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Anderson Cooper isn’t the only news host rolling his eyes at Kellyanne Conway.

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Following Conway’s appearance Wednesday night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski once again ripped into the top White House adviser, calling her “not credible” and “a repeated liar.”

But Brzezinski saved her harshest criticism for CNN for allowing Conway on the network in the first place.

“It’s politics porn. You’re just getting your little ratings crack, but it’s disgusting,” Brzezinski said Friday morning. “There’s nothing that she brings to the table that’s honest. Your hosts know it. Your hosts look pained when they interview her because they know they’re just doing politics porn.”

“This isn’t like some sort of game show,” Brzezinski said later in the show. “It’s a gross tabloid management ploy for ratings and that’s not our responsibility.”

Back in February, Brzezinski banned the South Jersey native from appearing on Morning Joe, after it appeared Conway was out of the loop surrounding the Trump administration’s decision to fire former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Conway said the president had “full confidence” in Flynn hours before he was forced out.

Cooper had Conway on his show in an attempt to get some insight on the administration’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey, but Conway’s responses left the annoyed CNN host rolling his eyes.

Conway discussed Cooper’s eye roll on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, suggesting it was part of a pattern of unfair treatment that she often encounters during television interviews.

"Can you imagine rolling your eyes, having a male anchor on a network roll [his] eyes at Hillary Clinton, a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton? I think not," Conway said.

"Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as a lame excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago," Conway continued. "I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that."

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