Who is david henrie dating

Who is david henrie dating

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted (Josh Radnor) and how he fell in love. It all starts when Ted's best friend, Marshall (Jason Segel), drops the bombshell that he's going to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lily (Alyson Hannigan), a kindergarten teacher. At that moment, Ted realizes that he had better get a move on if he too hopes to find true love. Helping him in his quest is Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), a friend with endless, sometimes outrageous opinions, a penchant for suits and a foolproof way to meet women. When Ted meets Robin (Cobie Smulders), he's sure it's love at first sight, but destiny may have something else in store. The series is narrated through flashbacks from the future, voiced by Bob Saget. The theme song is "Hey Beautiful" by The Solids. more less

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In the scene when Marshall and Lily are sitting on the couch and Marshall said "Lily" and she jumped scared, because she couldn't see him because of the eyepatch, we could see Marshall smiling, but the next scene he looks serious.

In the scene where Ted meets Robin, Robin first has her hair covering her ears, but in the next shot, she has her hair behind her ears.

In the scene where Barney tells Ted to lose the goatee he references meeting Ted earlier at the urinal. In episode 3.05 "How I Met Everyone Else" we actually get to see this scene, showing that the producers had the idea of including this scene from the very beginning.

Recurring themes (which begin in this episode): * Barney saying "Suit up!", or variations thereof * Marshall doing the "robot" dance (Jason Segel suggested this on the day of filming the pilot) * Barney saying "Wait for it" as a pause between syllables * The "Have You Met Ted?" game, which is used by Barney and Robin to introduce women to Ted, and later is adapted for other characters (Robin, Marshall and Barney) * Barney insisting that he is Ted's best friend * Dibs -- Marshall calls dibs on a Pop Tart and later a pudding cup and he, Lily, and Barney call "no dibs" on cleaning up after Ted if he vomits * Barney's phrase "What up" * References to Barney's blog * Barney's love of laser tag * Ted holding his heart as if it is in pain

Note the deliberate use of blue throughout several scenes. When Marshall proposes to Lily, they're both wearing light blue shirts. When Ted and Robin eating at the restaurant, Ted's outfit is (various shades of) blue, similar to the color of the blue French horn. In the following scene when Ted is at the bar and reports on the man not jumping, we see the shot of her having an obvious blue color scheme (i.e., the colors of the sky, water, part of Robin's scarf, and the background for the Metro News 1 banner). This precedes the scene in which Ted returns to the restaurant to take the blue French horn. Additionally, Barney and Ranjit are both wearing blue. Additionally, when Ted meets Robin, they're both wearing green shirts.

This episode forgoes the traditional opening (the green-tinted montage of the photographs containing all five main characters). Instead, you see a series of non-tinted photographs of Ted, Marshall, and some unnamed female friends.

The couch that the future kids are sitting on has changed. In the first episode it was a modern black leather couch. In this and later episodes it is a Chesterfield style couch.

When Ted and Barney are on the flight from New York to Philadelphia, the external shots of the plane are of a Boeing 747. 747s are used for long-haul international flights and are not used for domestic travel in the US, particularly not short hops between two relatively close cities like New York and Philadelphia.

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Suit up!