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Haunted Places in Lufkin, Texas

Diboll House

This small residential property is believed to be haunted. It was apparently a former sector of a nursing home, before conversion to a one story house. Former resident reported being attacked by an aggressive entity, and of seeing a shadowy apparition running through the hallways at night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Sterne-Hoya House

An former housekeeper reported that she felt a happy presence in the house, and described a gentle pressure upon her body while in the attic. She encountered a negative feeling in the cellar.

Stephen F. Austin State University - Mays Hall 11

According to some reports, the building was once a hospital with a morgue in the basement. Other reports say the city hospital did not actually have a morgue in the basement. A 1940s-era ruined bomb shelter is said to be one one end. An eerie, negative feeling is said to .

Stephen F. Austin State University - Griffith Hall

On the third floor, rumor has it that a female student once jumped out the window after playing with a Ouija board. Her ghost causes the lights in the shower room to flicker at the same time every night, at the exact time she died. Her apparition has been seen .

Turner Auditorium

A ghost named Chester haunts the theater building, who is rumored to have been an architect of the building, but passed away before its completion. Legend has it that the building was erected backward and he killed himself in disgrace. His ghost has manifested as a face on a stage .

Killough Monument

Killough Monument stands in remembrance of the 1838 Killough Massacre, said to be the largest and last Native American attack in East Texas. Eighteen people were killed here, and it's said that at least some of their spirits have remained behind. Visitors have seen black apparitions and noticed strange feelings .

Oakwood Cemetery

At this cemetery where renowned General Sam Houston is buried, there is a statue commonly called "Black Jesus." According to legend, the bronze statue was erected over the grave of a 5-year-old boy, and it sooned turned deep black. No amount of cleaning could restore the color of the statue. .

Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville - Walls Unit

Although it hasn't been in use since the 1950s, this unit, an abandoned death row, is said to be haunted. Witnesses describe apparitions and unexplained sounds here as well as on the nearby catwalk; it is reported that on one Halloween, a correctional supervisor recorded the sound of a disembodied .

Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Said to be haunted, the Woodland Home at this museum site is a bit of a mystery. Folks say from the loft you can hear the sounds of unseen people walking beneath you and even see their footprints in the gravel below, leading to the house. It is said that .

Steam Boat House

The Steam Boat House on the Park Grounds of the Museum. It is located behind and off to the side of the Gift Shop. Sam Houston lived, died, and was funeralized in this house. Vague reports of paranormal activity here but no solid details. (Submitted by Tabitha)

Docia Schultz Williams

Many, Louisiana

One of the numerous La Llorona or "weeping woman" haunting claims.

Light of Saratoga - Bragg Road Ghost Lights

The Ghost Light is known to appear and disappear at night without a known cause. Some attribute the phenomena to swamp gas; others say it is the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in a train accident and is searching for his head. The light is said to .

Martha Chapel Cemetery - Demon's Road

Bowden Road is called Demon's Road by some locals, because of all the hauntings that have been reported here. It leads to Martha Chapel Cemetery. Locals warn visitors here not to provoke the spirits, as ghosts have been known to follow visitors home. A hand reportedly came up out of .

The Woodbine Hotel and Restaurant

Dating back to 1904, the historic hotel and restaurant is believed to be haunted. Perhaps eight or nine hauntings are attached to the old building, but only prominent one is that of a female spirit known as 'Clara' (the spelling varies depending on the source). Room #007 is rumoured .

Keachi Women's College

Cold spots and ghostly moans are reported to happen on the second floor.

Huntsman Chemcial Plant

In the administrative building of the chemical plant, the apparition of a tall pale man has been seen wandering the corridors. He is believed to be a former worker who died in an explosion here. Doors open and close by themselves, and night patrol staff have reportedly been followed by .

Buena Vista Plantation

It's a plantation. In the south. It was used for a Civil War hospital. Of course it's haunted. The usual - civil war soldiers have been spotted. Currently a private home and not open to the public.

The Historic Ott Hotel

This 1928 historic hotel is said to be haunted by several spirits. Two are thought to be Anna and Joshua, a couple who were killed under mysterious circumstances while Anna was having an affair in the hotel in 1930. Oddly enough, they were said to have been killed by the .

Old Greenwood Cemetery

It's a cemetery. Of course it's haunted.

Old Jail - Pea Farm

The old jail is reported to be haunted by former inmates, especially in the women's section of the jail. Those wishing to view it for themselves should be aware that the jail is owned by the GE plant next door and they do call the cops and prosecute anyone .

Forest Lawn - Kissing Statue

Legend has it that at night at this cemetery, two statues awaken and kiss. So the story goes, if you shine car bright headlights on the man and woman statues from the driveway that runs behind them, they will come to life, turn around, and kiss. Another point of note .

Cinemark Tinseltown 17 and XD

This spot, as urban legend tells it, is haunted by the apparitions of a small boy and a man. They were said to have died in a trailer park long ago when one was murdered and the other burned to death in a fire. Witnesses have also heard voices and .

Holiday Inn

Security Cameras picked up a creepy shadow on the wall of the 2nd floor. There are no windows down this hall, and the camera was only activated by motion. Ghost hunters came to check this out and what they found was astonishing. The hotel is currently closed, .

Old Ellerbe School

Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of children who died in a fire at the school.

Grimes County Courthouse

Whoever haunts this 1894 courthouse is not known, although the list of possible candidates include a member of Clyde Barrow's gang who was sentenced here, or the man who was shot dead in a five-day gunfight outside the courthouse at the turn of the century. In the latter case, .

Wunsche Brothers Cafe and Saloon

A benign and lively ghost apparently haunts this cafe in Spring, Texas. The ghost is believed to be the original owner Charlie Wunsche. Although the ghost appears more inclined to mischievous pranks - holding doors closed, hiding items and messing with electronics- he has been sighted by employees .

Lamar University - Sigma Phi Epsilon

Local tales say this house, purchased by the university in the 1980s, was once a dream house built by a farmer. After the farmer passed, it fell into disrepute as a brothel. Now a frat house, a ghost named Chester is said to reside here, making himself known by knocking, .

Taylortown Tower

It's an eerie looking tower standing all alone in a field. Of course people will say it's haunted. It pretty much has to be. Rumor has it that it is haunted by yet another jilted bride, who either died of a broken heart, hanged herself in grief, .

Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium

The 1920s art deco auditorium is known for its musical program, the Louisiana Hayride, on which Elvis Presley performed in 1954. Other greats who performed here include Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Johnny Horton. It is said to be haunted by an apparition of a young man who sits in .

Spring Street Historical Museum

The Spring Street Historical Museum, housed inside the late-1800s Tally’s Bank Building, has a resident ghost thought to be Edward, a former bank manager who worked in the building. One story about Edward says that an employee was about to climb a ladder when he saw the heavy front door .

Jefferson, Texas

A ghost named Ida Sue, a young blonde girl, is said to haunt this inn. Witnesses have reported seeing apparitions, quilts that move by themselves, and more strange sounds. Folks say sneezing and coughing can be heard day and night, thought to be a residual haunting from someone who once .

The Grove

Also known as the Stilley-Young House, The Grove is an 1861 house, reportedly very much a hotspot for paranormal activity, that has been featured on many TV shows and in many magazines over the years. Owners have described phantom odors, shadowy figures, moving objects, apparitions, and lights that turn on .

Alley-McKay House Bed and Breakfast Inn

You may want to hang on to your drawers if you visit this pretty inn. The ghosts of two house slaves of long ago, Mr. Alfred and Patricia or Aunt Patty, are known for stealing folks' underwear.

The Excelsior House

This old hotel is said to be haunted by a headless ghost who roams the second floor. Another ghost lives here as well: a woman who wears black and carries a baby. It is said that the woman's apparition has frightened many guests, including film director Steven Spielberg.

The Jefferson Hotel

Those who stay here should be warned: Room 19 is said to be haunted. A hotel employee reported hearing voices from the room when it was vacant, and guests staying there have claimed to feel they were being watched by an unseen presence.

Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast

The apparition of well-dressed man has appeared to both residents and guests. His identity is a mystery, but he is the subject of many ghostly local legends.

Cavalier House

This 1950s tavern building was eventually turned into a bed-and-breakfast inn. Witnesses at the inn say there have been residual hauntings from the tavern times. Folks have heard music, voices and footsteps. Reports say the building is either for sale or has been recently purchased.

Railroad Tracks

Supposedly the cries of a family who was killed on the tracks can be heard late at night.

Beckham Hotel

This 1880s hotel building is said to be haunted. One ghost, called Elizabeth, wears a long dress and often carries a parasol. Reports say she is most often seen on the stairs on Mondays at about 3 a.m. She is said to have fallen down the stairs to her death. .

Big Woods Cemetery

Shadows and electrical interference are the two big ticket items to look for when visiting Big Woods cemetery.

Doyline, Louisiana

Although the exact location of the accident site is not known, it is reported that four teenagers died in a drunken accident on this road decades ago and every year on the anniversary of their deaths blood runs from the tree they hit.

Ghost Lady of West 7th St

It is said that one night, a woman was decapitated here as she was trying to cross the train's path while it was stopped. Folks say her ghost can be seen walking down the tracks.

Old Greenhouse Road

Urban legend has it that if you turn off your headlights and drive around the corner to the bridge slowly, a mist will form into person-shape. It is said to be the spirit of an older woman who died in a car accident here.