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So we know that boring down to the bedrock and pumping it full of fluid can cause earthquakes.

Both are stale and boring, and whichever one you end up having in the end is still unpleasant.

Which to me, after the initial explosion of the Sex Pistols, always made Rotten kind of boring.

Fairchild considers herself a pragmatic liberal—a registered Democrat and “kind of a boring moderate.”

One tune would be like an hour or two hours, and he would not repeat himself, and it would not be boring….

His theories were boring to listen to and impossible to execute.

She was boring right into me with her eyes, and very indignant.

I suppose poor relations are boring if you're well-off yourself.

She was getting tired of the boring monotony of her present life.

What a fearful thing, something was boring away like a mole!

  1. the act or process of making or enlarging a hole
  2. the hole made in this way

bore 1

  1. the hollow part of a tube or cylinder, esp of a gun barrel
  2. the diameter of such a hollow part; calibre

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mid-15c., "action of piercing," from bore (v.). From 1853 in reference to animals that bore; 1840 in the sense "wearying, causing ennui."

Old English borian "to bore through, perforate," from bor "auger," from Proto-Germanic *buron (cf. Old Norse bora , Swedish borra , Old High German boron , Middle Dutch boren , German bohren ), from PIE root *bher- (2) "to cut with a sharp point, pierce, bore" (cf. Greek pharao "I plow," Latin forare "to bore, pierce," Old Church Slavonic barjo "to strike, fight," Albanian brime "hole").

thing which causes ennui or annoyance, 1778; of persons by 1812; from bore (v.1). The secret of being a bore is to tell everything. [Voltaire, "Sept Discours en Vers sur l'Homme," 1738]

In fluid mechanics, a jump in the level of moving water, generally propagating in the opposite direction to the current. Strong ocean tides can cause bores to propagate up rivers.

The white, shallow portion of a wave after it breaks. The bore carries ocean water onto the beach.

A tidal wave caused by the surge of a flood tide upstream in a narrowing estuary or by colliding tidal currents.