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Web address of websites dating

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Creationism vs. Evolution

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Web sites that approach the creation/evolution controversy from an evolutionary perspective

Web sites that deal with general science topics from a mainstream scientific perspective -- especially sites with relevance to evolution

  • Carl Zimmer (Science writer who writes about evolution)
  • Cosmology 101 (from WMAP mission homepage)
  • Darwin Digital Library of Evolution
  • Evolution: A Web Companion (Very extensive guide to online evolution resources)
  • Evolution and Society
  • Geology of the Grand Canyon
  • Museum of Paleontology (University of California at Berkeley)
  • NPR's Science Friday
  • Pocket Darwin, The
  • Stephen Jay Gould Archive
  • Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science
  • Tree of Life, The
  • Understanding Evolution
  • Writings of Charles Darwin on the web, The
  • More science sites (The unabridged list)

Web sites that approach the creation/evolution controversy from a creationist or anti-evolution perspective

  • Access Research Network (Includes Homepages for intelligent design proponents and Wedge update)
  • Answers in Genesis (Probably the largest young-earth creationist site)
    • Around the World with Ken Ham (blog)
  • Center for Science & Culture (Intelligent design group; part of Discovery Institute)
    • Evolution News & Views (blog)
    • Intelligent Design the Future (blog of leading ID personalities)
  • Creation Connection's Large List of Creationist Web Sites
  • Creation Ministries International (Group formed after a schism at Answers in Genesis)
  • Creation Research Society (Publishers of CRS Quarterly)
  • Creation Science Evangelism (Kent Hovind/"Dr." Dino)
  • Creation-Science Research Center (Part of The Parent Company and has several online books)
  • Design Inference, The (William Dembski)
  • In the Beginning (Walt Brown; Center for Scientific Creation)
  • Institute for Creation Research, The (An archive of hundreds of their articles)
  • Northwest Creation Network
    • CreationWiki
  • Reasons to Believe (Old-earth creationist group lead by Hugh Ross)
  • Scientific Evidence for Creation (Part of The Interactive Bible)
  • True.Origin Archive, The (Rebuttal for this Archive)
    • Ashby Camp's List Of Articles (Large List of Online Creationist Articles)
  • www.creationism.org (Links to many young-earth creationist groups)
  • More Creationist Links from this archive:
    • Creationist sites on human evolution
    • Much larger list of creationist web sites (The unabridged list)

Places to discuss and debate creationism and evolution on the Internet

Web sites that take a skeptical approach to extraordinary claims

Web sites that are relevant to the Usenet newsgroup talk.origins.

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