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Gabby Giffords' gun control group runs ads against 8 House Republicans ahead of concealed carry vote 165

Pelosi's claim the House GOP is 'inviting' violent criminals to carry concealed weapons 8

Retired Military Brass Off Target Trumpeting for Gun Restrictions 1

Florida: Another Mass Murder Stopped by Armed Citizens 9

Lancaster County's congressmen vote opposite ways on concealed weapon bill 1

Latest fight on gun rights: NC rep wants all states to honor concealed carry permits 4

Lawmakers sabotage a bipartisan push to improve gun safety 2

Are we ever going to have that talk about guns? 870

Add at least 57 to the number of gun-related deaths tied to the Sandy Hook mass shooting 1

Proposed changes to Halton Hills firearms bylaw shot to pieces by local gun owners 11

'Ghost Guns,' Homemade and Untraceable, Face Growing Scrutiny 6

Wyoming Gun Owners Turn Their Attention to Stand-Your-Ground Law 1

Supreme Court turns away challenge to Md. assault weapons ban 6

Florida Church Warns Visitors That Members Are 'Heavily Armed' 2

Medical marijuana and gun ownership an illegal combination, Florida representative says 1

Guns tend to empower white, financially unstable men-who oppose gun control 2

A Breakdown of Reloading at Home 1

Opinion: A gun ownera s call for banning assault weapons 3

Boston Globe: Gun Confiscation is Neededa and Impossible 2

Joe Biden: Hero Who Ended Texas Rampage Shouldn't Have Had His Gun 24

Ready, aim, sit there: Congress must boost gun safety 31

Gun enthusiast destroys assault rifle in wake of mass shootings 3

Albino deer killed by mistake, club creates learning experience 1

Byram Council supports 'reasonable gun regulations' 1

Obey the police, who are almost always right; Mass shootings demand that Congress act | Feedback 1

Is gun maker liable? Court takes up Newtown shooting case 11

The Gun maker's strategy: marketing products to men's basest instincts 1

Poll finds more U.S. voters support background checks for gun buyers and ban on assault weapons 9

We can limit gun deaths without offending the Second Amendment 3

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill speak out in favor of - common sense' gun control 8

Group pushes for gun ban on public property in Newtown 4

Massachusetts 1st to ban bump stocks since Vegas shooting 3

'When will this end?' When Congress has the courage to stand up to the gun lobby 1

Both sides on gun rights need a change of heart 1

Gun laws in Texas are among the most lax in America 4

News | "Active Shooter" Training Blasted by Rhode Island Gun Control Advocate 1

Texas Attorney General: The way to stop mass shootings is for more people to carry concealed weapons 16

Gays Against Guns Storms the Senate 11

A Mass Shooting in Texas and False Arguments Against Gun Control 1

On gun control, there's nothing and everything left to say: Jill Lawrence 1

30-06 (7.62X63) vs .308 (7.62X51) 122

Packing pistols: Is Texas safer with more licensed to carry? 12

The Texas church shooting gunman should never have been able to buy a gun 3

NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program Reaches 30 Million Children 1

Enforcing current laws is best way to reduce gun violence, advocates say 1

Valuing death more than life?: Letter to the editor 1

CPD top cop urges stronger laws to regulate Illinois gun dealers 5

8 killed by New York motorist in 'cowardly act of terror' 1

Direction From the American Public on Gun Policy 1

In Las Vegas, doubt there will be gun violence solution 130

Firearm commission takes aim at pros, cons of permitless carry 2

Illinois lawmakers consider gun control legislation 1

No federal gun control for new silencer-muzzleloader 2

Here's why your kid's doctors might ask you if you own a gun 1

A Kentucky bill would target protestors, promote cultural purity 1

Responding to the gun lobbya s assault on freedom and liberty 2

Illinois lawmakers again consider gun control after Las Vegas shooting 4

Vegas shooting doesn't change opinions on guns: AP-NORC poll 2

Don't Mix/Match Ammo Cartridges 1

Colorado's controversial 2013 gun laws could loom large over crowded 2018 governor's race 1

Watch Julianne Moore and Emma Stone implore citizens to #RejectTheN. 9

My Turn: Another day, another mass shooting in America 4

3 million Americans carry loaded handguns with them every single day, study finds 1

Letter: Stand up for common-sense gun control 5

Doctors urged to make public commitment to talk to patients about guns and gun safety 7

Doctors Urged To Sign A Pledge To Confront Patients About Guns 7

San Jose gun owners must lock up weapons when they're not home, lawmakers decide 3

Handgun waiting period laws save lives, study says 3

Indiana lawmaker angry over gun control drafts bill to require licenses. 7

It's Time To Retire The 'Guns Don't Kill People -- People Kill. 2

Trump's London reaction: His ignorant and insulting "gun. 18

Gambling, drinking and shooting ranges: Is gun tourism just another Las. 2

No Second Amendment Right to Sell Guns, 9th Circuit Rules 2

New Poll Reflects Lack of Education About Guns After Las Vegas Shooting 1

Rep. Steve Russell Seeking Solutions To Prevent Mass Shootings 4

Sen. Murphy: Assault Weapon Ban Would Have Reduced Vegas Shooting Deaths 5

Court: Counties can restrict the location of gun stores 25

Massachusetts on its way to banning bump stock gun devices 1

Gun control debate continues in Illinois after Las Vegas shooting 3

48 Percent of US: Gun Ownership Essential to Freedom 1

The news media love America. The government, not so much. 144

Gun-control group sues 'bump stock' makers, sellers 2

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