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Consensual Man-Boy Stories

Although the category 'Consensual Man-Boy Stories' has stories pertaining to consensual sexual acts between adults and minors, we DO NOT condone such acts. This category is provided as unusual adult entertainment only.

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Mb – cons mast oral anal

A coach and the boy next door get sweaty and competitive, from the game room to the bedroom.

23 Days To Go and other stories, by Gamin Paramour

Short stories about men and consenting boys.

  1. 23 Days To Go – At breakfast in a hotel, a man is fantasizing about a young boy sitting at a neighboring table.
  2. Thanks For The Light – A man buys a present for the ninth birthday of his neighbour boy and gets a big thank-you.
  3. Casting Call – casting director needs some boy-actors for a commercial to be shot on the beach.
Ace and Axe, by Cutter09

4,500 words (9 pages)

An uninvited guest is welcomed to stay a while.

Adam Plaster Hands, by Sam Johnson

A boy stays with a family friend to attend tennis camp. One morning he wakes up to find himself in a very difficult situation, with no memory of how it happened.

Adoption, by Boy-writer

Report by a 10-year-old orphan on his adoptive father and brother.

Adoption Story, by Mister Red

A wealthy and powerful man comes to the orphanage where a straight thirteen-year-old boy has given up hope of ever being adopted. The boy is delighted with his chance for a wonderful home, but he soon learns what the man expects in return.

Adventures of 10-year-old boys, by Wolf

24,000 words (48 pages)

Four short stories about 10-year-old boys having sex adventures with their fathers or other adults.

  1. Peter's Stepfather

Peter's mother gets married, but the new stepfather has more interest in the boy.

Daddy Dearest

After the divorce Bobby lives with his homosexual father. They discover eachother and their many young and old friends.

Kyle Comes Out

Mrs. Renfrew wants to know if her young son is gay or not. Mr. Wilson is very willing to find it out.

Singing Lessons

Choir boy gets extra lessons from the choir master, who tells him how to prevent his voice from changing

Adventures of 11-year-old boys, by Wolf

Seven short stories about 11-year-old boys having sex adventures with their fathers or other adults.

  1. Daddy's Boy Campout

Danny goes on a hike and weekend campout with his father. There his father teaches him what he himself learned from his father.

Elias and his Father

Elias and his father travel from California for a family visit in South Dakota. Elias discovers the other side of his father.

Donnie and the Neighbor

Marc, the new neighbor, gives Donnie his first sexual experience. In the second chapter Marc tells a story of the kidnap of his school friend.

First Night

The visit of his father's friend means a great adventure for Danny.

Lawn Money

Danny earns money for a bike by lawn mowing. One of his clients invites him do to another job with him and his friends.

Terry and Older Men

Charley tells an internet friend he wants to seduce a 10 year old boy. The friend offers his 11-year old son.

Adventures of Collin, Jeff and Thomas, by William Rush

Three Short Suburbanesque Stories. Three short stories about young boys having sex with boys, men (and some girls too).

  1. The Adventures of Collin. Collin is at a loss when he catches an uncle having sex with his nephew.
  2. Voyeurism, Masturbation, and Jeff. A young boy finds out what his friend's brothers do while their parents are away.
  3. Rebecca and Thomas. This was the first story I ever posted, back in 1999. Inspired by the writings of Debonair, it follows the sexual awakening and exploitation of a young boy named Thomas.
All the World's a Stage, by Erastes

Marshall Roberson just got his first job as a Middle School English teacher, and the department chairman talks him into running the Middle School drama club. Marshall had been a part of several productions in high school and college, so he was ok with accepting the position, but he didn't realize how close he'd become with some of the boys who signed up

Amtrak Across America, by Taurak

A teacher takes Amtrak from Chicago to Los Angeles for a two week vacation. He meets an 11-year old boy in the train and falls in love with him.

Andrew - A Boy Rescued, by Maiocxx

Tales from the World of Cody and Lucas II

This story takes place four years after The Boy With No Name and introduces a young boy and his father who will become very important to Li and Eric and Peter.

Andromeda Rising, by Chillun

10,000 words (20 pages)

The straight captain of a starship saves a little six-year old sex-slave from an enemy's ship. Can he resist the sexual advances of the experienced boy?

Erotic spin-off of the TV-series Andromeda.

The Angel Gabriel, by Cutter09

Daniel meets Gabriel on a stormy night. There's someting different about Gabriel.

Anything For Luke, by Cutter09

Single stepfather cares for injured son with some interesting side effects.

The Apparition, by Cutter09

An old house leads to some strange bedfellows.

April Interlude, by Eff Del

A world famous photographer and a very jaded 12 year old boy spend an interesting few days together while the boy's mother and Nanny are otherwise engaged.

Ari's Awakening, by Bbillings

A teacher gives his student a less on the six ways to know if you're gay.

Arkansas Vacation, by Sid G

Mt Mb tt tb bbcons nc oral anal mast fist – bdsm spank prost

Trying to increase tourism, Arkansas repeals virtually all sex and alcohol laws and lowered the age of consent to thirteen, ten with the parent's permission. Peckertown, Arkansas becomes a haven for runaway and throwaway gay boys. Marc Fogel decides to take advantage of the new laws and takes his vacation in Peckertown. There he meets Daniel Jorgensen, age 14, and falls in love. Arkansas Vacation is the story of Marc, Daniel, their friends and Daniel's family. It also includes several stories written by others in the universe created by Sid Gittler.

Around the World, by Herb Cat

An exploration of a man attracted to prepubescent boys and his developing relationship with one boy in particular, his own nephew.

Athens, Ga., by Dorvis Slaughter

Sensitive story of a boy-lover.

Austin and His Brother Cole, by Cutter09

A run of bad luck causes a father to become much closer to his sons.

Baghdad 782 AD, by Funtails

A prequel to the story of Baghdad 790 AD. 8 years ago, Rafiq met Duha, a remarkable young boy, while visiting his friend Noor

Balkan Boy, by Bill

In the 17th century, a sensitive 12-year-old peasant boy discovers the pleasures of sex with an old farmer for whom he does chores. and then seduces his own father.

Baseball Camp, by Mike S

53,500 words (107 pages)

The story is about 27 year old Middle School gym teacher, who used to be a promising professional ball player until the injury forced him to retire. Witnessing his neighbor's heart attack, he was asked by the guy to takeover his job as a baseball coach in summer camp. After their first game, on the way to Hotel, they were hit by Cosmic Anomaly and sent to another planet, thousand light years away. That is where their adventure begins…

Beach Boy, by Fan Cha Phaw

Boy watcher meets black boy on the beach.

Beach Boys, by Paolo

Links to chapters: 1-4 5-7

Abandoned by his parents, eleven-year-old Cole Eric Edwards runs away from the strict foster home that his father has placed him in. After months alone on the road, Cole finds himself at the ocean, and at a beachside community that will change his life.

Before the Soccer Game, by Shorty

A young man is responsible for driving his little buddy to a soccer tournament. They stay in a hotel room overnight.

Beggar, by Barrett Robinson

A man helps a beggar boy with food, sleep and sex.

The Beggar Boys, by Storytime

70,000 words (140 pages)

Two homeless kids in a large city (in like 14th century England of course) are desperate to make some money so they decide to try and sneak into some dangerous ruins and find a magical item they can sell for a lot of money. Of course, things don't go as well as they planned but they get really lucky and meet an adventurer that really takes a liking to them and gives them plenty of food and money and anything else they want, as well as some much wanted affection.

Ben in the YMCA Shower, by Jacob

A 13 year-old boy named Ben has passionate sex with a life guard in the YMCA shower.

Benji, by Brian

Mtcons anal oral – [in flashbacks: nc oral anal bd enema tort spank prost]

A tortured boy is dropped to freeze to dead near the HQ of Intersec. He is rescued and falls in lover with Intersec's commander. The boy tells his story of rape and abuse to the commander, who seeks revenge.

NB: The story told by the boy contains non-consensual sex and torture.

The Best Halloween Outfit Ever, by StoTelAlex

A man returns to his home-town, relives a childhood memory and continues the tradition.

The Best Uncles are Adopted, by Randu

Uncle Phil is really good in baby-sitting his 10-year old nephew.

The Bicycle Tour, by Anonymous

A man and a boy make a bicycle tour. At night they share a motel room.

Bijverdienen, by Gert-Jan

In een nieuwe stad, en zonder vader die voor het geld zorgt, krijgt Arjan een lucratieve bijverdienste.

Billing above the Title, by RaziHaze

Riley is running away from his abusive foster parents. Alone, with nowhere to go, and with no money; he is intrigued by an offer to appear in a 'film.' Riley's life is about to become very, very, kinky.

Billy and Bob, by Cutter09

Bob has been fixated on Billy for twenty years. That's strange because Bill is only thirteen.

Billy the Thief, by Cutter09

8,500 words (17 pages)

Billy is caught stealing food, which leads to life changing experiences.

Billy's Physical, by Mister Red

A stepdad brings his very shy new stepson for a physical.

A Birthday Surprise, by Eithan Cole

Chris finally gives into his desires and uses his position as a child photographer to seduce young boys. His newest conquest is a seven year old boy named Jackson on his seventh birthday.

Bobby's Holiday, by Phill later Brian

Tim worked for 25 years in Asia and Africa, in these boy-lover's paradises Tim was used to have sex with 8 to 10 year old boys. Retired back at home in Europe became a period of abstinence for Tim, and he thought of going to live in Thailand. But, then his sister asks him to have her 8 year old son Bobby for three weeks.

The Boss, by Cutter09

A real estate tycoon catches a street kid giving blow jobs on his property.

Boy at the Window, by That Guy

Links to chapters: 1-2 3-4

A novelist working from home is spied on by a young boy who attends a private school, just the other side of his fence at the bottom of his garden. Little does the boy know that he's been discovered and that the man he's spying on has a secret of his own…

Boy Batter, by ToolUser

Links to chapters: 1-2 3

A freshman returns from study camp and is startled to find his little brother has changed from a brat to a beauty while he's been away.

Boy For Hire, by Bill W

Trevor Wiley lived with a drunk for a father, a drunk who liked to physically abuse him. One night Trevor had enough and he fought back, after which he ran away, hoping to find something better.

Boy in the Bathhouse & other stories, by David

22,300 words (45 pages)

Tales from Japan: The adventures into love and lust with boys and men who seek out each other and chance encounter brings them together.

  1. Dakota

An American boy helps his father during a business trip to Japan.

Boy in the Bathhouse

The dream of an American boy-lover in Japan comes true.

The Gymnast

An American man watches a 13-year old Japanese boy his performents in the gym. After the first, slow, contact they soon become friedns and lovers.

The Swimmer

A story about an American boy swimmer and his Japanese coach.

The Wrestler

An American wrestling coach's assistant in Japan and his pupil fall in love with each other.

Boy on a Motorcycle and other stories, by Amador Pueri

Five stories about men in the mid-twenties meeting young lonely boys.

  1. Luke and the Superintendent: Luke is alone at home when the superintendent comes to put a new phone extension in.
  2. Boy on a Motorcycle: A biker picks up a street boy and takes him home.
  3. The Flashers: Security agent picks up two young boys.
  4. Danny Had a Problem: Danny tries out his mother's sex-toy. But then something goes wrong and he askes his gay neighbour for help.
  5. Josh Gets Raped: On his way home from his soccer match 10 year old Josh meets a nice man in the park who offers to help him with soccer.
Boy Sketches, by Jason Masters

24,000 words (48 pages)

Short sketches about young boys

Boy Vacations Inc., by Deda

bb tb tt Mb Mtcons non-cons mast oral analfirst cbt humil tort

Boy Vacations, Inc. caters to people who are willing to pay a small fortune on their vacations. These people spend weeks at Boy Vacation's various resorts, all over the world. They are all men, and although some bring their sons, none are coming for what you might call a "family holiday." These men are paying to have sex with boys. It is that simple. We bring them to a resort, they have boys at their disposal, and we bring them back. And they pay. They pay well.

This was the world of Claude Ericson, heir to the Boy Vacations' empire.

Boy Whore, by Cutter09

Mt Ftcons mast oral analone short non-consensual scene

Blake discovers an easier way to make money.

Boyhood Sex Lessons, by Bill

A 23-year old university student moves in to the house next-door to a naive and lonely 13-year-old boy. The man decides to teach the boy about all the ways that guys can make each other feel good.

The Boys in the Garage, by StoTelAlex

After some ordeal two brothers run away from home and hide in a garage. They slowly grow a bond with the owner. Finally luck is looking their way and they finally get the meaning of 'Happy Holidays'. They even turn a demon from the past into an angel.

Dit verhaal in het Nederlands, klik hier.

Boys of the CIA, by Sid G

A school run by the CIA recruits boys who have various powers (ie telepathy, telekinesis, invisibility, shape shifting, etc.). The CIA teaches the normal classes but also helps the boys perfect their abilities in exchange for after graduation working for the CIA.

The Brotherhood, by Pueros

Mtb – nc anal mast oral – bd electr humil prost spank tort toys – null castr

The Brotherhood runs runs gay sex clubs, brothels and other concerns. Service are provided on the one hand by voluntary boy prostitutes in public brothels, who were all well looked after either in terms of good pay and conditions and/or meeting their sexual needs. On the other hand there were the voluntary 'Slaves', whose specialism would be catering for gay sadists. Furthermore there were the involuntary slaves, the main stock of the pleasurecentres, established to meet the most unlawful desires, although some very rich and important members were also permitted small personal harems as long as security could be guaranteed. The story follows five boys, Andrew and Pierre as volunteer slaves, Brad and Glen involunteery slaves and Simon as a more or less volunteer slave.

Brotherly Love In Paris, by StoTelAlex

Two brothers are in Paris with their parents. But the boys don't feel much for walking through a rainy city so they stay at the hotel and find another good pastime.

Brown, by Funtails

A teacher who once betrayed the love of his life gets a second chance with a new boy.

Bruce and the Boy Waiter, by Bill Jonners

Bruce meets a young waiter and takes him home.

A Business Proposal, by Shadey Grey

Mr. James Castle is at the top of his game running one of the most successful public relations company in New York. Young, single, and in his prime, he is looking to take in fresh talent. But when an 8 year old boy walks in with a stronger interview than the other candidates, he can't help but offer the child an interesting contract: apprentice under him in exchange for meeting his new boss's needs.

Busted, by Parrafan

A young boy is arrested by four FBI agents for making a child pornographic movie.

C.O.R.E.E., by Cosmo

One lucky boy is introduced to his best friend's younger brother, a very beautiful, precocious and special little boy called Cory. During the course of one afternoon, he strikes up an acquaintance with Cory and discovers the secret of just what makes this little boy so special.

Cabin Sunsets, by Daddy Rob 2

This is the story of the slow realization of a man's attraction and unconventional love for his son.

Campbell Boys, by Cutter09

Rob meets Toby and Jacob Campbell. After aquirering guardianship, their adventures begin.

The Captive Boy, by Johnny Kape

40,000 words (80 pages)

The Caretaker, by Debonair

A boy encounters a strange man in the cemetery on Halloween night.

Caring for Cody, by TeenTales

A 27 year-old commercial traveller picks up a gorgeous 14 year-old hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere.

Carl, by Niklas Sverige

A man out washing his car helps a young boy, and a loving relationships ensues.

Carlos, by Mr. Cabinet

10,000 words (20 pages)

Peter meets a young Flamenco Dancer in Mexico and a friendship develops between them. The friendship gradually turns into love. Their age difference just does not seem important.

Catamite, by Amador Pueri

Adventures of the Secret Sex Club, six boys from 6 to 16 year.

Certain Rules for a Gay Childhood, by Oskar M

5,500 words (11 pages)

A young boy's treacherous path to masculinity

Chad, the Ideal Lad, by Herb Cat

The story of a seven-year old boy who is everything a middle aged boylover could ask for.

Chance of a Lifetime, by Erastes

Quinn Holt is just starting his career and is enjoying some success when he gets an unusual call from his best friend, Brad Kruse. They've been friends since high school and went to the same college together, but now they live on opposite coasts of the US. Brad is married and is raising a family, but he knows that Quinn is gay. During the phone call, Brad asks Quinn to come to California for a visit, because he has an offer that he thinks Quinn will want to consider. Quinn agrees and flies to LA, and it's the content of Brad's proposal that stuns Quinn when he finally hears what it's about

Charles and Carlos Meet, by Sid G

Mt – cons (ref. to non-cons) oral anal – interr (ref. to violence)

Rich man meets a poor Hispanic boy in a subway stations and takes him home

Chase under the Blanket, by Cutter09

Mike makes a young friend who turns into more.

Cherry Picker, by The Devil's Advocate

Mtreluc anal oral – tdom humil cross-dressing ws toys enema interr

Adoption Cliché story. I've done my best to add various clichés with a twist to this story. See if you can spot them all. I've listed what I was going for at the end.

The Choir, by Zadziu

A man returns to his home town and, as a way of finding sex and friendship, rejoins his old choir and sets about looking for boys for sex.

The Chosen One From Nongkhai, by J.O. Dickingson

There once existed a nation so distant in time and place that the date of its passing has been long lost and all that is known of it today comes from ancient story scrolls kept in a remote temple dedicated to the preservation of such things. There exist many wondrous tales of this faraway land, tales of courage and of wisdom, of great majesty and of simple truths, of the wisdom of gods and of the destiny of man. This is one of them, a simple story of a powerful and fearsome Lord, as Gargantuan in deed as in belly, and of a humble and pleasant son of a simple rice farmer, the boy not yet having celebrated his Coming of Age. May you find enlightenment in its telling.

Chris in the Middle, by Pyro

23 year old Trey, attendant of a bowling alley, falls in love with a 13 year old boy

A Christmas Promise, by Sam the Ham

Nine-year-old Lee has not been very good this year. So much so that he's worried he won't get any presents for Christmas. So he's going to plead his case of the man himself

A Christmas Story, by Baloo

4,000 words (8 pages)

A nine-year old boy has a special wish for Christmas.

Clay and Tom, by Cutter09

Clay is Tom's tasty young neighbor. Tom wants to find out what flavor

The Clinic, by Parrafan

Running a skin clinic in Australia Tony has usually only older clients. The owner of a surf club gives him the possibility to get much younger patients. One of them seduces him.

Cody's Companions, by TeenTales

Further adventures of the 27 year-old Jeff after he adopted Cody.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart, Hard Dick, by Cutter09

7,000 words (14 pages)

Jimmy gets a job helping a neighbor

Cole's Adventures: Discovering William, by Eithan Cole

Cole, boy lover for as long as he can remember but never before having the opportunity to act out his desires, discovers young William at the age of six and his nine year old brother. Over the course of many months they share each others bodies in ways that Cole had only dreamt about.

Eventually, their adventures expand to include another man named Marcus and his even younger son Rory who is only five years old. However, Marcus turns out be be more than what he first seemed and opens up a whole new world for Cole and the two boys.

The Constant Grocer, by Bruce Bramson

5,500 words (11 pages)

In a small town in California live several boys whose development was temporarily delayed at 12 or 13 years old. A state medical officer investigates this strange effect.

The Contest, by Parrafan

A journalist comes in a small town where a mysterious Contest is held.

The Curious Odor, by Dillon

2,000 words (4 pages)

A House Master helps a new boy with a curious odor.

Customs Official - Taking work home, by Sally

A customs officer takes a childporn DVD to his home to jack-off watching it. His nine-year old son enters his office.

Daan de krantenjongen en Juf Els, by StoTelAlex

Mb tb fb bb – cons mast oral anal – incest Fdom spank bdsm

Daan verdient wat bij met een krantenwijk. Bij het rondbrengen van de kranten stuit hij op onverwachte gebeurtenissen.

Daan de krantenjongen en Meester Erik, by StoTelAlex

Daan verdient wat bij met een krantenwijk. Bij het rondbrengen van de kranten stuit hij op onverwachte gebeurtenissen.

Daniel, by Dougd

A thrown away boy finds a new home and a loving father

Danny Bird, by Pennywise

A writer with a writer's block, a little boy needing a friend and a father needing a babysitter. Pennywise combined that in this story.

Danny's Escape, by Antonio Green

21,000 words (42 pages)

13 year old Danny runs away from home and takes the train from Lucas, Ohio, to San Francisco. A friendly man buys him the ticket. It is a three-night trip and Danny and the man share a cabin.

David, by Huntinup

A son sees his father masturbating with a gay magazine. That is the beginning of hot sexual contacts with his father, his brother, friends etc.

The Day I Met Fred Savage, by Standing Bear

A truckdriver meets some boys in a game room and invites them to his truck.

The Deal, by Cutter09

4,000 words (8 pages)

Caleb's unfortunate accident is fortunate for me

Desire (Nexus Series 2), by Mercury Wakusei

42,000 words (82 pages)

A strange set of circumstances brings together a young man and a younger boy. But can they remain together?

Desperate Measures, by Parrafan

Peter's life is a made a misery by his step-brother and his father does not realise the problem because he is in love with this boy's mother. Together with a Chinese gentleman Peter takes measures to leave his family.

Devon and the Club, by Boisterous

8 year old Devon goes with his father to a friend. He is introduced into the customs of the club his father and friend belong.

Dichtbij, by Debonair

Initiatieverhaal waar een jonge tiener zijn jongere broer dingen toont die hij niet zou moeten tonen.

Different Points of View, by Erastes

Bob Cox writes children's books and works from home. He is also a closeted boy-lover, so he buys a house in the country, where he feels he will be less likely to run into underage boys and thus eliminate temptation. That is until a neighbor boy shows up at his door asking if he has any jobs he can do for him. When Bob agrees, it leads to a very complex relationship.

Dirt, by Debonair

9,000 words (18 pages)

A pseudo-political piece about a man who opens his home to street boys.

Discovering My Father's Secret, by Bill

In the mid-1960s, a young adolescent boy discovers the secret of his divorced father's sexual orientation. Together they explore their very similar sexual desires. The boy encounters other adventures during his one-week stay with his dad.

Distractions in the Pool, by Deda

Fifty years ago, when I was sixteen, I got my first job working as a lifeguard at the downtown men's athletic club in my home town. The experiences that I had as a naked lifeguard are not something that I share with just anyone. Even in those days, I might have been arrested if my part in any one of them had become known.

Double Trouble, by Randu

A writer of children's books gets new neighbours: a mother with her nine-year-old twin sons. They get to know each other very well!

Down and Dirty with Danny, by Oskar M

A new boy in the village disturbs the life of a horny teen.

Drake, by Cutter09

5,000 words (10 pages)

Uncle Steve tries to save his nephew.

Dreams of Stardom, by Parrafan

'Boys 9 to 12 years wanted for feature-length production, approx 15 weeks duration' reads an advertisement for a new film.

The Farm Hand, by DouglasCR

1,300 words (2½ pages)

An aspiring author works as a farm hand down in the middle of Tennessee to get some experiences. And experiences is what he got.

Fate (Nexus Series 4), by Mercury Wakusei

20,500 words (41 pages)

Two innocent young boys get sent to a federal prison forcing them to have to fend for themselves against hardened criminals. Getting caught up in a prison gang war, they soon learn that working together might not be enough to ensure their survival

A Father's Love, by Alex M

10,000 words (20 pages)

A twelve year-old boy has never met his father and a twenty-eight year-old man has never met his son. An accident is about to change their lives

Fight Night, by Pervitron

A female tenant offers her 11-year old black son as a rent payment to her white landlord.

Filthy Rich, by Debonair

The story of a greedy kid and everything he will do to get money for goods from a friendly neighbour.

Finally A Break For Toby, by StoTelAlex

37,000 words (74 pages)

During a holiday Jake suddenly finds himself being the new parent of a poor little boy. Will the boy finally find the luck in life he never had?

Finding Love, by Bill W

Win comes from a wealthy home and is quite happy, until his father dies in a freak accident. This leaves him alone with his alcoholic and mentally absent mother. When she starts dating Bart, Win's world suddenly starts to come crashing around him. Is there any hope for him?

First Kid, by Cutter09

Mtcons [ref. to non-cons] oral anal – WARNING: violence/death (adults)

Mike finds a kid asleep in his cabin. Not just any kid either.

First Light, by Eff Del

As dawn breaks, a man and a boy begin their day together in a private enigmatic world… in an undetermined age. Is this a dream or some alternate reality?

From Love to Lust, by Cutter09

8,500 words (17 pages)

Mason misses his father, Dean is a good stand in.

Geile mannen en lekkere jongetjes, by Edgar Kirin

Acht korte verhalen over geile mannen die seks met jongetjes hebben.

The Gift, by Zadziu

A predatory business man receives an unexpected gift from a 12 year old boy during a boat journey.

Een Grand Tour in 1928, by Bill

Links to chapters: 1-3 4-5

Ainsley Montgomery, een jonge man van in de twintig, introduceert William Taylor in de Europese Boyloverswereld.

Grand Tour, 1928, by Bill

Mb Mt tb MM – oral anal mast rim – prost spank ws interr

Links to chapters: 1-3 4-6

Ainsley Montgomery, an English gentleman in his twenties, introduces the American William Taylor into the European boy love world.

The Grazed Elbow and Other Calamities, by Parrafan

Eleven-year old Terry catches the attention of his teacher by little pains and other medical probles every day. And than Terry's 'mummy' asks him for a Friday diner.

Green, by Funtails

Easygoing friendship turns to yearning romance one fateful night for a man and boy.

Grunts, Grommets and Gadflies, by Arthur

A deserted beach, three teens with their own big problems, an orgy for three.

The Guardian, by Erastes

Blake Hunter is a gay man who suddenly finds himself a parent when his best friend and his wife are killed in an accident and have named him guardian of their three pre-teen sons. He will accept the role, even though he didn't know about it beforehand, but how will he make out.

Harvey Was A Bitch, by Cutter09

Huricain Harvey hits Houston, and Blake knocks on my door.

Hawk Boy: Memoirs of a Child Porn Star, by dcs

Links to chapters: Part 1 1-9 Part 2, 10-21 Part 3 22-33 34-45 Part 4, 46-47

Memoirs of an obscure boy from an obscure family who accidentally stumbles in to a whole new life as a child porn star, where he is treated like royalty, becomes wealthy, and has most of his dreams come true. But when dreams come true, a boy can sometimes have problems accepting it. He is a gay boy who does mostly bb/Mb porn and playing, but in the world of child porn, actors who want to work will perform with either sex and not think much of it… usually, so there are girls in this story – girls who are usually frustrated because all the boys seem to be gay.

L' Histoire d'un garçon, by Dark Side

Dans son journal, un garçon de 12 ans écrit à propos de son premier amour.

For an English translation, see A Boy's Life

Hockey Night, by Debonair

26,500 words (53 pages)

This is the first story I ever wrote back when the Internet wasn't all that popular. It was posted one episode at a time and fuelled by demand. The plot revolves around Timmy, a peewee hockey players doing tricks for money and trying to find stability with Jeff, the new assistant to the coach. It was built with flashbacks and hopefully I've improved myself since then. Nevertheless, it was a big hit over ten years ago.

Hoe bestaat het?, by Kritios

De 12-jarige Kevin wordt door zijn alleenstaande moeder helemaal onwetend gehouden wat betreft seks. Zijn puberend lichaam zendt echter signalen uit en hij wil meer uitleg. Die uitleg, en nog veel meer, krijgt hij van zijn buurman, Willem.

Home is Danelaw, by Sam Johnson

When 13yo Dane decides to hitchhike to his Aunty's place, he doesn't have to wait long for a ride.

How I Ended Up With Five Sweetees, by StoTelAlex

35,500 words (71 pages)

Mike lives alone in a big 6-bedroom house. He never expected one day his household would fill up all the rooms.

How it all began, by Paul S

A father uses various psychological techniques to indoctrinate his young son into becoming his enthusiastic sexual partner.

Hungry for More, by Debonair

A simple tale of a youngster hungry to learn all about it.

I Spy, by Debonair

The most autobiographical of all my stories, at least as far as the setting is concerned. This one is about a young man doing some voyeurism with his ears until he eventually gets too close to the action.

I'm a Monster, by Shawn Hunter

A man who loses his loved wife, resorts to alcoholism which is when his demons are freed from their cage…

In the Care of Mr Clay, by Mister Red

In this story a 13-year-old boy has concluded that Mr. Clay, the man next door, has been perving on him for years. Then his naive mother leaves the boy in the care of the older man

Indecent Proposal, by Debonair

When a new tenant moves in with his son, the owner of a building discovers first hand that they share a special relationship.

The India Story, by Fan Cha Phaw

A tourist in India takes many photos of naked boys swimming and playing, but also in his hotel are willing boys.

Innocent to Indecent, by Cutter09

A young boy has many adventures and lovers.

Inside Job, by Debonair

Mb tbcons mast oral analincest interr best ws spank

A young man gets caught in a circle of bad men in politics and is seduced by the appeal of power.

Invasion of the Room Snatcher, by Sam the Ham

Nathan loses the privacy of his room when a distant relative moves in with him. Luckily the new boy does have one talent.

Jackie, by John C

After hearing about man/boy sex from fellow classmates, a curious lonely rich boy seeks to find a secret male stranger willing to be his mentor and to introduce him to an underground world of sexuality between man and boy.

Jerry, by Cutter09

Tyler is a brash young boy looking to get laid. Jerry loves sucking young dick. What happens when the two meet?

Jerry and the Newspaper Boy, by Anonymous

A young boy finds love by Jerry, one of his newspaper customers. Then Jerry has to move thousands of miles away.

Jiu-jitsu Kid, by Zadziu

A narrative from the viewpoint of a clever 11 year old boy who finds a new use for his jiujitsu skills in seducing a shy, Persian man.

Joe, Kevin, Andy, Alan, Bobby, Jeremy, Charlie, Phil, Richie, Gary & Five Boys, by Boy Blow

Seven short stories of men giving blow jobs to boys and boys blowing each other.

  1. Joe: 13 year old Phil sucks the 12 year old school bully Joe.
  2. Kevin and Andy: To cheer his friend Kevin up, Andy takes him to his session with a man he met a few months ago.
  3. Alan: Alan spends often the night at Mark's home.
  4. Bobby: Bobby comes often for sleepovers in my house.
  5. Five Boys: Gay 22 year old man makes a date with five 13-year old boys.
  6. Make Me Squirm: Two teens make a bet: the loser has to give the winner blowjobs.
  7. The Party: Three boys play strip poker, the loser had to blow the other two "all night long, as much as they want, whenever they want."
Joey's Saviors, by Boy-writer

7,000 words (14 pages)

Joey is one of the few white boys on a black and Hispanic school. He is bullied by most of the students. The football team offers him protection, but that has a price.

De Jongens in de garage, by StoTelAlex

Na een ellendige tijd te hebben meegemaakt, besluiten twee broers van huis weg te lopen en de nacht in een garage door te brengen. Het verblijf duurt uiteindelijk veel langer. Dat geeft ze wel de kans om oprecht 'Prettige Feestdagen' te ervaren en hun plagen uit het verleden het hoofd te bieden.

This story in English, click here.

Jongetjes vinden seks gewoon lekker, by Edgar Kirin

Negen korte verhalen over geile mannen die seks met jongetjes hebben.

Josh and B.O., by Cutter09

NBA player has an epiphany and is surprised at what he discovers.

Justin's Little Brother, by LizardGuy

While masturbating 14-year old Justin is filmed by his 19 year old cousin Sean, who is babysitting him and his younger brother Ryan for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Sean has a pervert mind and Justin and Ryan will experience that.

Keeping Daddy Happy, by Phill later Brian

A young widower finds out that he is sexually attrackted to his young son.

Kid Swap, by Sam the Ham

Websites can be quite useful, especially for swapping your kids for new sex partners.

Konosuke & Teacher, Teacher, by David

22,500 words (45 pages)

Konosuke: A love story of an American business-man and a 13-year-old Japanese boy.

Teacher, Teacher: two stories:

  1. Kiyosuge. The story of an English teacher at a junior high school in Japan. He falls in love with one of his students.
  2. Yoshinori & Meisho. English teacher gets help doing the garden from two twins and adopts a Chinese boy.
Lasse, by P. Writer

Lasse is a 10 years old boy who suffers from a sickness which keeps him out of sports classes at school. He is bullied fiercely because of that. One day, he hears a man singing a strange song, one about falling hearts. Lasse, who is a self-proclaimed expert on hearts finds it necessary to correct the man.

Learning with Ryan, by Cutter09

I'm fascinated by my step dad, and my mom is batshit crazy

Lekkere jongetjes zijn er klaar voor, by Edgar Kirin

Acht korte verhalen over geile mannen die seks met jongetjes hebben.

Lessons in Loving, by Boisterous

A boy-lover introduces his 10-year old friend into man-boy sex, and thinks about his own introduction into sex.

Letter to My Precious Boy, by Dirt

A man sits in contemplation of his life, and the heartache he feels over the absence of what he considers his 'possession' – his precious beloved boy. In an idle moment he decides to write him a letter which he knows will never be sent.

Life Repays in Kind, by Cutter09

A young man is hired as a tutor for a misguided boy.

Little Black Boy's Bitch, by Rick the Dick

A female tenant offers her 11-year old black son as a rent payment to her white landlord.

Little Boy Lost, by Ruthless

Links to chapters: 1-2 3-5

A contractor with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder comes back from Afghanistan to find a runaway boy living in his house.

Little Joey Goes Down the List, by John Smutt

22,500 words (45 pages)

11-year-old Joey wants to meet naughty men for sex. Luckily, the government keeps a list of naughty boy-fucking men online. But the men he meets have a darker side than he had imagined.

Little Rich Boy, by Julia Hardacre

When a good-looking guy is mistaken for a male hooker in a seedy part of town it leads to his first sexual experience with a young boy, but probably not his last. The man-mad youngster from a wealthy background drains him dry and pays him for his services!

Little Runaway, by aR Jey

22,000 words (44 pages)

Peter meets a little runaway and they fall in lover with each other.

Little Timmy Rides in the Cockpit, by John Smutt

21,500 words (43 pages)

11-year-old Timmy visits the cockpit of an airliner for fun

Locked in Love, by Boys-stir-us

A famous and rich man falls in love with a 12-year old castrato orphan boy. But the boy doesn't want him. Or does he?

Lonely Men and Poor Boys, by aR Jey

11,250 words (22 pages)

Short stories about lonely men and poor boys

  1. Enchanted: A nobleman meets two young beggars and takes them to his castle.
  2. Angel from the Ashes: An American soldier finds a hungry 10-year old German boy in the ruins of Berlin.
  3. Little Klaus: Little Klaus falls in love with his physiotherapist.
The Lost Shoe, by Debonair

A kid who's been abducted goes back again and again to his to his kidnapper in order to learn more about sex.

Love Needs Learning, by Johnny Kape

Fred Ming-Jun Don, a lonely 10-year-old boy, attempted to commit suicide for several times, hoping to get his father's attention and love. Eric Mai, the security guard who just started his work for the second day, found and saved Fred's life. Eric's appearance made Fred very happy because he finally had someone to talk about his bad feelings from being bullied and teased. Then the relationship between Eric and Fred went very fast…

8,000 words (16 pages)

Lulu has a nice butt. Sam wants to find out how nice.

Lust in Space, by Cutter09

Major West has the hots for Will Robinson.

Magenta, by Funtails

12,500 words (25 pages)

As a colorful Indian festival unfolds, an outsider and a local boy celebrate the love that has transformed their lives

Mall Punk, by Sid G

Mt tt tb MMcons prost (in flashbacks: non-conc coerc) mast oral analfirst chapters only: bdsm spank

You've seen them at the malls, the kids who appear to just be hanging out by themselves. Lonely, yet sexy. This is the story of one of those kids.

Jon was abused at home before he ran away. Now he's at the mall, turning tricks to survive until, one night, he meets a guy who will take him home and give him a 'normal' life. How will Jon adjust to things most of us take for granted?

Man and Boy Chronicles, by Sam the Ham

Four stories illustrating positive sexual relationships between a man and a boy:

  1. On a Boat With Nowhere to Go: A boat, a boy, a hot day, life is good
  2. Mail Order: A man has ordered a special gift for the two boys in his life. It just arrived.
  3. Not a Bad Day: After meeting on the Internet, a minimum and boy decide to meet up to meet up. It's not bad.
  4. Sanctuary: Some parents can't accept the gay son. Mac is such a teenager. Fortunately, he finds sanctuary.
Man's Best Friend, by Cutter09

Coby needs help with his dog. Gordy is just the right person for the job.

Marlboro Country, by Cutter09

Robert meets Bobby over a pack of smokes.

Married Boylover, by Cutter09

2,000 words (4 pages)

What is a married man to do when he knows he prefers boys?

Merit Badges, by Zzathras

What happens when you put four cute preteen boys, one of their uncles (who happens to be a boy-lover), and a scout camping trip together? Jay will tell you how suddenly his three adult friends had emergencies and left him in charge of four boys an entire weekend. Add the fact that a sudden storm has drenched all their clothes, and they are forced to stay in the cabin all weekend, and you have four horny, naked little boys who seduce the exposed and erect Jay, allowing him to suck and fuck them … just like their Daddies do back home!

Mike's Diving Class, by StoTelAlex

A zoology student spends his Holidays diving near the Bahamas. There he helps out a befriended diving-instructor by taking a boy off his hands.

Mom and Dad's Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary, by Daemon Way

Two men intercede on a couple's wedding anniversary to show their boys what true love is.

Monastery Tales, by James Stuart

76,000 words (152 pages)

This tale is set in an Italian monastery during the middle ages. After the death of his mother a 13 year old boy is sent by his father to a monastery for his education. Leo becomes well educated, although not in the way his father expected… And then, the abbott of the monastery is murdered and Leo's friend is falsely accused of it.

Monty's Python, by Cutter09

Monty exscapes rape an torture in Africa, only to fall into the hands of a pederast.

Mothers' Club, by Parrafan

7,500 words (15 pages)

Mothers gossip about their sons all the time. It's one of their favourite pastimes, especially if they don't have a husband or partner to dump on. We're going to have a peek at one such group of chatty mothers, and listen in on what they are saying to each other about their male offspring.

The Motocross Competition, by J.O. Dickingson

Young Bradley Walker has three loves in his life: his motocross bike, his father, and his next door neighbour, and a motocross competition brings all three together.

The Music of the Night, by Deda

12,000 words (24 pages)

Young Dave and Alex are selected to compete in a voice competition in Paris. Along with Greg, their voice coach, they explore the "City of Lights" while getting a liberal sexual education along the way.

My Baboobaba, by Platypus

There was a reason why a strange disheveled man lived in young Timothy and Stefan's basement apartment and didn't pay rent.

My Brother's Kids Are Now Mine, by Larry Clayton

118,000 words (236 pages)

In an accident Larry's brother and sister-in-law were both killed. Larry, a gay male teacher, was listed as God Father to their two boys and immediately fell heir to both children and the house they lived in. The boys were were excited that their 'uncle' was taking them instead of Social Services horning in. But… there were certain aspects of their young lives that were up to this moment not in his field of awareness; mainly that the 12-year old had some special scouting lessons that he had shared already with the 9½-year old. And then Larry begins to fall in love with his 18-year old student Korey, the boys' child-sitter. Even more revelation by the boys adds to Larry's inner conflicts. From there … we'll see how things go!

My Brother's Sons Keeper, by Cutter09

Mike becomes guardian for his nephews.

My Dad, My Hero, by Hayes

A boy is introduced to sex in a bad way. He spends the next few years trying to piece together his life.

My Ganymede - Elijah's Visit - Ethan Lets Dad Do It, by Alex Hawk

Three stories:

  • My Ganymede: A man on vacation in Mexico meets a young boy and soon they fall in love.
  • Elijah's Visit: Jake's younger cousin, Elijah, comes to visit him in Los Angeles. Jake is gay and Elijah is… well… unsure.
  • Ethan Lets Dad Do It: A thirteen-year-old boy succumbs to his father's lewd suggestions.
My Son David, by Bman

My teen son discovers his penis and what he can do with it.

My Summer at the Beach, by Deda

Thirty years ago, when I was thirteen, my Mom and Dad finally gave up trying to hold their marriage together and he left us. Mom, a nurse, had to work long hours to provide for us. When school was out, she decided to take up an offer by her brother for me to spend the summer with him and his son at their summer home on the beach. When she agreed for me to spend the summer with them, how was she to know that 'Uncle Don' had some really unusual ideas about raising kids.

My Tow Headed, Blue Eyed, Good Looking Nephew, by Fan Cha Phaw

An uncle spends a weekend together with his nephew.

Naturistenkind Thijs, by Yonu

Thijs leert aan den lijve het verschil tussen lust en liefde, tussen respect en misbruik en tussen seksuele vrijheid en perversie.

A New Kind Of Family, by Johan Fourie

Andrew is in a secret relationship with James, both of them are married. They take James's sons with them on an all-boys weekend, where Andrew starts to struggle with his attraction to James's sons as he sees James interacting with them and playing with them and being stern with them.

The New Life of Timothy Greene, by Maiocxx

Mb bbcons (non-cons) mast oral piv – slave bond Fdom

The first part of this story takes place about four years after Roger's Closet … if you have not already read it, you may wish to do so… and involves many of the same characters. The exception is Timothy Greene whom you will shortly meet. Roger narrates the first part.

Nicky's Story, by Dorvis Slaughter

A man manipulates an attention-starved boy to have sex with him.

Nightfair, by Luz Rojo

12,000 words (24 pages)

When two boys check out a mysterious ride at a carnival they learn more about themselves than they ever expected.

Not as it Seems, by Sam the Ham

4,000 words (8 pages)

A man reflects on his past affairs and how much of an impact they had on his next big decision on life.

Odd-job Boy, by Veneration

6,000 words (12 pages)

To earn the money for a school trip, 12-year-old Andy asks for any odd jobs he could do.

Of Boys and Sex, vol. I, by Wolf

Ten short stories about young boys having sex adventures with men.

  1. Antonio Goes West

An adult finds an adult friend that introduced him to a man that allows men to have sex with his son.

David Finds His Sex

A boy is seduced by a teenager and then meets three boys and has sex with them and their father.

Roy Joins the Club

A teenager had his first sexual enounter at 15 with a friend. He joins a church group where adults further his education and expose him to more boys that are like minded.

The Beach Outing

A youngster seeks out older men to have sex with.

Jerry and Dad

A father teaches his son and shares him with his friends.

Seth and Family

The story of a western New York boy being trained by his older brother to please other relitives.

Old Baldy

A story about a young teenager and a cousin discovering oral sex and then the teenager being introduced to anal sex by an older man.

Cinema Attraction

A youth in drawn to a gay movie where he meets an old man into oral sex and exhibition of the youth's wet shorts.

Teaching Mike

A young teenager's teacher raped him and he begins to seek not other men.

Stepparents are Fun

A youth is seduced my an old man. The man's son marries his mother and the two men use him suntil he reaches puberty. Then the stepfather and him seduced the two half brothers.

Of Boys and Sex, vol. II, by Wolf

Ten short stories about young boys having sex adventures with men.

  1. Small Town Fathers

A small town boy raised by his father become his sex toy. They meet another father son and include other youths.

Older Men Fetish

A youth is introduced to gay sex by a teeager and then introduced to an older man that turned him into a confermen chubby chaser.

Lawn Money 2: Mexico Vacation

A youth goes on a family vacation and has an orgy of sex with older men.

Rough Sex With Greg

A young teenager is seduced into having rough anal sex by his father's best friend.

Party House

A young boy is seduced by a friend that introduces him to a house where men enjoy the company of young boys.


A youth is assigned to care for his grandfather but learns about sex from his uncle.

Sex Slave

A boy is sold by his parents to an Arab sheikh as sex slave for his son.

Willy Switches for Fun

A white boy is invited to the birthday party of the only black boy in his class.

English Boyhood

A youth is seduced by a family friend and given to another man as a sex toy to finish his education.

Adoption of Jacob

A boy is adopted and grandpa catches him masturbating, that leads to him being brought out.

Of Boys and Sex, vol. III, by Wolf

Ten short stories about young boys having sex adventures with men.

  1. Little Orphan Danny

An orphan boy goes to live with a much older distant cousin and after a divorce is brought out by his cousin and his adult lover. In chapter 2 he is placed in the hands of a father & son that add to his sexual education.

Old Las Vegas

A horny teenager discovers sex in an adult book store, before getting picked up my a man.

Latino Uncle

A young boy is taken by his uncle to the local park to play.

Cock sucking Vincent

A youth seeking sex with a man in a slezy theater and winds up becoming a sex toy at a summer camp.

Older Brother Brought Me Out

A younger brother is seduced by his older brother and learns he likes anal sex with other guys.

My Best Friends Father

A young boy finds the gay porn stash of the father of a friend. The father introduces him to gay sex and later teaches him to submit to the desires of a black friend

Long Distance Runner

As small English boy becomes a long distance runner and a sex toy for his coach.

Bobby and the Neighbor

A youth is seduced by a neighbor and becomes a life long boy lover.

On A Wing And A Prayer, by BC Dude

A 50 year old biker is on a two months bike trip trough the western states. He saves a 15 year old boy from being raped and the boy joins him on his trip along the touristic highlights. This story is about their lover for each other, their friends, and their plans for the future.

One night in Green Crow, by Debonair

On one night when boys go door to door to sell chocolate bars, different things happen. This story is about the different angles of that evening in a cozy neighbourhood.

Oom Jan leert zijn neefje pijpen, by Edgar Kirin

Tien korte verhalen over geile mannen die seks met jongetjes hebben

Oracle (Nexus Series 3), by Mercury Wakusei

13,000 words (26 pages)

Ayaan Walker, son of an Beloved FBI agent and best friend of Leo Thomas, gets more than he bargains for after being apart of a STING operation. He soon finds out that not only is his survival is at stake but his dad's secret that could ruin his reputation could be at risk of exposure. How far will Ayaan go to save himself and his dad's reputation?

Orange, by Funtails

A bitter-sweet vignette of afternoon loving between a lonely man and the boy who brought light to his life.

The Original Joy, by Johnny Kape

Jay Feng, a talented 12 year-old creative singer, burst into Heng's life all of a sudden, and made their life change hugely…


Over jongens en seks, deel I (Zeven korte verhalen), by Wolf

Zeven korte verhalen met jongetjes die seks hebben met volwassen mannen.

  1. Antonio gaat naar het westen

Een volwassene ontmoet een vriend die hem voorstelt aan een man die mannen toelaat om seks te hebben met zijn zoon.

David vindt zijn seks

Een jongen wordt verleid door een tiener en ontmoet drie jongens om er seks mee te hebben en met hun vader.

Roy komt bij de club

Een tiener heeft zijn eerste seksavontuur op zijn 15de met een vriend. Hij komt bij een kerkclub waar volwassenen hem opvoeden en kennis laten maken met meerdere gelijkgestemde jongens.

De strandouting

Een jongeling zoekt oudere mannen om seks mee te hebben.

Jerry en zijn pa Een vader leert HET aan zijn zoon en deelt hem met zijn vrienden. Seth en zijn familie

Het verhaal van een jongetje uit West-New-York die getraind wordt door zijn oudere broer om andere familieleden te bevredigen.

Old Baldy

Een verhaal over een jonge tiener en zijn neef die orale seks ontdekten en dan de introductie van de tiener in anale seks bij een oudere man.

Papa Bear and Baby Bear, by Zzathras

Links to chapters: 1 2 3

A photographer meets an 8 year old boy whore and takes him in home to adopt him. The boy was abused by his mother's pimp and needs a lot of love.\\

Paradise Island, by John C

685,000 words (1370 pages)

A single man who owns his own island rescues three shipwrecked boys. As the man learns about their amazing past, a bond develops between them. Together they have amazing adventures like visiting a nearby island where the local natives have their own sexual customs; rescuing other boys kept as sex slaves and even discovering a time travel devise that allow visits to different time eras and the special sexual lifestyles of those periods.

Paulie, by Maiocxx

Dan thought life was slowly winding down until he met a young boy named Paulie. Paulie has a very unusual background, one that makes him 'different'. This, then, is their story: what it means to love deeply, the price to be paid if you are 'different' and triumph if you persevere.

The Perfect Moment, by Sam the Ham

TJ visits his uncle and thinks he's ready to try something for the first time.

Perfect Son: Daddy's Perfect Lover, by Axel Chamberlain-Smith

Links to chapters: 1-2 3 4

A very handsome young man comes to terms with the fact that he is really very interested in making love to boys. This comes to him because as a child he had seduced many men. The boy's prior experience as a beautiful 8-12 year old is described in Part I. This process of seducing good looking men is explicated in Part I.

The Photographer's Assistant, by Damnd1

High schooler Cooper is been persuaded by his uncle to assist at his photo studio in California in the 1970s. Cooper discovers that he enjoys the job far more than he ever would have expected.

Pink, by Funtails

A hotshot lawyer encounters a sexually bold boy who leads him to a new understanding of love.

A Place to Call Home, by Sarge

18,000 words (26 pages)

A writer who can't produce stories anymore meets a boy who has a story and a plan for life.

A Place to Hang Out, by Boisterous

While his hooker-mother is working, her 10 year old son is entertained by his neighbor.

The Planter's Son, by Mark Smith

Young son come home to his father's plantation and finds out in which solution his father had for their financial problems.

The Porn boys, by Cosmo

141,000 words (282 pages)

When a seasoned police officer is assigned to the protection of a 10 year old boy, he never bargained that it would be a boy he recognized. Rather than turning into the routine babysitting exercise he expected, a special relationship develops between the boy and his protector. The assignment then becomes a poignant adventure tracing the story of the boy's gradual rehabilitation from his painful and harrowing past, and their time together becomes a tumultuous and emotional journey that will have a profound and lasting effect on them for the rest of their lives.

Pounding the Starfish, by Boisterous

Twelve-year-old Tommy gets a summer job with his uncle Ted, whose wife had died shortly before. His duties are not exactly as he expected.

A Precocious Debauchery, by Oskar M

Every boy has a secret

The Prince Coco Project, by Gary Cutter

A series relating to a professional photographer who is obsessed with 3D Sims. As a hobby he decides to replicate his favourite 3D Series with real life boys… you can imagine the rest.

The Prince's New Servant, by Storytime

Peter's dad gets arrested and since his mom had died long ago, he's homeless and sad so he walks around town and saves the prince from a horseriding accident and becomes his new servant after they find out his situation. And since the prince can make him do anything, he finds some great ways to get his questions about puberty and sex answered.

The Profile, by Bill Underhill

"Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent." This is Shamong Valley. I'm the newest guy in the program here. My name is Tilden.

Even the smartest investigator can find himself tripped up by his suppositions. So much for stereotypes…

The Public Pool, by Debonair

A youngster finds partners to experiment with at the local public pool.

The Puer Research Institute, by Parrafan

17,500 words (35 pages)

A journalist visits an institute where the sexual pleasure between boys and men is researched, such as the flavour of male semen, a lubricant for anal use, designed specifically for boys.

Pure As The Driven Snow, by Sam Johnson

A boy enjoys a man's flirtatious attention – much more than he ever thought possible

Putting the Acid on a Sweet Boy, by Sam Johnson

After spilling petrol on himself, a boy worries about the possible consequences.

Rajiv's Ride, by Bbillings

An innocent bathroom encounter turns into an opportunity to teach two boys about respect.

Randy and His Boys, by Lonely Randy

Can a horrible traffic accident actually be the start of a new and better life? Read on!

Randy has Easter Fun, by Lonely Randy

Randy finds three boys on Easter and has fun with them.

Razor's Edge, by Debonair

This one got great reviews because of the emotional content. The story deals with a man's guilt and confused feelings towards a youth who's trying to get his attention.

Red and Green, by Funtails

A Christmas tale of a man reunited with the boy he once helped years before.

Red, Black and Blue, by Funtails

George hates the bratty boy next door. Right up to the day he decides to take discipline into his own hands and things change between them forever.

Reluctant Young Boys, by Mikey Smith

29,000 words (58 pages)

Short stories about 10-12 year-old boys discovering that for sex you need a partner, but if the partner is an adult man, he wants other things than the boys initially want.

  1. Angelito: The new neighbour of Angelito and his friends has no kids to play with, but he has some fancy cars.
  2. Joselito: In the bus home 12 year old Joselito meets a black and a white man who are both very interested in him.
  3. Matthew: 11 year old Matthew wants more than just jack-off on his own. Than Tom comes to live in town, and everyone is saying Tom is a cocksucker.
Rent-a-Ped, by Parrafan

The affectionless parents of 12 year old Jory sign a Parent/Pedophile agreement with a commercial pedophile. Every weel they get a progress report.

The Rescue, by Parrafan

Mb – cons anal oral – bond spank (references to non-cons)

On a hot day Davey and his mother go to the park in the neighborhood. They meet a friendly photographer who is interested in taking photos of Davey.

Restitution, by Dillon

A boy makes restitution for burglary.

The Reunion, by Pennywise

After high school, Peter end Mike, two gay boyfriends moved to different parts of the USA. Mike married and has a son. After 13 year they want to see eachother again. Mike, his wife Carolyn and 10 year old son go to Peter. What will happen as Mike's wife meets her husbands former boyfriend? Does Mike still love Peter of is he happily married with Carolyn.

RGB, by Funtails

A man, his fiancé, her son. What they mean to each other breaks taboos of all kinds.

Richie Lotta and the Poor Boylover, by J.O. Dickingson

A sweet innocent little rich boy sees a filthy panhandler and decides to rescue him, taking him home for a bath and for high tea.

Rip, by Herb Cat

An exploration of a man attracted to prepubescent boys and his developing relationship with one boy in particular, his own nephew.

Road to Ruin & Tool Shed Surprise/Redux, by Gunga Dick

Two stories:

  1. Road to Ruin: A man picks up a runaway hitchhiker.
  2. Tool Shed Surprise & Redux: A man catches his nine-year old neighbor boy blowing a friend.
Roger's Closet, by Maiocxx

A traveling salesman gets a bit more companionship than he had planned during a train ride home. Will his efforts to remain 'in the closet' be thwarted? And, if so, what does this bode for his future?

Running, by Pietje Puk

41,000 words (82 pages)

Ten-year old Rob daydreams of being punished by Tarzan. Every day he sees a man running through the street. Can this man be his Tarzan?

Russische Jongens, by Bill

Sasha, een naïeve 12-jarige jongen die in de sloppenwijk van Moskou woont, leert van een oudere knaap hoe hij gemakkelijk geld kan verdienen door bloot te poseren bij een fotograaf. De oudere knaap, de 14-jarige Alexei, laat dan Sasha kennis maken met de geneugten van de seks, en maakt hem klaar voor een nieuwe geldopbrengende onderneming – een jongens-seksfilmsessie op een alleenstaande boerderij.

Sailing in Thailand, by David Jonathan

A 14-year-old Thai boy goes for a fishing trip on the boat of a European man and is introduced to nudism.

A Salesman's Surprise, by StoTelAlex

A salesman is on the road, trying to sell his merchandise. When he's staying in a motel, he gets a big surprise.

Sam, by Daddy Zach

12-year old Sam sees a man hiding himself in the bushes. He's curious and follows the man.

Sammy or Figure Studies, by Zzathras

A Graduate School student babysits the seven year old son of his friend. The innocent boy has some questions

Samurai, Inc., by David

David, a retired Navy seal, and his adopted 12 year-old son Shiro rescue a young actor from his kidnappers and were asked to protect him. That brought them to the idea to form a security service, Samurai Inc., to protect boy actors and other boy celebrities. During their work they learn to know various boy celebrities very intimately.

N.B. All celebrities in this story have fake names which are look-alikes of their real names to emphasize that their behaviour in this fiction story is not necessarily true (almost sure it is not true).

San Cabri, by Johnny Kape