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What Works, What Doesn't? We Exposes The Scams And Let You Know What Really Works!

One of the things we are proudest of is the investigative work we have done to track down and expose the scams. There is no reason for you to get ripped off! Here are most of the popular scams on the market that you should avoid.

Auto Billing Scams:

Have you seen an ad for a male enhancement pill that offers a FREE Trial? Or an ad that says they only charge you a small fee for shipping? Well very often these ads are complete scams. Here is how the scam works. You call the companies’ 800 number to claim your free bottle of the natural male enhancement penis pills advertised in a newspaper, on radio or on TV. They get all your information and tell you it’s only $5 or $10 for the shipping. Now they have your credit card. In 14 days or 30 depending upon the company they send you another bottle of the male enhancement pill at full price – normally over $75! They will then continue to send you the pills every month until you cancel. The problem becomes that the scam companies – will never stop sending you products until you literally cancel your credit card! It is a nightmare.

The most famous example of this male enhancement pill auto billing scam was the original owner of Enzyte. A guy named Steve Warshak. In fact it was Warshak who coined the phrase natural male enhancement. He would send you out a free trial and bill you no matter how many times you called to cancel. The Feds finally caught up with him, charged him, convicted him and he was sent to prison for 25 years! He stole over $200 million dollars!

Now not all free offers are a scam. Some companies offer a free bottle, and then bill you every month. But they tell you ahead of time. Many guys like to get a shipment every month so they don’t have to keep calling the company, and there is usually a cheaper price because it’s easier for the company.

Also note on Enzyte: Steve Warshak is in jail and has nothing to do with the company. The new owners are very ethical, solid people, and they do not operate any kind of auto shipment billing scam. One company that is totally sleaze of auto shipment is Prolixus – good luck canceling with them – see their profile below.

Check out these photos of a counterfeiter getting caught. This is a health food store in San Francisco on Clay St. called Health USA. They were trying to make a fast buck cashing in on the popularity of male enhancement pills. Our investigators entered the store after reports they were selling counterfeit versions of Zyrexin, one of the top selling male enhancement products. The clerk tries to run for cover and hide her face when we burst in with cameras. All products where confiscated and removed from the store.

Be cautious of independent health food stores. Often they sell counterfeit products. It is always best to deal with a reputable chain like GNC or other leading stores. Or if you shop online make sure you buy your male enhancement pills directly from the actual manufacturer. This way you know you are getting the real deal.

A final note, if you see a leading penis pill brand being sold on EBay or at some other website for a very, very low price, chances are it’s a fake. Remember, these products sell in the millions because they work, and it’s easy to manufacture a fake bottle. It’s not much different than guys on the street of big cities selling fake Rolex watches and fake Gucci and Prada purses.

Fake Doctor Scams:

So many of the doctors touting male enhancement products on the Internet and through direct mail are absolute fakes. They are literally just made up. The photos of the so-called doctors can be purchased on the Internet for less than $5! Former Enzyte owner, and current federal prisoner Steve Warshak, admitted in court at his trial that he ran ads in national magazines and said the natural male enhancement pill Enzyte was developed by a doctor from Harvard and a doctor from Stanford, and that it turned out neither of these doctors existed. He totally made them up.

Pictured here is a photo of a doctor that is making the rounds in direct mailers from several different companies in the Chicago area. The doctor claims to be a urologist named Dr. Treadwell Dubois. We can confirm that this doctor is a fake! Should you get a mailer featuring his picture or a phone call from a telemarketer representing “Dr. Dubois” it’s a scam! Don’t get taken.

The Free Trial Scam is almost identical to the Auto Shipment scam. You are enticed by a radio ad or an ad in a newspaper or on TV to get a free trial of a male enhancement pill. You call up and the exact same process takes place. It turns out that the “Free Trial” of the natural male enhancement pills you were promised, is just a ruse to get your credit card billing information so they can charge you every month, until they either go out of business, or until you cancel your credit card with your credit card company! Make sure you read the Auto Shipment scam profile listed above. Don’t be a victim of some smooth talking male enhancement pill salesman.

If you have ever ordered or bought any male enhancement pills, or Viagra, or make your penis bigger pills, or any kind of sex pill or mail order item, chances are the company you bought from has sold your name and address on a mailing list. There are companies out there that do nothing but sell the names and address of their customers to other companies and marketers selling penis pills, penis pumps, male enhancement pills, and any other sex pill you can think of.

Now some of these mailers are very honest and legitimate. But about 60% of them are total scams! They feature fake doctors, false studies, made up testimonials, and just about every other lie you can think of. We have listed some examples of scams here, but new ones pop up all the time. So use extreme caution when buying from a company through the mail that you have never heard of. Check back with us if you don’t know whom the company is and we can tell you. Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help. Bottom line – not all male enhancement mail order companies are on the up and up. In fact a good majority of these mailers for pills, especially the make your penis bigger pills and the natural male enhancement pills, are a fraud!

Penis pumps sound like a good idea and there are numerous demonstrations online that make them seem quite credible and reliable. But beware. Excessive use of a penis pump can actually really screw up the elastically of your penis, damage nerves in the penis and cause you to become impotent. Yeah – you won’t be able to get it up. This warning is not a warning over something with a low probability – this actually happens a lot.

Now if you want to get a pump and mess around with it a few times, or to use as a jerk-off aid, that’s okay. But, don’t use it too much, and don’t be disappointed or surprised if it doesn’t work the way you hoped. They are not very effective. Male enhancement pills in the long run are far more effective and are better for you. In fact L-Arginine, which is found in many, many male enhancement pills, is actually great for your heart and overall cardiovascular system. So if you are using a pump or are going to get a pump – just don’t over do it or you’ll be a very unhappy camper!

This is one male enhancement pill scam that really upsets me. I was so shocked when I found out what this was. Here is the deal. All of these penis pills and Viagra alternatives and male enhancement pills are made up mostly of natural herbs and amino acids. Well I did not know that all herbs are created differently or are of different potency. It’s almost like wines. One bottle from 2008 can cost $15 another bottle from the same year will cost $500. The reason is the quality of the grapes.

Well, I was shocked to find out that a male enhancement pill manufacturer can put on the side of his bottle under ingredients that a pill has say 300mg of Horny Goat Weed (HGW). He can then put 300mg of the cheapest HGW in the product and it is perfectly legal. You and me as consumers will never know that he is using cheap HGW. We will use the penis pills, see they don’t work and say “Oh HGW sucks!” Or male enhancement pills are crap.” But what we don’t know is that there is HGW that is extremely expensive, that actually works fantastic; the greedy guys in the business out to make a fast buck use the cheap stuff. This scam of using cheap powered herbs is one of the reasons why I love the Lab Reports section so much. It lets you know who the straight shooters in the business are and who make good male enhancement pills, versus who is just ripping you off with bottles of cheap powder.

There have been over 100 natural male enhancement products recalled in the past 5 years because they were secretly laced with versions or analogues of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Some examples of these Viagra alternatives pulled off the market, because they were laced with drugs, are pictured below. We also feature some of these dangerous male enhancement pills in our product review section to let you know to be careful.

Now I know some of you must be saying, “wait a second, tell me how I get these laced pills. What’s wrong with a little over-the-counter Viagra without a prescription? – Sounds good to me.” Well the truth is that very often the amount of the synthetic Viagra is extremely high, and has lead to many fatalities and numerous severe reactions for many men. Hundreds of men have been taken to emergency rooms at hospitals around the country because of herbal pills secretly laced with Viagra.

Something very important to note: Many men can’t take Viagra because their doctors have told them it is dangerous for them. It can interact with medicines they are taking or they are at risk by taking these chemical drugs. So their doctors very often tell them to go get a natural male enhancement pill, or get a penis pill that is like a natural Viagra. So they go and buy some male enhancement pills. Well, if the pills they are buying are not in fact natural, but are secretly laced with prescription drugs – it can be a big-time problem! Make sure you buy a trusted brand.

Telemarketing Scams:

One of the biggest male enhancement scams making the rounds now, are unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers selling penis pills. 99% of them are complete frauds. These are high-pressured boiler room outfits with commission-only salesmen, who get a 40% share of all male enhancement pills sales they make. So they will lie their teeth off to you. We have heard reports of telemarketers telling men they have won a first class, all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas for 10 days as part of some promotion from a male enhancement pill company. They tell you all you have to do to get the free vacation is to be a customer of the pill company, and you can qualify even if you just buy a $5 free trial. So men are giving their credit card figuring $5 for a free trip to the Bahamas seems like the biggest no-brainer of all time. But what really happens is the trip is some bogus time-share thing that never happens, and meanwhile they put you in an auto-shipment program for the male enhancement pills that you can’t get out of! So if you are sitting at home watching TV and the phone rings with an offer like this – you know what to do – tell the telemarketer to stick it where the sun don’t shine!

One of the biggest male enhancement scams making the rounds now, are unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers selling penis pills. 99% of them are complete frauds. These are high-pressured boiler room outfits with commission-only salesmen, who get a 40% share of all male enhancement pills sales they make. So they will lie their teeth off to you. We have heard reports of telemarketers telling men they have won a first class, all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas for 10 days as part of some promotion from a male enhancement pill company. They tell you all you have to do to get the free vacation is to be a customer of the pill company, and you can qualify even if you just buy a $5 free trial. So men are giving their credit card figuring $5 for a free trip to the Bahamas seems like the biggest no-brainer of all time. But what really happens is the trip is some bogus time-share thing that never happens, and meanwhile they put you in an auto-shipment program for the male enhancement pills that you can’t get out of! So if you are sitting at home watching TV and the phone rings with an offer like this – you know what to do – tell the telemarketer to stick it where the sun don’t shine!


Steven Warshak Inmate Number 04431-061


Enzyte is the brain child of Steve Warshak, a 38 year old marketer from Cincinnati,Ohio. He started selling Enzyte in 2001 under the company name Lifekey, and later switched the name of the company to Lifekey Healthcare and switched it again to the current name, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals. Prior to his entrance into the supplement business Steve started a successful advertising company which apparently sold advertising at hockey rinks around the country. He has a great deal of experience in the world of advertising.

This “Confidential Customer Study/Survey” I have been told by insiders is an absolute sham, simply invented or made up by Mr. Warshak, with the intent of hiding behind the notion of anonymous surveys sent to him by customers, or as the result of random, anonymous surveys taken of men when they supposedly called into his office. He finally admitted in one of his recent brochures that “the results of his study are based on consumer feedback with no third party verification.” No doubt his new handlers were nervous about his fraudulent claims and are trying to cover their tails, after he stole millions of dollars from hundreds of thousands of men claiming in pharmaceutical style ads that he had a “study” which validated his claims of penis size increases of up to 31%, while he knew it was all a total lie. They were even tricky enough to use the following statement in their magazine ads : “Truth in Advertising: Lifekey Healthcare, Inc. supports and encourages truth in advertising, and full disclosure of all advertising claims. We will continue to defend consumer rights and demand the same from all advertisers.” This all sounds very noble, except for the fact that this intentionally deceptive statement was being used in ads that themselves were materially fraudulent!

The actual Enzyte tablets are not much different than numerous other products sold in health food stores across the country for about $30 a bottle. There have been several different Enzyte formulas, yet the advertising claims did not reflect the changes to the formula. Initially Enzyte contained yohimbe. If you look at the laboratory report from IBC Labs which tested for yohimbine you will see the tablets had a good amount of the alkaloid yohimbine in them. They also have a high amount of tribulis terrestris as well. The current formula, which is found in most stores no longer contains yohimbine.Lab tests reveal the level of L-Arginine in all Enzyte formulas I had tested were extremely low and therefore would not offer a man much benefit at all.

The First Enzyte Print Ad (Seen Here in the February 2002 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine) Promised to Make Your Penis Up to 41% Larger!


Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

1. The makers of Extenze we fined $300,000 in July of 2006 by the Orange County District Attorney office for false advertisinf claims. Specifically they were nt longer allowed to make the claim their product makes a mans pensi 27% bigger, since there was no scientific basis for this false claim. Not only were their claims incredibally false - but the pills also contains huge amounts of lead!

See the press release fron the Orange County District Attorney.

2. In direct violation of their settlement agreement with the Orange County District Attorney, the makers of Extenze still send out a flyer with each and every order of Extenze that makes the claim that taking Extenze tablets will amek you penis grow 25%. See the flyer below. ( It is interesting to note that the makers of Longitude went to prison for making the claim that Longitude makes a mans penis grow 24%.)

3. Dr. Stein wrote this advertisement which appears as a full-page ad in Stuff magazine. In the ad Dr. Stein makes it extremely clear that he has never endorsed any other penis growth pill before. He uses his medical degree to tell men Eztenze can maek their pensi grow. He also claism that he agreed to appear on the Extenze TV show for free - implying he has not received any money for his endorsement of Extenze. He is lying! As you will see he endorsed a scam product called Alzare which ran on television years ago before it was pulled off the air as a result of being a massive fraud. Pictured below is a magazine ad for Alzare that Dr, Stien hoped no one would every see.

What ever happened to Alzare? If it was such a great product and worked as well as it claimed and it was endorsed by Dr. Stein why was it taken off TV and called one of the biggest frauds in the histroy of advertising?

5. Extenze is a massive scams that has ripped-off tens of thousands of men.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Extenze Approved!

The company behind Extra is called Global Pharmaceutical Institute. This is a big sounding name for a what is simply a big scam. Maybe they should call themself Global Scam Institute. Look at this fraudulent ad. The chart is 100% fraud. They have it in there to trick you to steal your money, figuring most people are honest and will think “hey it looks like a scientific chart, it must be real.” It is not. If it is, all they have to do is take me up on my Million Dollar Challenge and they will pick up a fast easy million. They don’t even have a website? If they are so big and so legitimate - why don’t they have a website? These days it seems like even shoeshine boys have websites, why not the mega international conglomerate that calls themselves Global Pharmaceutical Institute? They also claim permanent results. It is all one big lie. No pill you take can claim permanent results. This scam won’t make anything bigger except their wallets. Don’t get suckered by this scam.

Wait until you see how we busted these Con Men!!


This product produced the most shocking lab reports of all the products tested. I was absolutely stunned. The product is a total scam, and should be taken off the market!

The “hook” or “unique marketing angle” with this product is the claim that ecause it is lotion that is applied directly onto your penis, that it works by vasodilating the blood vessels of your penis in seconds, and you can feel itworking instantly because of its active ingredient combination. They call this active ingredient combination “Vasotran Auctum and claim it to be a “patent pending” formula. As you will three independent laboratory tests show this to bea hoax. None of these ingredients could be detected by three separate labs, andadditional reports showed high level of menthol in each serving and menthol is NOT listed as an ingredient in the product!

This “delivery system” they claim is superior to herbal pills. Maxoderm ads evenwarn consumers "Not to be fooled" by herbal pills because studies show as littleas 5% of substances make it to the targeted area when taken orally. The ads eventalk about how from an “investment standpoint” natural pills are a bad idea implying that 95% of your investment is wasted. (ironically Frank Barone the CFOof this company, and one of its founders filed for personal bankruptcy just afew years ago in Brooklyn Federal Court, and he is giving investment advise.)

When you do rub Maxoderm on your penis you do feel a burning sensation - it iscaused by the methyl nicitiate and the secretly included menthol that arecontained in the formula. It is practically the same thing as the main ingredient found in pain relieving creams like Ben Gay. Imagine rubbing a little Ben Gay on your penis? How would that feel? That is the trick here. Methyl nicitonate is a vasodilator, just like Ben Gay, but it is also classified as a skin irritant - not exactly what you want on your penis. Interestingly the back of the Maxoderm tube says “this product has not been tested for safety.”

But what is most shocking it that the list of 9 ingredients on the tube include L-arginine and yohimbe two popular pro-sexual nutrients. Well when I sent Maxoderm out to the lab for test it came back that it contained less basically ZERO of these ingredients. I couldn’t believe it so I had it tested again using a tube from a different batch. Again same results. So I then sent it to another lab to see what they would say, and again it showed nothing. Men, this is pure consumer fraud in my book. These guy must think that no one would every test this stuff and discover what it really contains.

Maxoderm can not be used or "worn" while having sex with a woman, because thecream would basically burn her vagina! Can you believe it? So what is the pointof this stuff? Some goop to use when you are playing with yourself? They say youcan only use it while "self-pleasuring". The guys who came up with this must belaughing their heads off an how they have tricked so many men out of their moneywith "masturbation cream."

They also ran a two-page ad in the October 2004 issue of Flex magazine complete with a full page testimonial from a guy named Steve Jacobsen who said he applied Maxoderm to his body and his muscles got incredibly bigger, and stronger in only 3 weeks. So we are to believe this fellow shown in before and after photos, rubbed Maxoderm penis cream all over his body, walked around his local gym for three weeks smelling like a menthol factory, and while doing so he experienced, as he says in the ad, “freaky“ gains in the size of his muscles? Who did he do this with the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny? This is beyond absurd. It is really hard to believe since our lab tests showed the product contains zero of the active ingredients listed on their label. Interesting huh? I wonder what Mr.Meatball testimonial would say about that? I haven't checked any of the cooking magazines but I wouldn't be surprised to see an ad for Maxoderm in one of them claiming is also a great salad dressing or something. Or maybe it can also be used as a car wax or lawn fertilizer?


Check out the list of Active Ingedients in Ben Gay. Methyl Salicyate is the lead ingredients. This is the key ingredient in Ben Gay. Well it appears it is also the lead ingredient in Maxoderm. The SRCS Chemical Analysis (below) notes there is a very large amount of Methyl Salicayte in Maxoderm, even thugh it is NOT listed as an ingredient.

A third independent test on Maxoderm shows one again it is a total scam. The test again shows that its “patent pending” Active Ingredient formula is literally non-exsistent. It is simply a hoax!

Maxoderm Scam Coming To and End with Multi Million Dollar Fraud Charges

Wait until you see how we busted these Con Men!!


Urban Nutrition Controls and Operates Bogus Rating Sites and Which both Rate Orexis Number One.

1. Lab Report Was Horrible

Just Biased Rating Sites

4. Uses Site To Trick You

Pro Pills Plus:

These company has been in the sex business for years and are selling this weak product complete with some of the biggest lies and false advertising in the business. Their ads are a total scam! They claim these pills are doctor approved and will enlarge your penis up to 5 inches in just a few short weeks. This is biologically impossible. It is claims like these that put the owners of Longitude in prison. Incidentally don’t be impressed by the claim that a product is “doctor approved”, this doesn’t mean anything as far as I am concerned. Do you know how many doctors there are in the world? In the United States alone there are over 650,000 doctors. To get one of these doctors to say they approve a product - for some money of course - is not very hard. Some doctors are for sale. Take some third rate doctor, down on his luck, offer him a thousand dollars, and many will endorse anything. It’s sad but true. Their sleazy ads also these pills are for men with a form of “Hypospadias or small penis.” This implies that it is a medicine for men with some sort of disease. Hypospadias is not a small penis, but is a birth defect of the penis that a miniscule percentage of men are born with. It has to be corrected with surgery, and these pills will not do anything for this. Dr. Dimitri Zorken was not found by my private investigators to be a licensed medical doctor in the United States. I don’t know who he is or if he even exists, but I would love to have him prove how these weak pills can make a mans penis 5 inches longer. Just look at the lab report results. The product basically worthless powder. The testimonial in their ad from a man who claims his penis was 4 inches long but is now 8 inches long thanks to these pills is a total fraud.This stuff is a total rip off.

Procylon tablets are packaged in an attractive box and their newspaper advertisements are extremely professional looking. However the laboratory test shows the ingredients levels in the tablets to be so incredibly low that they are basically worthless. Procylon costs about $60 for a one month supply.

This ad appears in the sports section of newspapers across the country. It is a very attractive and inviting ad. It looks extremely professional. Yet the laboratory test reveals that the product is one of the worst we have ever tested. If you read this ad you see they claim it is “clinically proven” This is a joke!


Claims of Making Your Penis “Wider” are Impossible.

2. Lab Report – One of the Worst We Ever Tested

4. Lies About Identity Protection Program

5. Uses “Attorney” in Radio Ads to Seem Legit – It’s a Scam!

Wait until you see how we busted these Con Men!!

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