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Top Swinger Sites

If you’re new to swinging but you’ve been reading this guide, you know that meet & greets with other swinging couples are a thing of the past. These days, the Internet is where you’re going to meet the best swinging couples who are looking for some fun with new people.

To that end, we created several reviews detailing the success (and failure) we had on top swinger dating sites, so you can have the best idea of which sites are going to be great for you and which are going to tank miserably. Here are our favorites of the best swinger dating site reviews:

We tested each of these sites over a period of three months. As you can see, we sent out the same number of emails to people on each site, so we’d never be biased against a site for not returning fewer emails sent out. You can see the difference in the results from the sites that we like, and the ones listed in the other table that are not nearly as good. There’s a reason the above websites are our favorites; they got us the most return for our time, in

For a more in-depth analysis of each of the websites listed above, look at our reviews sections. We’ll not only tell you why the sites worked so well, but we’ll give you on-the-ground analysis of what worked, what didn’t, and what will work for you.

If you know what you’re getting into before you even start looking on these websites, you’ll have a huge advantage when it comes time to setting up actual dates with swinging couples. Who wants to spend all that time exploring websites, finding out what works and what doesn’t work, when we can do the work for you? That way you can spend your valuable time going out there and setting up dates.

We loved the sites in the table above. They really helped us hook up with quality couples, without too much effort. These are the kinds of sites that make you realize just why the best parts of the swinger scene have moved away from the in-person meet & greets and have moved online instead. They’re easy-to-use, fun, fast, clean, and responsive.

Our rating of these sites is based on how many swingers responded to our emails, how many we set up dates with, how many actually showed up, and how many we closed the deal with.

They’re based on the number of couples we contacted, rather than individual people. When we sign on to swinging websites, we’re looking for couples. However, these reviews will also include information for couples looking to meet individuals, couples looking to meet couples, and individuals looking to meet couples. If you’re an individual looking to meet an individual, you might want to find a different hobby.

Unfortunately, not all dating sites are created equal, and that goes doubly true for swinger dating sites. The following are sites that we just can’t recommend. Maybe they’re full of scams, maybe they’re kind of broken websites. Maybe they just don’t have any good couples on them, despite being searched in major metropolitan areas. Whatever the reason, these are some of our least favorites.

Remember, being on this list does not necessarily mean that the site is a scam. It means it was one of our least favorites. We’re on these sites to meet couples that are part of our lifestyle, and if a site can’t provide that, it’s going in the negative column. Most of the ones down here were simply frustrating, when we didn’t get back nearly as much as we were putting in.

We’ve written very in-depth reviews of each of these sites farther on in the guide. If you’ve heard good things about one of the sites that we featured on our negative list, read the full review to find out why it was ranked the way it is. Maybe you live in a place that the site caters to, or hell, maybe you just get off on someone not returning your emails.

For us, these weren’t our favorite sites. We’re more than willing to tell you why they weren’t. Check out our in-depth reviews of swinger dating sites for all the information you could want on our least favorite sites, our top swinger dating sites, and all the others we tried.