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Prophetic dream warns of economic collapse in December

Z3er Joe Petersen shared the following dream he received in 2015 regarding a coming economic collapse.

I’d like to share a dream I had a while ago. It was much more vivid than others so I wrote it down.

Start of dream: I was in my accounting office where I used to work. The lights were off but one wall had large windows so the daylight was good enough to see your way around. It seemed a lot more empty than it used to be. Some of the workstations had been removed and replaced with long folding tables and some chairs. There were still a few people working.

Economic trouble had just been announced. I said, “I hope everyone has taken a lot of money out of their bank accounts.”

The scene changed and I was in front of a calendar. It was December, but the year was not shown. It had five rows of weeks as all calendar months have, but there were no numbers in the squares. I was told, “Economic collapse will happen at the end of the second week of December.”

The first two rows of the calendar were highlighted. End of dream.

I had the dream in 2015. I have been following the visions and dreams your contributors have been posting about economic, stock market, and crypto-currencies for this fall, and that prompted me to finally send it in.

Since Joe had this dream in 2015 and no year was shown on the calendar, it would be a mistake to assume it will happen this year. It might just as easily be for 2018 or beyond.

Like other prophetic warnings, this is a warning to pray and watch for it. We can pray God would show us what He wants us to do to prepare and we can watch for more clues confirming what’s coming and when.

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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Important one from Glynda

A new leader emerges soon who is not who he appears to be. He has been sent by the Evil One, and has come on to kill, steal and destroy. You will begin to hear about him in your news. Prepare, for his plans for you are very dark indeed.

You must understand, My people, that there is no place to hide from the coming destruction, except in Me. I alone can keep you alive amidst devastation and persecution. I alone can feed you in famine where no food abounds. I alone can hide you in the glory of My Presence, where no man can see you. I alone.

I will keep some of My people alive much longer than others, that they may witness of Me in the earth. These will be hunted and persecuted, but I will be with them. Their reward shall be very great in heaven, and they will see things no one else shall see. My angels shall travel with them. My warriors shall surround them. They will lead the last souls to be saved into My Kingdom.

Prepare, that you may be ready for what is about to transpire, for it is happening now. Decisions have been made behind the scenes and destruction is coming. The enemy’s plans are being released.

Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.

Could this dream mean we are to withdraw all our “investments” in this world and worldly system? This strikes me as a “Revelation 18:4 NKJV And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

The currency of this world is not the same as the currency of the kingdom of God where we do not put our trust in gold or silver by in those things only coming from the Spirit of God.

God is calling for those who can hear, to withdraw their earthly investments because where their treasure is, so will their heart be. We are to “invest” in heavenly things where thief cannot break in and steal, where moth cannot eat or rust corrupt. Our investments need to NOT be in the wealth of this world but in the currency of Faith in God’s kingdom.

I do not see these dreams as literal but as spiritual with this world’s goods as being that which will perish but the kingdom’s goods as being imperishable. I know that some will not see this as I do but will see these dreams as if God were guiding them regarding their treasures of gold and silver. Yet, we did not see those same things in the life of Jesus and it is He that we are to walk in with full reliance on the same Spirit that guided Him.

Then we could be like the people of Germany around the time of the world wars where they wheeled their worthless money about in wheelbarrows, it had devalued so much.

I feel totally screwed…all I have is debt debt debt…and more debt…last week I was eating dill pickles and peanut butter for dinner and it hasn’t even begun yet:P

Dear Robert, do not despair! We are going through forced liquidation of our restaurant at the moment but God has been so gracious through it. My declaration/thanks for a while now is “My God supplies ALL of my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus”. God has provided amazingly for us through this…including having a liquidator who carried on running the business so we still got paid during the process! We had to cut right back our giving, but God gave us a single mum with two kids to take in and share with instead!

Thank God for EVERY little thing you have. ..even the pickles and peanut butter! Thank God that He’s giving you a little taste of what us to come. …so to speak. When you’re despairing, cry to your Heavenly Father and ask Him to increase your faith! Spend time every day worshipping God…tell Him how Great He is and how much you love Him and how grateful you are to Him that you know him…that you’re breathing… that your hope is in Him and no-one whose hope is in Him will be put to shame…etc! And AFTER that, thank Him that the curse of poverty was broken at the cross, declare every bill paid and every mortgage cleared and thank Him for supplying your every need.

With much love brother Robert…God will still provide for those of us who have a monopoly money load of debt! ??

Sorry to her about your business…that must be challenging…you are completely right…besides lots of my debt is my own fault…plus God has blessed me with many many good things in abundance. I’m glad to hear you are not letting ur circumstances get you down and God is making a way…I know Hes calling me to give up a lot of things so I can go follow my calling…Thanks for the encouragement!…you guys are the only chuch family Ive got…being alone all of the time is extremely difficult…Im looking forward to the new thing the lord has for me and being around people again:) Praise God for His goodness and wonderful works to the children of men!

Hey Lynne. Exceedingly above all we could ask and think. And look how the grapes are being crushed and the anointing poured forth. When the situation is a contradiction to the LORD’s word the situation must bow down and give way to the promises of God by your testimony and by the blood of the lamb. Just as you are doing… Send the arrow and strike the ground again. In the name of Yahushua.

Thanks sister!! Lots of love.

You are so right Thomas….I am well aware of the reality of the situation…your story fascinates and inspires me!…God is doing something like that in my life right now also…I have been very blessed in many ways but I don’t have total peace about being where I am because I know He has called me somewhere else…well I do now since I’ve repented of going my own way…however its taking a bit of time to organize and undo certain things in the natural…thats where Im at now…my focus has completely changed…I am in the process of laying down my unintentionally self consumed life…it is difficult and scary especially because I’m all alone as my wife divorced me…I desire to live a genuine sacrificed life…a life where I have plently of opportunity to be a blessing and a giver to others…being a debtslave to the banksters who lend fictitious money then ratchet up the interest is a complete waste of my life! God has told me He is going to help me…I think He intended a RV/bike ministry for us in the past but Im not sure if it still applies or if there’s time left for that….whatever He keeps saying that He will multiply me greatly and make me fruitful…kinda sounds like the end time harvest to me:)

Check out my website if you have not already and maybe some of the things I’ve (already) had to walk through I may be of help to allow you to avoid some of the errors and pitfalls I fell in to by ignorance when I first started walking on this part of the journey. Read my post there about, IAm A Crazy Lunatic. It may help you to understand (somewhat of) what your wife and family/friends are seeing you as? Or, put another way, they may be judging you not able to walk a mile in your moccasins … Y-E-T, with Big Big Emphasis on ‘yet’.

I just checked out your site…likewise God has been calling me to “come out of her” too…although I do not know exactly how it’s gonna work but I have begun the process…My wife divorced me 5 years ago and we no longer communicate…a few years ago I was trying to reconcile with her so we could go do the ministry God intended for us when out of the blue He told me to warn her not to get involved with another man. She didn’t deny the fact but ignored me and said it was a “God thing”….Previously I was the one who was reluctant to surrender my own ambitions and fear to step out in faith and follow Gods leading…Im still kinda lost without her because God specifically put us together as a ministry team…she wouldn’t of thought I was crazy at all…but now I don’t even know how I’m supposed to move to the USA because she was American. Nobody else really knows what I’m planning as I am pretty isolated.

Death is not easy. Death is not pretty. Dying to self, dying to lust of more, lust of me, lust of my, mine will not be pretty.

God YHWH does not ask you how to decide, He asks you only WHO TO DECIDE? Who will decide? Read my post, ”WRITE 100 times, ‘Not my will, Thy will be Done’ ”

The bottom line of it is this, and you won’t even have to read it, is this: take this day and every minute repeat ‘Not my will, Thy will be Done’ whenever you have a choice to make about your wife, your career, your place, your money, your marriage, your wife’s husband/boyfriend/lover, your car, your family, your dog, your cat,………every minute choose one decision and choose to let Him carry that one load.

The second day you will take 2 things every minute and do the same. Continue on until you are doing 100 things per minute of giving it to Him and to His will. Then, and only then, will you be able to understand what He bore for you, me, your wife, your job, your everything when you chose to do your will and not His. Now, multiply that by every soul living on the earth today. Then, add on to that load, everyone who ever lived throughout history. That is what you and I do each and every time we are not ‘dead’ to self. Read Linda’s dream. It is more important to prepare spiritually than physically.

Wow ur words grip me to the core…I know…God has not had me prepare physically in any way…but nonstop spiritually like u say…seeking Him constantly!…Its been wonderful…Im so grateful Hes turned me around from going astray and losing focus on Him…and no dyin ain’t easy…but yet its so stupid how we resist…you know the time i gave up everything to follow God?…afterwards He rewarded me with the most fulfilling and satisfying time of my life!…i dunno how to desribe it without getting censored…He even gave me physical pleasures beyond my imagination…the very thing everyone strives for in life…and in a completely holy sanctified way…I was so retarded not to run after His call on my life with my whole heart sooner…He gave me a totally gorgeous pure and holy wife who was more than I could ever ask for or imagine…the pinnacle of my life was sharing Gods love with others together with her…everything truly good in life comes only from Him!…following the evil dictates of ones mind only leads to absolute misery death and despair…

Robert, read “Anders Says: ” on my site. The physical pleasure you enjoyed is the distraction

Pay particular attention to the statement, ” The flesh is a prison…”

I read the post and i understand the concept to a point…it reminds me of Jonathan klecks work too…I confess it gets confusing to me…i do not believe that the physical flesh is satans invention and is evil in and of itself but I totally agree with how it can easily lead to idolatry because of our weak fallen state if we turn and worship the creature instead of our daddy God…..i became guilty of that myself…however I find the whole thing irrelevant to my experience in general for the most part…my marriage was a pure and holy spiritual bonding ordained by God himself…a reflection of Jesus and us His bride! My wife was completely sexually pure when God joined us together as was I…our physical bonding was definitely satisfying but only because it was a physical manifestation of our spiritual bond in the lord…we were a cord of three strands in blood covenant just like Gods word describes…the two became one…

from a worldly fleshly perspective my wife was very hot…and that was certainly a blessing we enjoyed but like I said our marriage was based on a spiritual covenant ordained by God himself…so i will never concede to calling something bad or sinful what God termed good and right…our physical intimacy brought us both a great blessing to our overall heath and vitality….God intended to use that for His kingdom work…everyone was drawn to us because they could sense we had a rare wonderful living dynamic in us. ..literally Christ in us…the hope of glory. Unfortunately the adversary recognized our blessing and took us out before we could realize our full potential in the lord…

Please say YAHUWSHUA haMashiach has come in the flesh. Please say, Yahuwshua, Jesus is Master of All. Please say the blood of Yahuwshua covers me and washes me and He is my God and King of kings.

O the best part about my exwife is that she is was the only girl that I’ve know who isn’t consumed with money and this worlds system…I went on a popular christian dating site and I couldn’t find anyone who is interested in living a surrendered life…they all just want worldly successful men to take care of them and pay for trips and stuff…

Blessings and peace to you in Jesus’s name. Because the scripture says that the power of life and death is in the tongue (Prov. 18:21), I would counsel you not to speak death to yourself and life to your problem (which you’ve mentioned is debt), even in jest. Jesus came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly. Living in debt is not abundant living, so consider this a great time to get to know the Lord as your daily provider for all your needs, including getting out of debt. Notice the emphasis on “daily”? While instant provision is not beyond him, it is his daily provision that will draw you into deeper intimacy with him. It would also be wise to note, brother, that biblical abundance is vastly different from material opulence.

Ur totally right bro…my bad…i know better than that…i repent of those words…God has told me He is breaking the chains gates bars…many times over…Im gonna stick with His word!

God had me come out of the prosperity movement years ago…I know He had us go to a word church for a season of learning to believe God for practical things…Unfortunately the pervasive “me now” spirit coupled with hypergrace is a deadly combination that causes many people to get caught in greed and materialism which is idolatry and spiritual adultery. I want to live efficiently as possible so I can have time and energy to devote to serving others…I dont care about having an expensive house or anything. Right now I live offgrid in a cabin…wood heat/cooking…outhouse…the other night a weasel ran across my pillow and woke me up! Lol…but it is very peaceful and allows me much quiet time with the lord. I will be going soon but my only goal is to seek Gods kingdom first…I once sold my previous house and went to a Christian community…I didnt have hardly any possessions there but it was an extremely abundant season in my life!

Tithe + Offerings [as your heart decides] is the only cure for this. Start with what you have. Eldon, if he is reading this can offer more enlightenment on the matter.

I’ve recently increased my giving and have also asked God to make divine connections and send me people who need something that I have….

Spring traps (bear traps, mouse traps) are designed to snap closed very quickly or suddenly. The reaction of some animals are so fast, that the trap must be of a very quick closing action. Now in light of what may be coming to America as her downward spiral continues and her judgments are in progress…….no financial institution, planner, NWO persons or those who are to cause this to come to fruition are going to announce, warn or alert the “general’ population. . In my view, the Mark of the Beast system and the NWO cannot fully operate with perceived American Imperialism dominating the world physical paper dollar, they must change the game!! So it would be wise of all of us and many have been warning on Z3 to begin preparing with small cash hold backs and supplies along with food and water while things still have the appearance of normal.

Well said Steven . This timing aligns with Armstrongs nov high so I think a collapse by year end is very possible .

An economic collapse in Dec,17 and high Dow numbers above 30000 seen by many prophets, including our own are compatible. Just have to look at Venezuelan stock index which is at all time high. I think Chinese plans to open an oil trading exchange where payment is made in Gold trade notes which can be redeemed for physical gold is a game changer in many ways.

Gold price will go up immediately and Dollar goes down. Russia,Iran,Qatar,Venezuela,and Africans can by pass Dollar. Saudi will join if Chinese buy into Aramco IPO. Gold and Oil prices will be set by the Chinese. Also feel many nations will sell Treasury and buy into these gold trade notes for international trade and as a means to park their reserves.

All US markets are based on the confidence in the strength of the Dollar. Once that confidence goes, all parts of the economy goes down.

Whatever happened to the prophetic word about the market that “the fall comes in the fall”? I dont see how that word jives with a market high in Dec.

The end of the 2nd week of December is still Fall. Winter doesn’t begin until Dec. 21st, which is the end of the 3rd week.

“California Dreamin” was the song that Mena Lee Grebin heard throughout her vision of a massive california Earthquake. California dreaming was recorded Nov 4th 1965 and released Dec 8th 1965.

Speaking of November 4, the group titled refuse fascism, stopped a highway in L.A. the other day holding up combined signs reading, “Nov 4th, It Begins.”

And notice in the picture in the article that the side of the concrete guard rail has pictures of a bell in various stages of ringing like in a flip book, so if you’re driving by it, the bell would appear to be ringing. Perhaps on Nov. 4th we’ll see for whom the bell tolls.

Larry nichols on lisa havens show, 4 min mark, riots in 5 cities or more automatically triggers FEMA provisional gov.

On another note, the flood began on 17 Cheshvan, 17 cheshvan in 5778 is 6 Nov, I think this is one of Phanuels watch dates. 6 Nov plus 40 days of rain (falling markets? Money printing?) Is 16 Dec.

Venezuelan stock index is at all time high despite currency and economy at all time low. Those figures are really meaningless and doesn’t reflect the strength of an economy. US can have such a scenario in case of a Dollar collapse and inflation. Link to Venezuelan index. Look at the 5 yr chart.

Makes scary sense

Article today says Peurto RICO residents cannot use cards and they do not have cash to buy things. Heads up!

I just wanted to mention that it would have to be 2019–2022 if the calendar for December has five rows on it.

“It had five rows of weeks as all calendar months have, but there were no numbers in the squares”

Hmm…if its at the end of the second week of Dec…and the first two rows of December were lit up…it seems to for best 2019 pr 2024. In those years, Dec 1-7 take up the first row and Dec 8-14 take up the second row cleanly.

Maybe something, maybe nothing – 121/7 starts on a Friday and ends on a Sunday and 12/18starts on a Saturday and ends on a Monday – both SHOULD utilize lines for six weeks, imo. Not an accountant so could be wrong.

I think that the fact that the first two rows were highlighted suggests that the first two weeks of December completely fill in the first two rows. This happens in December of 2019. Also, Chuck Youngbrandt prophesied that Russia would “accidentally” nuke four cities of the US, including just north of NYC, on December 14 of the first of three years of judgment that he saw. That could definitely be a big blow to make our economy finally collapse.

You are right Tom. We can just look at the lower right of our computer for the calendar. Five rows for December comes up until 2019.