Who is dating keyshia cole

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 Episode 12

been refreshing cause my mondays aint complete without my fix

Before I watch this…y’all know Alexis skyy is pregnant ???? supposedly fetty bop is the daddy ???? I didn’t believe it till I went on ig and saw she posted a vid of her getting a ultrasound ????

She got pregnant to spite Masika which is pathetic as fuck. Plus he had another baby after the daughter with Masika so i hope Alexis doesn’t feel special, he giving everybody babies. Pull out game weak as fuck.

If Fetty Wap is the daddy, his pull out game is weaker than Stevie Wonder’s hairline.

I wouldn’t trust him pulling out the driveway at this point.

for some reason i dnt think it’s his baby. maybe bc i have high hopes for her and want her to do better.

She got pregnant out spite more like look masika i could get pregnant if i wanted to and i just did. She plain dumb dont fetty have like 200 kids

That’s so sad. Those poor kids shouldn’t be brought into this mess. Alexis trying to be Tara and Amina of LA

Yep, she got pregnant by Fetty i believe most likely out of spite and to prove something. And now she perceives to have this refined attitude.


Looking CRAZY. He called her ugly and totally denies her. What an embarrassment! That man did not sleep with that woman

This is lil Berg all over again. Hazel just needs to stop claiming men who don’t claim her, it’s so embarrassing

Her life seems exhausting always trying to get ppl back

She’s disgracing herself all over LA and it’s being recorded on TV for our entertainment ??

Fizz better off bringing everyone back to make You Got Served 2

There was a You Got Served 2 with a new cast. It was corny. I think Fizz needs to move on.

hazel just need to let that go. the conversation on who lied about having sex or not should be private. bc one lying on the dick or the other is lying on the vagina. she trying to play him but she is rlly playing herself. who gone actually admit they had sex with that? rose. the child. come on. like u cant even take that seriously.

Lol… she was bragging like she won a trophy talking about i smashed and quit and he not even proud to acknowledge it…. girl sit your silicon ass down only person willing to claim u is an 18yr old

I don’t get why ppl feel Masika iz fake or scared. Mona Scott blind sided her by bringing Alexis on. Not interacting with her ain’t giving her the airtime she need 2 stay relevant. Her loved 1’s ain’t shyt…how they let her storyline b her coming 2 LA WITH her new dude 2 confront Masika abt Fetty…then he gets a tattoo of his new broad kids name & only been fucc’n with her like 2mons..then Alexis reveals she might b preggers by her new dude that she’s only been with for 6wks..now she pregnant by Fetty.

These dirty raw dog azz bytches is hella nasty..they ain’t scared 2 show it..eww ?????

Sika admitted she slept with Fetty off the rip she’s just as nasty.

is it lol? i fucked my man when i first met him and now we been together 3 yrs….i’d do it again tbh

If you man had a girl at the time and a few baby mothers kicking around then it def would be nasty

He had a 7 year old and he was single. but these dudes lie.. I was lucky. I say all that to say they have a baby and God don’t make mistakes. They were destined to get together just as your parents were. STOP BEING SO JUDGMENTAL DAMN.. Cant stand girls like you i bet you have fucked over 20 niggas out here pretending you the virgin mary

iight the last part was harsh but as women seriously stop slut shaming the slut walk was just yesterday bhahaha

Chill. I was just saying Masika is no better than Alexis

you’re right i may have jumped out the window… i’m gonna take a chill pill now

That’s probably because you’re insecure about it. Projecting…

insecure about women slut shaming other women in a world where everything around us tells us to supress out sexuality…hmm insecure is not the word. We gotta work on your comprehension

You speak on the harm of slut-shaming yet insult another woman based on her sexual preferences. If she believes fucking a man on the first night, that’s HER belief and she’s entitled to it. You fuck men on the first night and see nothing wrong with it. That’s YOUR belief and you’re entitled to it.

Beside,you even admitted it yourself you popped off unnecessarily. Do you not recall what you wrote? It’s not my comprehension that we need to work on. It’s your denial, your insecurity, and/or your memory. Good day.

Actually not once did i shame anyone for fucking anything lol, it’s all right here. I said I Can’t stand when girls act like they are holier than thou, knowing good and damn well they have hoe moments themselves. The girl i was talking too said she was judging Masika for fucking a dude she knew had a woman. So her clarification is why i took it back. But you would know that if i was talking to YOUR DIM ASS, but i wasn’t and i wouldn’t because of your limited comprehension and all.

Girl your man was single..so you didn’t do anything wrong. Fetty was public with Alexis sky so clearly Masika knew he had a girl, her grimey ass just didn’t care.

i was 22 had a one night stand now im 32 and still smashing this nigga raw like the first day

Romantic as hell.

Yoooo lmao this some straight personal honest shit….?????? wow got give it to your honesty lol

hahahaha somethin like that

I agree, lol . I just don’t agree with them assuming she’s scared.

I don’t think she’s nasty, I think Alexis has low-self-esteem.

Lol what airtime? Alexis been getting more airtime than Masika regardless. But is she really pregnant with Fetty’s baby right now?

Yeah, off of trying 2 confront Masika lol. And yeah, i think therez an ultrasound on her IG, smh

Lol I don’t like either of those broads, to be honest. And thanks for the info!

A ultrasound, a video and etc her mom did the ultrasound she was showing that off too…but it’s like fool did you win a prize. Smh

They deleted Masika scenes on this season because she didn’t want to film with Alexis. And honestly Alexis scenes are pointess as hell. Trying to thug out but was quiet asf when solo lucci’s baby mama popped up.

Hazel E is damn near 40 she always running after some young ass little boy.

Can someone please tell me what the hell Brook thinks she’s doing? Going off to kiss Booby again. How’s Marcus gonna feel about that? She the dumbest donkey.

I was like didn”t u just begged Marcus to forgive u? What the hell are u doing kissing booby again? Girl is u confused or just dumb. Which one is it?

Marcus cheated on Brooke whilst he was getting his divorce, it’s amazing how he’s flipped this and put it all on Brooke

Bridget and her man be looking like brother and sister

Aunty and Nephew….

Lmao!! I said this too. His sister is actually Alexandria shipp. The girl who played Storm in x-men apocalypse and Aaliyah in that awful biopic.

‘This big bubble balloon lip b*tch’ ………. Lol Zell is too much

girllllllllllllll what is wit this patois from Safree cousin lmfao

It did sound really forced.

Bridget really. You were just crying over your man…smh…u and Brooke aren’t friends friends but you guys are friendly enough…. I see why “your man” is the way is

He finer than a mofo..but come on now..

Right! She tryna get her man to put a ring on it and at the same time kissing another man talking about she single now. Bish when?

Lollllllllllllllllll I am fucking dead.

Right.. If u gonna be a ho be that proudly..don’t give no excuse talking bout u single now

Yooooo, they really replaced the word ‘Yard’ with Jamaican in the subtitles…… Loool

Lmfaooooo they really did!

Take my friends man for that D

Lie and say I’m single for that dick…Fuck James let Boobie slam dunk in this shit ????

Bitch, I really rapped it lololol you got some bars.

don’t care if she look like a slime for that D

Leave roc nation for that D

Sure did. For a Kelly Clarkson song she wrote.

I had to google that when I heard it. She won for a song she wrong for Kelly Clarkson.

I can’t even be mad at Brigette, she wears her ho-wear proudly

?????? yassss for Auntie Lynn ????

Yo i can’t believe Hazel is forcing a man into believing they smashed on nation tv. Who does that

i think he did smash i don’t know women to lie on their pussy.

He smashed and he’s not proud to acknowledge it that’s the first i’ve ever seen and that”s a slap on her face i mean every man would want to brag about it not deny it…. looks like he was ashamed to admit it. The sex must be horrible

lmfaooo Fair enough. Yea i don’t know how i would ever be able to get over that as a woman.

I dont think he was ashamed cuz when she was like ‘we fucc’d/smashed’ however she said it, he was like ‘dont do that’. I think he was kinda shamed 4 her cuz she felt the need 2 validate a fucc…that smashed the homie mentality..what is doesnt need 2b spoken off..she disrespecting the rules, lol. Cuz even after security took her away he was still calling her the homie, haha

I agree. I find Boobie to be very respectful if you ask me. I think he was trying to stop her from embarrassing herself.

Hmm i see your angle there but hey we will never truly know

damn..yall hate the shit outta poor hazel

ohh he smashed hazel anal just like lil berg did and it makes sense cos hazel is a dude

And did you hear her say, “I got receipts” she been holding on to them shits since whatever happened, happened!! Thirsty ass

?????? exzactly it’s a dam shame I don’t know how she could not realise how bad that situation was going to look. When I see her on the screen I feel embarrassed for her

Zell made me laugh when he was illustrating the story to Keyshia about Boo boo and Hazel arguing. He put so much emphasis on the ‘muppet’ and ‘it was hazel!’

I feel bad for Hazel. I don’t like to see any black woman humiliated or disrespected idag if most ppl don’t like her…I like her, i like others more but id like to see her turn it around

She brought it on herself tryna act like she the beyonce of the show girl sitcho ass down

But here’s the thing she was actually very accomplished before this show. She worked as a publicist for megan good and was very buisness savy, she made a lot of money.Apparently she always wanted to pursue music and after she made money and did things for herself she got on this show to promote her image. So she never needed to pursue a career she is following her dreams the way i’d encourage any young woman too, only it’s not going so well. Everybody attacked her looks and her personal affairs are getting out there, but i respect the way she went about it, it’s just unfortunate how she keeps running into problems.

If she was all bossed up before the show why was she sleeping on Tierra’s couch on the first and second season…. she need to simmer down even Megan who was her boss dont act the way she does

Hazel’s ego has roamed freely since S1 as she constantly tries to prove herself to people because of her low self esteem. The problem with Hazel is the fact that she expects everyone to comply with her standards when she can’t even take her own damn advice. Fighting for the attention of a married man, constantly provoking people that haven’t done a thing to her but she wants to rep girl code while boosting about a lifestyle she doesn’t have. She’s a hypocrite.

She has serious issues. Every episode, she’s either confronting someone or fighting them. She is the ONLY character to consistenly fight on every damn episode. Every single one. She’s so unlikable.

She doesn’t carry herself well at all. She gets hate because she’s disrespectful and seems malicious. She tries too hard to be a “boos bitch” instead of just being one. I’m surprised she hasn’t been blacklisted

Even tho all that is true, i personally am just bias because she is a woman of colour….there i said it! And frankly the world is very comfortable and almost looks to bash us. Nobody is perfect sis.

Bridget : and now i’m single. Girl when did u become a single lady? U just an undercover hoe

I was tryna figure this out too!! Last I checked your man just said he wasn’t ready to go further..she just wanted an excuse for new dick.

Also i think Lyrica is stunning… it’s not said enough but she is soo uniquely striking right in the face.

I cant see past her Hair looking like sideshow Bob from the Simpson’s

Her face is too stiff like she got botox and cheek fillers or something, it ages her greatly.

noo wayy. i think she has a lil filler but it’s really pretty to me

Does Lyrica have a nose job ? Her nose looks store bought, but other than that she is a pretty woman.

I’m here crackin up at this studio session, the audacity of these two in the studio…

Hazel clearly ur ‘fellatio game’ is garbage… he don’t want to claim u boo, beat it!!

Bridgette Kelly = SKANK! from what’s going on in thus episode even if her & Boobie have sex or not..wow

They so conveniently left out raz-b in the b2k flashback photos. ????

Lol he been left out….. he played an extra in You Got Served

Why did they leave him out?

He’s the controversial member of the group. See the allegations he made a few years ago.

Wait a Minute………………………….. Brooke kissin Boobie like that to let HIM know if Marcus ever mess up ‘your mine’, and letting MARCUS know at the same damn time, u can see what I can get if you do me wrong again….. she wrong but I aint mad at it!

omg girl that kisss i felt that one. i need brooke to have a leading role in a new tyler perry flick

My hands somehow found themselves inside my panties from watching that kiss. ??It’s been 6 mos for me, struggle is real. ??

Girl it’s been a WHOLE YEAR so every little thing is gettin my coochie hot lmaooo

I’ve done a year before and it was hell. Trying to hold out til God send me my Obama, Steph Curry, and Kofi wrapped into one.

She wrong for that. How are u begging for forgiveness and doing shit like that.. girl pick a side

I aint gone even lie yall.. iI have been in that position where I found myself “friends ” and realizing there were feelings there but have to remind myself I got a whole man in my life that I really love. Do yall think their storyline was fake? If it was they are some damn good actors. They were having conversations with ease and maturity. Im sorry. I can relate to Brooke is why i thinm i like her so much ????????

Smh that’s not something to be proud of ???? Hoes out here living the “for the dick challenge” in real life ??

Bitch jump of the trend wagon and gain some comprehension skills!! ????????

Jump off the trend wagon & gain some comprehension skills!! ????????

Not a whole man ?? I have had nothing but a piece a man.

J-Boog still finer then a muthafuckah ???? he was always my favorite can’t lie I’m here for a reunion alongside Pretty Ricky take me back to high school ??…Hazel’s little feelings were crushed when Lyrica told her about that bet ??????

I would much rather see Pretty Rickey than B2K. I still jam PR 1st album to this day. Every word.. Every song.. lol

I would rather see them as well but I was obsessed with both lol if I can get a two for one I’m down ??????

Soooooooo Alexis and Lyrica y’all came to Chanel’s shit to start drama with the host and party planner wtf wrong with you hoes ??…Lyrica use to be one of my faves now she’s hellah irritating! Alexis Solo Ugly claimed HER she ain’t claim that nigga she said “it’s nothing serious” ???? yooooo when Lyrica said she was gone have A1 whoop Mr. Ray’s ass A1’s face said “Bitch puhleaseeeee ????????”

Chanel’s lil brother comment is the funniest thing she’s ever said

Hell Bobby Brown doing on LHH LMAO

Sweating with them baggy white pants. Look like he trying to hide depends undergarments.

Bobby Brown has a family. He has a beautiful wife who is his manager and children with her.??

Bobby Brown used to be cute, but now he comes off like one of my sweaty drunk perverted uncle.

Ain’t nothing undercover about her hoe-n Linda ??

Let’s keep this going lol.

Take a bird bath after fucking and go to work type hoe.

Becky with The cornrows Hoe ????

Lie about a friendship so you can fuck her nigga type of hoe!

Gotta good man but looking for another nigga type of hoe

She tryna get it all before she finally settle for one

Cheap, lyin’ ass, fake ass, man stealin/not really cuz he wasn’t nobody’s man, kinda hoe

Bridget is the hoe i aspire to be. she wastes NO time lmao

She’s an industry thot

No wonder she limited her comment section so people wouldn’t crucify her hoe ass in the comments.

Damnittttt that’s what I meant to go do peep them comments after the show last night ?????+???

why. for doing wha man does do daily? lol .. HO on bitch HO ON .

Wellllll I didn’t say the guys weren’t hoes as well this episode was just about HER hoeism ??…she was still in a relationship ??

Does Maskia pull Hazelbop off the stage by her wig next week lmao.

She said “come here young man” ??????

What happened to the Black Ink Crew Chicago finale? It was never posted?

It’s not finished yet they went on a sesason break they will be back on the 18th or something like that

Lol word. Thanks for the info!! Cuz I was confused as to what happened!!

Boobie’s “Who I want, I want; Who I fuck, I fuck” is the male reality tv response to NeNe’s “I said what I said.”

Bridget Kelly need to stawp it with those Mario’s Braid My Hair struggle cornrows.

Oh Lawd, Bobby Brown! Hazel, Hazel, Hazel, please stop making an ass of yourself. It is truly a sad commentary on your punani when any man denies sexing you! Poor lady just keeps taking L’s! Now she has been humiliated by Lyrica telling her Ray J lost a bet & that’s the only reason he’s in the studio with you! Ouch! WTF is Bridgette doing, doesn’t she have a man? She’s on her way to Catalina with Bobbie? That’s exactly why James won’t wife this hoe! These broads are so uncivilized. Everywhere they go they are fighting!

Hazel needs to go back to her PR Job and give up rapping. She is not a rapper.

My 12 yr old niece can style Bridget Kelly better then she style herself.

Did James break up with Bridgette in that gym scene? Cause then she went on the trip with boobie and I was to lazy to rewind the episode. Is she cheating on James again?

Hell naw he ain’t break up with her she’s just a H-O-E she was with Roc Nation right ???? Becky with the…let me stop ??

She is now on the Becky suspect list lol. Maybe that’s why her career never took off. Someone’s wife probably blackballed that ass! Lol

I swear I’m putting two and two together like ?? she’s a hoe she flirted with Marcus in the studio, damn near Ray J too, AND I guess we can’t confirm this one but fucked Boobie ????

The Becky suspect list though! I’m dead!! Lmfaoooooooooo I wanna know who else is on that list! I feel like Bridget is just one of many Beckys (Beckies, plural??)!

I”m sure she smashed Jay for a come up cause if she out here sleeping with regular folks for free I mean……..

Girl exactly let me findddd outttttt she’s the real Becky she does have nice hair ????

Jay probably had more Beckies than we could ever keep track of.

Boobie got those Prince eyes. Surprised he ain’t got babies all over the place.

But what happened between Marcus and the paralegal? Why didn’t Brooke ask him in that moment?

Brooke asked him to choose between them on one previous episode and he chose her

Marcus was asking if anything happened sexually. But Brooke didn’t ask about whether or not he was sleeping with the paralegal.

He was definitely sleeping with her. She didn’t need to ask she already knew

Hazel “Ya too slow” Masika *runs faster* “Bitch” *drags off stage* I ???? Can’t ???? Wait.

She act so tough but she always behind the securities and never throw hands only thing she throws are plates and water and drinks.

Lmfaoooooo Booby suddenly flirting with Bridget Kelly is so fucking random!! #Desperado

Keyshia Cole need to get her teeth redone. They look like dentures.

Zell need that bottom set removed and replaced asap. Can’t tell if those are golds or rotten teeth.

So true. I was trying to figure out what’s up with her mouth!

But, that should tell Keyshia something, she didn’t need to mess with her teeth the first time. Because ever since she got her teeth done they make her look like she’s wearing horse teeth.??.

Yeah I see that now. That insecurity and her having a dull personality is going to be her hinderance. She’s just a cute face.

James knew she hadn’t changed …he set her free so she can be a ho in peace. By next week he gonna say we were never broken up and you slept with boobie, then brooke gonna be in her feelings soon as she finds out that Bridgette slept with boobie too.

I told y’all Bridgette can’t be trusted and she a ho..

She came on the show to let us know she a hoe I gave her a little respect calling her an undercover hoe but someone said she a blatant hoe….lol

The only way I can see her trying to get back with James when she did is because dude came into some money or he has money, position ( many he know some heavy hitters) cause she has no interest in him other than that ..and she tried to fake tears but he wasn’t moved….. don’t be surprise if she try to slide onto marcus too. LOL!

Whoa, whoa big fella??????….. there go Safarree with the one liners…. Jah knows he kills me with his wit…??????

Lowkey that Alexis diss track kind of fire lol or maybe I drinking to much of this Ciroc

You’d betta lay off that Ciroc and rewind this episode..

DAMN MASIKA. Hazel, what happened to”this my city”. You couldn’t hold it down and YOU were the one that was in a position to whoop ass. Not only were you on a platform but she had 2 security guards pulling her back, she still grabbed your arm and YANKED that “young man” down.. GAWD DAMN. Masika did both Alexis and Hazel a favor and stayed away. NOW you got what you asked for and it looks like that might’ve been the railing! LMAO

If I hear her say LA my city one more time……. bish what city.

Sooo they couldn’t find a pic of B2K with all 4 members??????????????

i love all the L’s that dude hazel is taking! booby i knew that the witchcraft keyshia put on u would work, i kinda feel bad for you boo, i saw the pain in his eyes and that final kiss made me wet Oops. i like brooke and i hope she will work it out wit marcus.

alexis…i see you wit your aliexpress glasses making smoney moves, lyrica stop putting yourself in the petty mess focus on music an hang wit keyshia thats more in your lane than alexis and than men hazel…but i guess you love the ratchet 2much btw is a1 zells stylist?

That whole scene for that girl video release was a whole mess… Too much editing. Everything went from left so fast??????????

fizz has no storyline pls stop doing this b2k thing cos i have many i repeat many questions about raz-b booty and that gay pedo manager chris , stop it fizz

He can’t get the group together though Omarion not gonna surface he’s doing pretty good without them and he not ready to split no money into four…. he good

I don’t know if I would go to say that O is doing that much better but he seems aight

Exactly one hit with features and we haven’t heard from him since!

He’s like Nia. Boring, no story but still manages to finesse his way back every season

Safaree’s Jamaican accent is so watered down and try-hard, which is weird because he’s a real Jamaican but he sounds mad fake.

It’s longer smooth in his mouth cause he’s been in the US for a long time. That just my opinion I may be wrong

lol you’re wrong. He’s just wacksauce. I like him because I could tell he’s a nice person…but he’s wacksauce still.

Doesn’t matter. lol. He shouldn’t sound like a foreigner trying to mock his culture. Just cringey to me.

Everytime Safaree does his accent I jump as if he startled me.

Can’t wait to see Masika drag Hazel. I don’t hate either one, but I love to see Masika fight for some reason lol

So two seconds ago Booby was in love with Brooke. Now he’s outchyea on vacay, making out with her frenemy.

Bridget Kelly, it hasn’t even been two seconds since you broke up with your boo. And i’m guessing he doesn’t even know y’all are broken up for real. Not even giving yourself time to heal. But you’re already outchyea on vacay, making out with your frenemy’s love interest.

She broke up with herself cause James didn’t say nothing about that

Bridget is such a whore

The fact that they have subs for Safaree and his cuz….lol. I don’t even know what to think about that. But I understood them without the subs.

Someone tell hazel that thanksgiving is around the corner! All she does is throw food and drinks at people. She needs to start thinking about the less fortunate.

So, everyone now is broke to Hazel…,you would swear this old witch was born into money, she just don’t know how to act..

Wait. When did Marcus become a victim? That reverse psychology is working on Brooke.

I been waiting on somebody 2 say something. I’m looking like, nicca u was STILL married and smashing a whole new broad

THANK you for reminding me! he said oh she did it to hurt him negro wtf did you think you fucking that jade chick was gonna do? and she’s there apologetic. I woulda been like “well do we brush this all off and move on or nah?” Fuck that apologizing it’s tit for tat at that point. His ass cheated first, he did this.

Exactly what I said …made it seem like she should be asking for forgiveness…..ugh

But did he really fuck that Jade. I really think it is for the story line. They don’t even show that Jade no more. It’s weird as hell.

Tell me about it…and she fell all the way for it. Smh

same fucking shit i be thinking…like it just reminds always how guys are real dogs. they can fuck a whole nine yard of bitches but the minute you start running around with a new dude they wanna cry and try to make you think you the evil one! and i hate how brooke just let her guard down and letting him get in her head to make her think she was wrong for doing not a goddamn thing…and then he has to nerves to act like he deserves a cookie because he called the girl down at the place to dismiss her. lol like boy bye! but I love how running around with boobie killed his soul! nothing that brooke did can ever compare to what he did.

Even if boobi did smash hazel, it doesn’t mean you’ll always be cool…it just means he smashed. Why is she holding on to that like it is a card she can play?

Booboo : it was an interview.

& why is Masika and Hazel always fighting ????

So Bridgette just throwing pussy to anyone that asks ? I mean, damn sis, you just broke up the scene before.

Anytime I hear hazel “welcome to my city” bitch, Natalie Nunn claimed the city years ago with her big chin headass, try again.

Lovley ladies in the comment section!! ATTENTION CAN WE LEAVE THE SLUT SHAMING TO THE NIGGAS. I know ALL YALL DONE SOME HOE ASS SHIT BEFORE!! you can lie to me but ya can’t lie to yourself!! yall better leave bridget’s scandalous ass alone!! lol judgmental asses! yall know damn well she needed to stop fucking her lil brother and move on!

All I know is nobody including me is mad at frankie for keyshia daddy..cuz that man issa zaddy..as much as Booby confuses me he can get it too..but he starting to sound like community peen at this point. That little kiss or whatever was too much for them just to be friends with NO benefits.. I dont understand how Marcus got Brooke moving so SIMPly.

Can we please not ignore Masika yanking tf outta Hazel??

after she said too slow. Shoot Masika ran tf up like slow what?

The girl almost collapse ???? She wasn’t ready! Thinking the security will help her lmao

we’re saving the excitement for next week…. the preview was only a tease!

I don’t think hazel thought they’d let her get that close lol she looked real surprised lol

Nazel He was shook AF after she told Masika she was too slow, then Masika came through with the wig snatch!

Bridget better chill, she is looking pretty Tamar Braxton ish that’s enough girl!!

I actually LOVE that dude. Something about his calmness, he is pretty respectful to the girls too i have noticed that.

With just a splash of messy – always preeing drama but not caught up in it. I could hang out with him ??

I like how Solo Lucci ( is that his name?) checked Ray….how do you throw an event and then act a fool …does professionalism exist anymore?

Hazel needs to chill and dispose her dry azz ego like she did her first Pinocchio nose.

I kind of liked the Bobby Brown segment. It was kind of nice.

Why does Fizz think Omarion wouldn’t do it?

Waiting for answers!

told y’all last week that Bridgette ain’t to be trusted…

This bitch counted 16 years for their friendship though! I’m deceased!

Keyshia is top 5 one of the most beautiful girls in this industry but she does not have a lot of personality.

No personality at all! She’s very dry and seems to be forcing things. This is just an easy paycheck for her.

Hello . I thought I was the only one that thought that. Keyshia is way too guarded and even when she is trying to be funny it comes across dry.??

Hey Cardio, right girl. She seems really stiff. I think a documentary about Keyshia’s new album would have been a better idea than LHH.

Yeah, probably so. But, I doubt anyone would watch it. Other than her beauty, I wonder what guys see in her ? I could see if she had this winning personality, but nothing. Don’t get me wrong I like Keyshia, I wanna see her win but I think she needs intensive therapy. At least to help her come out of this shell. Even when she is trying to open up I find myself looking at my tv like??????

Is this Bitch still cheating on James. Wow they was just together he was even mad about the video Ray j make for her. Damnnnn she fasts. Now she single lol. Boobie need to go back to KC the beautiful mother of his son you still have a chance now you kissing everything lol.harzel She fighting everybody’s lmao.the jamaicans guy his cousin speaking their lauguage to him and he keeps speaking English back,be proud about where you from bro even if this is where all the cars and money at.Watching this show make me feel like everyone sleep with each other’s in the same circle

A1 face was like “bitch don’t get me involved in yo shit”! Lol

Nah I’m scrimmin!

Bridget does NOT deserve James, and since she and Bobby are both cheating hoes by nature, then I think they are a better fit. Brooke will still be with a known cheater, but maybe he learned his lesson, they do actually love each other, and they make beautiful music together. I just don’t like how he calls himself humbling and guilt tripping her. He needs to be humbled.

Zell is that game friend that befriends your enemies when y’all fall out; bish never had any real love for masika, but our is entertaining to watch lol. Diss track? Chanel trying hard to force a booty imprint with boy shorts a size too small making low-budget videos? Oh yes, hip hop is dead for real! My boy looking like a thugged-out soft stud or scronnnggg-faced femme in the booth going in on some beauty shop gossip beef like its ether in these fabulous hollywood streets lol. Too funny and cute in an ugly way.

Hazel got dissed yet again; I ain’t never seen an alledged female claim she slept with a man (a hoe at that) and he be too ashamed to claim her ??. We lying on our alledged cooch now? Where they do that?

And how is Niki inviting who she wants to somebody else’s event? They act like she’s a silent producer funding this show the way they kiss her butt as if she’s handing out loans from that strip club money she inherited and maintains. See how they kiss certain butts and try to play others.

Why Boobie a clean up dude tho. I’ma need him to aim higher then tryna stay at Cap’n Save’m level. I he stays being the rebound dude he gonna keep being played by confused and/ or vindictive women. He cute enough to get his own damn woman.

LOL hazel saying how saf ran away from meek mills lmao!

Lyrica you have the money, next time have make sure your stylist gets you a bigger sized bikini top. Breast bout to fall all out from under the bottom of the top lol! It was cute tho??. I don’t believe the Lucci and Shanell storyline. Why is angry all the time in every scene tryna fight somebody now since she’s all extra Hollywood now Masika still on the show?! I can go without seeing her on next season however, NOW that Alexis Skyy has secured her spot next season by being pregnant now supposedly by Fetty Wap ( did I spell that right? Lol), I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of these grown females being immature & petty. Hmmm, Hazel all I have to say is tread lightly when it comes to retaliation against Ray J. He was wrong but we all know Princess is bout that life for her now husband.You don’t won’t those problems. Always trying to proove something but make that money and keep it moving by leaving people wondering. I don’t see Omarion doing a B2K reunion but who knows ( shrug)?! Lol, Zell is messy and Bridgett Kelly seems very thotish. Can’t trust her.

I genuinely think it is time for Hazel to leave love & hip hop. This whole episode was a train wreck for her. I kind of feel sad for the bitch.. I don’t think we should all be calling bridgette a hoe. I think Brooke is playing a fantastic game. You go girl. These guys on this show think it’s ok to cheat on girls but she’s out here playing both of them. I hope she ditches them both in the end. That’s one smart lady playing a dangerous game lol. Please bring us a b2k reunion. Omarion needs to get off his not so high horse and they need to include raz b too regardless of the past. I am so for it.. Chanel needs some big black dick asap.

Wanna hate an artist ? Just watch a reality show they are on.

Bridgette Kelly should just be an escort and get paid for all those D she is getting. I hate a free h0e.

Brooke I was rooting for you but I can’t feel sorry for you after all those childish revenge game you trying to play

Lol anybody else catch the Meek Mill shade Hazel threw at Safaree!

None of the members of B2K are booked and busy so what’s the problem??

The last we heard from Omarion was “‘Pose to Be” and lets be honest it only did well because of the features and the fact that he was on LHHH! Nobody been checking for O since Icebox!

Now Fizz let’s not lose our head with this leave Ray J’s sheep sing a** out the equation! He’s not welcomed!

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m dying. Omarion has that ‘Distance Between Us’ track. It ain’t poppin’ like it “Post to be” but it’s lit. *see what I did there??* :p I had too much time on my hands tonight.

My guy Safaree said were those dildos molds of Hazel nose ??????????

Brooke is beautiful but I can’t take her bc every scene she is doing something ridiculous. She’s over here apologizing to a man who was married and dating other women. Booby is still married and she acts like she had some claim on him. She needs to just stop.

I actually feel like it was mature of Brooke to apologize to Marcus. Not justifying anything he did, but she knew she came from a bad place and was intentionally trying to hurt him. She just apologized for what she did to hurt him. I dont think she apologized because he was playing mind games with her.

She did a lot of apologizing though. She’s been apologizing for two episodes. They didn’t have a real commitment so I don’t think she owed him anything. If they’re going to stay together they should have just called it even and started over.

I thought they were committed? He had just lied about being fully divorced right? Him telling her he is in love with her sounds like commitment to me. I think Marcus thought he was messing with an average bish that would have accepted his shit and kept it moving but Brooke didnt. She hit his aas where it hurt..

Not fully divorced is still married. He was lying to her. He also had another girl on the side. Another lie. I don’t take that as a commitment. I think she’s foolish for continuing to deal with him at all. I think the real boss move would be to move on than to play games trying to get revenge.

ETA: guys say I love you all the time without meaning it.

Wait a minute I thought about this all wrong.. my brain wires must have been messed up. So Brooke never knew he was married.? I thought she knew and they were “separated”. I havent been here since epi 1 so forgive me. But in understand what you saying. We all.make mistakes but im not going to dismiss whether a man loves me or not because he cheated. We all do or have done wrong to someons at 1 point in our life but that does negate the fact they we dont love said person. But i do understand what youre saying..

I could be wrong. I didn’t watch from the beginning either. But from my understanding he told her he was divorced and he wasn’t. That’s a lie. There’s no confusion about whether your divorce proceedings are final. That’s not a mistake. I know he said it was but I don’t believe it. The rest is up to everyone’s personal views. Loving someone and being committed to them is not the same IMO. I don’t consider a it a real relationship when one person is married and seeing a 3rd woman. But that’s just me.

She knew he was married for the majority of their relationship, but he told her he got a divorce. This was just as the show started she was saying she’s happy he’s actually fully divorced so now they can move on

She knew he was married, at some point he told her he had divorced his wife but he hasn’t.

I’m not feeling Bridget. I don’t think LHH was a good look for her. That video with Ray was a mess. Something about her personality is not coming off well on camera. I don’t know what it is. It’s also weird that she and everyone else act likes she’s a huge star. I get some people have heard of her and she’s had success as a songwriter, which is great. I love seeing black women succeed in the industry for their talent but they act like she’s a bigger star than Keyshia. Keyshia seems more humble.

I think the show reads her well. She’s a hoe. The fact that she even entertained that Ray J song told me she made no sense. She’s fake news. I don’t believe a word she says.

I love how Lyrica Lied like A1 didn’t have nothing to do with that bet. LOL I SEEYOU GIRL ..You gone lie for that D

go see james and fake cry for that D

Brook gone come through GIRL FIGHT for that D

They put subtitles under Safaree and his cousin’s conversation. LMFAOOOOO

Hazel E is the ONLY person I’ve ever seen who takes consistent L’s and still thinks she’s a boss. Girl, how?

Booby denied your vagina in public at the same party you found out that Ray J got you in the studio because he lost a bet. before that, A1 and Marcus humbled you real quick. Brooke almost beat your ass. She’s been the punchline all season.

She KNOWS she takes mad L’s, so she tries to compensate with theatrics. My two cents…LoL…

Her new ??????gave her confidence

And where is her team to tell her “She’s looking a mess on camera”.

So is booby just the go to go guy for revenge f*cks??

What you out here doin bro? Go play ball and stop all this smh ?????>?

I still think Chanel & Lucci are just written in storylines, because I know damn well they can’t be feelin each other like that. She needs do better, because I don’t believe none of her phony ass wanting to be something she’s not. Booby a player for real fuckin with Bridget, but still fuckin around with Brooke. What I don’t get is that Bridget got her a man, but she over here fuckin around with Booby. Nicki had a fake ass and tits, and Safaree was giving her money so his convo w/ dude was a contradiction in itself. Alexis can NOT sing/rap for shit, and she would be better a stripper. Zell keep her out the studio, bruh.

I’m here for ALL OF THIS!! Especially the part where Safaree was talking about not supporting women with fake tits n ass..excuse me sir, didn’t you date not one, but TWO Nickis, each with their own pair of fake tits, and a fake ass.

Boobey really called Hazel a “ugly ass hoe” ?? well that’s what she gets for going out her way to be messy, Boobey probably did fuck Hazel but was too ashamed to admit it I don’t blame him though. ??

And why was Booby wearing House shoes with tube socks at a pool party ? ????????

I caught Bridget flirting with Boobey she probably wants him for herself. ??

Lyrica is so annoying this season ever since she teamed with Hoelexis. ??

Bridget is just another worthless industry hoe, woman like her honestly disgust me, how can you be shedding crocodile tears wanting your man to trust and forgive you then the next minute your gone away with Boobey on a secret vacation, to fuck.

So we all gonna ignore the fact that Masike FINALLY got Hazel E! At this point I wasn’t going to care who got her, I just wanted somebody to! She is a nosey disgusting mess!

Looks like Masika almost snatched Hazel’s nose off, I’m gutted she didn’t manage to do it. ??

People just casually disrespect Hazel, because of the way she behaves and carries herself, and she only has herself to blame.

I’m sorry but if I was a guy I would deny ever having sex with Hazel E.

Bridget wasted NO time. Lord have mercy…her hotbox stays moist for new dick.

I grew to like Marcus cheating ass but lawyer fees are a bitch, so he had to take one for the team ????

I want Brooke and Marcus to get back together and make some dope music because that track he done with Bridget was fire ??.

I LOVE how Bridget just made up a nonexistent issue with James just to go on this trip with Boobie ????

I love how the subtitle isn’t fully following along ????

Realest shit ever told on this show “why the girls in LA want fake breast, fake ass, fake eyelashes but want a real man…” ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Only issue is when he turns on you, EVERYBODY will know your business! I dunno if I could trust him as my gay husband. #ijs

Hazel E makes me uncomfortable. She’s so fugly and it hurts my damn head ????

boobie is annoying with that slow kissin ,he really thinks he got it on going on.i respect j bog not wanting to jump back in some b2k, safaree and his cousin are hilarious i guess he’s going to be a part of love and hip hop new york..bridgett surprised me a lot thought she was a lot more mature

I don’t think any of the woman on here are beautiful apart from TT

Yall know that Booby asked for spousal support and full custody of their boy? I swear Booby is a bitxh.

What? I already wasn’t feeling him. Now he needs to be cancelled.

I was thinking yesterday when I watched the episode that something about Booby rubs me the wrong way. Like he gives me creep vibes. Calling himself booby makes it worse. I just googled after you posted. Can’t believe it. He must have forgotten that we saw Keyshia having to ask him to “babysit”. You don’t babysit your own child. He came off like he was helping Keyshia when needed not like he was a full time parent who deserves full custody. That’s all about money. Hazel may have been right about him.

This is beyond crazy! I really hope the spousal support will be denied! I know he won’t have full custody of the child. Lord! He’s disgusting!

That child would be exposed to so many women if he lived with Booby.

It’ll be denied! Like what does he have for him? Not even Brooke! Niqqa foh!

Yes, I just saw it on the shaderoom this negro has no shame, the audacity of him to file custody when he probably isn’t even financially stable cause his ball career is no long existing and his rap career won’t pick up either. Does he forget that he was living with Keyisha in her home for a while? Until he finally had the sense to move out.

I really hope it’s fake because this is way too ungrateful for me! Like really niqqa?!

It’s on BET’s website too. They say Booby filed court papers asking for full custody and support. It’s probably real. He seems sketchy on the show.

Men these days are real bitches. I mean even yourself as a man who played for the NBA and did your wife wrong, went broke.. are u not ashamed to ask for spousal support? Even without all of that, man up and go get that money! What a bird!

Oh wow!! After Keyshia let that man stay in her yard!! He’s selfish n disrespectful smh

I was so upset when I saw that. Not even for Keyshia but this is such a bitch move! U were playing for the cleavland and now u broke and asked for spousal support? And why do u want full custody? I swear men are bitxhes nowadays!

he had to by law but he dont need it

WOW, I hate to say it, but these women are on a whole other level and not in a good way! Bridgette has just BLOWN my mind- who the fuck does that, she has serious issues. And Brooke, your man just gave u a second chance and you went and kissed up on Boobie again, on TV for him to watch next week! My girl, u like to push boundaries init!!

Bridgette was pressed up on Boobie so hard she almost pushed him off the balcony

Hazel has made herself look so lame honestly she was someone I actually tried to like in the past. First off why she so pressed about booby even if they did have sex why was so quick and excited to put it out there. Just like when males (in the indursty) put females on blast that they had sex with I’ve thought it’s lame and unnecessary. I’m going have to hold hazel to that same standard especially when she realised he was happy (feeling) her saying it just let it go don’t come at him again @ the pool party it’s like she has a point to prove

A1 face ?? when lyrica says said “…..before I get A1 to whoop your ass” lmao

Yes! I busted out luaghin

I’m fucking dead did safaree just say that the dildo was a mold of hazels nose ??????????

Mr Marcus has that magic for Brooke to feel guilty for being cheated on.

Bridget really is out here feeling like she didn’t intentionally slob on several knobs while with James.

So I guess Safaree is moving to the New York Lhh?? Mona stays recycling

but Fizz, nobody wants a B2K reunion

Lyrica is very pretty but she wears clothes that are very unflattering for her.

And it Is indeed a shame when pretty women cannot dress , she hangs with Alexis and Hazel who dress very well and have distinctive personal styles so next to them Lyrica looks extra cheap

Nasel E really thinks she “runs” LA?? who the fuck brags about fucking niggas like sis you out here looking all kinds of crazy. Weave dry..matted..pasty and musty looking. No ma’am. We the people ain’t heard not 1 song on the radio…wtf is a girl code and we know you not rich. Cut??it ??out??sis. Nasel E is a -Z list celeb and looking thirsty. Its bad when niggas not claiming you..1st Burg now Boobie…poor pussy management. Safaree be killing be. Negro funny asf. And lowkey the song with Zell and thirsty ass Hoelixa was funny. Masika feet were dirty. Um real talk “Pos to be “hasnt been on the charts in a long time and we ain’t here nothing new from Omarion so why not do a little tour to bring in the extra cash. That’s where the $$ is anyways. Bridget is a stright up hoe. Yeh sis make up a reason and fake lie to justify you fucking for a triP with Boobie. Brooke, sis fuck the apologies…nothing is far in war…Marcus is the typical fuck nigga who gets caught but makes it seem like it’s the chick fault. Smh…I wouldn’t apologise for shit. Nigga cheated so when I do me…you gotta eat that shit. All this shit is fake and I watch for shits and giggles. My life be dry as hell!

if anybody runs LA its probably the Kardashians lol jk……. I aint never seen hazel anywhere but on this show so I don’t know what she does that makes her think she’s above everyone. She needs to get over herself.

Bridget Kelly looks like she’s in her mid 40’s she does not look youthful at all and she’s only 31. ?? That hoeing around LA has her aging like milk.

you know shit about to pop off when the TABLE makes an appearance.

Safaree kills me the shadeeee when she puts the dicks on the table “is that a mould of her nose?” ??????????

Moniece needs to sit her ass down! they always handling shit for Masika, like let her handle her business herself! now I get what Zell and Alexis was saying about her friends always fighting her battles but her ass is never present when they get bombarded or even return the favour by popping up on the same ones her friends will pop for her. fucking weak ass bitch! she’s always ready for throwing jabs on social media but can never throw hands and every time she tries security forever catching her before the first leap lmao.

I’m dead ?? Safari is low key savage

Alexis Skyy so pathetic for a storyline/relevance. come on now you dated dude for like 3weeks and “almost” was pregnant — you popped. have a seat shorty.

bitches out here dating niggas for 5 whole minutes and dying to claim them as exes, while im out here telling them they aint count if it ain’t last 6mnths+

lowkey, i see why Nicki Minaj liked Safaree, he cool as hell and i love a dude with a good sense of humor… cant wait to see his show!

I signed in just to let ya know Brooke ain’t shit and she ain’t never gonna be shit. That relationship is already doomed because she wants to eat Boobie’s ?? so bad! Keyshia and Lyrica the only good hearted souls on this set, everybody else is cock hopping hoes ??