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50 Cent Blasts Wendy Williams As A ‘Dog Face B*tch’ & Begs Rival Angie Martinez To Go On TV

50 Cent is going all in on Wendy Williams. After calling her a ‘b*tch,’ Fiddy stirred up the drama by saying Wendy has the perfect face for radio, before bringing her longtime rival, Angie Martinez, into this fight!

“Shout out to the talk of New York, [Angie Martinez, 46],” 50 Cent, 53, posted on Instagram in the early hours of Oct. 14, sharing a picture of the Power 105.1 DJ (and former coworker of Wendy Williams, 53.) “Please go on T.V. so we don’t have to look at this dog face b*tch no more. That sh*t supposed too (sic) only be on radio. We ain’t supposed to have to look at sh*t like this. LOL.” While Fiddy didn’t specifically name Wendy, it’s kind of obvious that this massive shade was all about her.

After all, this insult came just hours after 50 declared war on Wendy (after she took a shot at him on her television show.) He launched his first attack on Oct. 13, sharing that now-infamous picture of her in a black bikini while saying she was an “ugly mother**ker” and that her husband deserved to have a “side chick.” He followed it up by posting a side-by-side of her and Ron Perlman, 67, in his makeup for the 1987 television adaption of Beauty and the Beast. Needless to say, 50 wasn’t calling Wendy a “beauty.”

Yikes. It’ll be interesting to see if Angie joins 50’s feud. She has her own long-standing beef with Wendy, one she detailed in her memoir, My Voice. Angie claims that she even threw a punch at Wendy in 1997, after she made fun of Angie’s relationship with rapper Q-Tip. “One of my co-workers is dating Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest,” Wendy wrote on her website at the time, taking a shot at Angier’s relationship. “I guess some women like men who like men.”

After several attempts to talk it out, Angie confronted Wendy and it got ugly. “I lost my f–king mind,” Angie wrote in her book, per the New York Post. “Before I knew it I was swinging at her. It was a quick scuffle. It took only a few seconds for me to realize that she wasn’t really hitting me back — she was just trying to get me off of her.” Huh. No wonder Wendy reportedly lost her mind when Angie supposedly inked her own daytime talk show deal. Maybe 50 is going to get his wish and the Angie Martinez Show will be on the air soon?

Should Angie join 50’s war on Wendy, HollywoodLifers? Or should she stay out of it?