerzy Kosinski - Novelist

tony cowley (born Kaulish) - also a wanker

yaphet kotto- capt. g on HOMICIDE

Bob Vila - Home-improvement Giant

Juan Valdez - Columbian coffee guy (born John Feldenstein)

Joel Silver - Producer ( Die Hard I,II,III etc. )

Emil Gilels - Concert Pianist

Tony Parisi -- . of the Village People (cowboy)

Martin Landau - actor

Justin Miller -- first male to receive breast implant

Richard Starkey - Ringo Starr - Former Beatle

jonathon wolfe musician

Israel Horowitz - Playwright

Kirka Babitzin - Finnish singer

Rachel Miner - actress/Guiding Light and is also in the Anne Frank play

Pat Nash - real name-Jacob Goldberg -- Famous Israeli Singer and Cantor ---

mark moses - actor/single guy

Mel Torme - singer, actor, songwriter (The Christmas Song)

Jaime Alissa Yoss - Gymnast extrordinaire, Indy car driver

LEIBER and STOLLER-composers,producers,writers,HOUND DOG, STAND BY

cass elliot (Elizabeth cohen) singer of the mammas and the papas

josh mostel - actor-son of zero mostel

Sandra Bernhard - Comedian, Actress

John Taylor - Bass of Duran Duran jewish?

Anton LaVey-Founder of The Church Of Satan (real name is Howard Levey)

Marilyn Manson-Teenie bopper pop star (Warner is real name)

Tracy Pollan - Actress, wife of Michael J Fox

jonathan kellerman - best selling author

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons-Musicians for rock band KISS

Jackie Mason - ordained Rabbi and Comedian

Adam Arkin- actor

Leon Askin - actor, director (General Burkhalter in Hogan's Heroes)

piper laurie rosetta jacobs - actress

Barbara Walters-(Baba Wawa)-ABC TV interviewer

George Gershwin -- composer

Randy 'Macho Man' Savage--Pro Wrestler

Maya Plisetskaya - Russian balet dancer

Missy Yager - is currently in the Anne Frank play on broadway

Meredith Bishop - Actress 'Secret World Of Alex Mack'

Marion Ross - Actress 'Brooklyn Bridge' and 'Happy Days'

Alana Ubach - Actress 'Brady Bunch movie' and 'Airborne'

Philip Glass, American composer of minimalist music

Michael Tilson-Thomas, Conductor classical music , grandson of Tomashefsky Yiddish actor

Andre Previn, former jazz pianist, now classical conductor

Juice Newton - Country/pop singer-Queen of Hearts (real last name: Cohen)

Sir Gorge Solti, Conductor - especially opera

Ronnie Scott, British jazz saxophonist, founder of Ronnie Scott's Club

Hermione Gingold, Actress - parents married by British Chief Rabbi !

James Levine, Conductor

Steven Bochco - Producer of NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues

Jose Lewgoy, Brazilian actor ( Kiss of the Spider Woman)

Ted Coppel - from ABC news (Broadcaster)

Sally Jesse Rapheal - Talk show host

Michael Nyman, Composer - wrote music for film 'The Piano'

Jeremy Isaacs, was director Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Jonathan Miller, British opera director,doctor.

Arhur Miller, playwright - once married to Marilyn Munroe

Robert Rietti, British actor

Chaim Bermant, British humorous writer, newspaper columnist

Kyra Sedgwick - Star of Phenom,Miss Rose White (mother is Jewish)

John Steinbeck - Famous American Literature Author (i.e. Flight) of the th

Richard Kind - actor (Mad About You, Spin City)

Robert Crumb, s/s cultural cartoonist

Liz Sheridan - actress (plays Jerry's mom on Seinfeld)

Buck Henry - Comedian/Writer/co-creator of Get Smart

Lynn Samuels - Radio talk show host, WABC radio

Michael Tilson Thomas, Conductor, Grandfather was famed Yiddish actor Boris


Red Skelton-Comedian and former T.V. variety show host

Larry Kramer- AIDS activist/Playwright (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me)

Brian Epstein - Manager of The Beatles

Shawn Michaels- Pro wrestler

richard marx singer/musician

Caroline Schreiber-singer and actress

Daniel Wayne Matthews - Interstate Commerce Commissioner

William Finn- composer (Falsettos)

Aaran Tan - Lead singer and guitarist for rock band Phoenix

Aaron Bharatan - ex-Metallica guitarist and former guitarist for Phoenix

Jon Cryer - actor ,Pretty in Pink, The Famous Teddy Z

Lee Cobb - famous actor

Phil Spector - Record Producer, famous for The Wall of Sound

Leo Rosten -author Joys of Yiddish

Bruce Kulick - Guitarist from KISS

Elsa Zylberstein - French actress (played in Mina Tannenbaum)

Leonid Kogan - world class violinist

Rebecca Goldstein - author/Mazel

Jascha Brodsky, first violinist of the Curtis String Quartet

Michael Zaslow - Roger Thorpe on The Guiding Light

Michelle Tractenberg - actress in the movie Harriet The Spy

Kari Wuhrer-Salin - MTV hostess, B movie actress and hot piece of ass

Cindy Margolis - Beautiful blonde supermodel

Shalom Secunda-Composer wrote by meir bist du shane

Amadeo Modigliani - Artist

Richard Kline - actor (Three's Company)

Danielle Fishel --actress

Chris Brunecz -comedian (King of Late Night)

Harold Robbins - ne Rubin. Best selling author

Chaim Soutine - Fauvist painter; friend of Modigliani