What is carbon-14 dating used for


What is carbon-14 dating used for

A speculative research paper examining current evidence available on Neanderthal man with comparison to references in early manuscripts of the Nephilim an ancient race of half-breed humans. The argument is presented that the scientific facts verify that the Neanderthal were in fact one and the same as the ancient warrior race the Nephilim. It is here proposed that an examination of the evidence and facts currently available on Neanderthal man reveal that they could well have been a race of half-breed humans referred to in some of the earliest manuscripts found as the Nephilim.

Neanderthal man has become an enigma to science once being hailed as the proof of the evolution of apes to modern man. He was considered to be the brutish ancestor link to man in the evolution chain, the intermediate stage between man and ape.

Now! Neanderthal is recognized by scientists as a contemporary of modern man living alongside humans having many human attributes. But amazingly with a LARGER brain than mans! Were they the Nephilim?

To address the question we first need to examine the current facts and information available on Neanderthal man.

Neanderthals were intelligent thinkers. Yet they left almost no permanent record of their presumed intelligence or culture. Some say he could walk the streets today in a suit collar and tie and be unrecognized, well maybe in New York, but about as unrecognizable as the incredible hulk without his green paint, would be a fairer reflection. Yet today study books continue to be full of illustrations of Neanderthals as subhuman ape-men. Out of date TV documentaries go on wrongly depicting Neanderthals as the evolutionary ape-man link.

The Neanderthal race could have composed music, sung to it and possibly danced to it no differently than humans today. The ability to create music on a multiple note instrument reveals evidence of imagination and abstract thought. It would therefore be reasonable to conclude that these same qualities would have also been put to use in other skills such as reading and writing.

The presence of burns on the bones is significant since no animal, other than humans, makes deliberate use of fire in food preparation. These burnt and intentionally broken human bones have been interpreted as being evidence of some form of cannibalism, Neanderthals eating humans. They could equally be evidence of torture and or mutilation by dismemberment as has often been the case within certain human cultures who engage in cruel battle blood lust.

"Why Neanderthals suddenly went extinct is a topic of much question we may never know the true reason."

Radiocarbon analysis puts the later Neanderthal sites as being c 32,500 years old. So some 32,000 years ago Neanderthals disappeared completely; they simply vanished for no clear reason.

So how has the important Carbon dating clock been set for dating Neanderthal man? We shall examine the evidence which shows that this C14 dating process as it is presently calibrated is only good for dating things back 2-3,000 years.

* C14 absorbed into any living thing during its life time starts to decay once it dies.

* Half its amount of C14 decays away to nitrogen gas in about 5,700 years.

* Half of the remaining half decays away in a further 5,700 years and so on until immeasurably small.

Once a plant or animal dies it stops taking in C14 and it starts to decay at the above rate while C12 stays the same.

5,700yrs after death 50% of C14 remains = 150 c14 counts per second

after 11,400yrs 25% of C14 remains = 75 C14 counts per second

after 17,100yrs 12.5% of C14 remains = 37.5 C14 counts per sec

after 22.800yrs 6.25% of C14 remains = 18.7 C14 counts per sec

after 28,500yrs 3.12% of C14 remains = 9.8 C14 counts per sec

after 34,200yrs 1.56% of C14 remains = 4.9 C14 counts per sec

This dating test relies entirely on knowing exactly what the original ratio mix of C14 to C12 is or was. The clock is only accurate if the ratio is the same today as when the organism lived and remained constant during its life and after its death right up to the time of dating. If there had been less C14 in the atmosphere during its lifetime than today it would have absorbed less and the ratio would read much lower with a lower count per second giving it a much older false reading.

’There is strong indication, despite the large errors that the present natural production rate exceeds the natural decay rate by as much as 25%’.

Other researchers have since confirmed this finding including Hans Suess, of the University of Southern California in the Journal of Geophysical Research and V R Switzer writing in Science.

1. Had brains as large if not larger than humans.

3. Distinctive characteristics from humans.

4. Evidence that humans lived before the Neanderthals arrived.

5. Humans & Neanderthals coexisted for a period sharing living space.

6. Neanderthals were skilled in tool and weapon making.

8. Neanderthals were skilled in language, and literacy.

9. They were cultured in music and musical instrument making.

10. Neanderthals had a general culture of their own similar to humans.

11. They practiced burial of the dead and religious rituals.

12. Possibly possessed skills in apothecary and, aromatherapy.

14. They had possible hybrid characteristics.

15. Corrected dating places them coexisting with humans 4,400 yrs ago.

16. Neanderthals were exterminated suddenly while humans continued.

1. Ancient manuscript information on the Nephilim race:

The ancient manuscripts refer to a time 4,500 years ago, before the ancient Egyptian civilization, when highly intelligent life forces from outside our universe were aware that the human race was beginning to multiply on this planet. They turned their attention to earth with the intention of controlling and colonizing it. The human race at that time had a possible population of some 35 million * ( see foot note 1 ). For certain calculated reasons they took this opportunity to move in on the Human estate with the objective of usurping it and bringing it under their control and domination.

* To illustrate the existing natural laws, a Hybrid, strictly defined, is an offspring that is a cross between different species usually producing sterile hybrids; the male mule is the sterile offspring of a female horse and a male donkey. It is used in many parts of the world as a beast of burden because of its much greater body strength than its parents. It seems to excel both its parents in muscular endurance, surefootedness, and length of life. The hinny is the sterile hybrid offspring of the female donkey and the male horse.

How many of these hybrid half-caste humans were born is hard to say but the records inform us that these transformed humanoid like visitors continued taking women and impregnating them for almost 120 years* (*see foot note 2 vs 3 ) If there were ’say’ 5,000 of them and they continued fathering children by means of various human women at the rate of ’say’ one a month over a period of 100 years they would have accumulated a Nephilim hybrid race numbering 6 million compared to a population of humans by then having increased to approximately 135 million.* (* see foot note 2 vs 2 ).

"a physically very strong, tough impressive race with larger joints, thicker bones, well muscled chests, long bodies, and shorter legs weighing approximately twenty pounds more than a modern human of equivalent height, regular Mr Universes."

It also explains why their brain size and cerebral hemispheres were as large if not larger than humans.

5. Cause of extermination of Neanderthal/Nephilim race:

At a pre determined date the suspended layer was broken up, the manuscripts indicate according to chronological calculations this to have been almost 4,400 years ago* (see further related material at the end of this paper, R/P 32). The falling of the deluge waters came from the breaking-up of this suspended water canopy. Possibly the balancing centrifugal, magnetic and gravitational forces holding it in position were adjusted in some way.

1. Vast masses of terrestrial animal remains have been found thousands of meters deep in the oceans, evidence that the land was once above sea level.

Does the evidence support linking the Neanderthals to the Nephilim?

The criteria associated with Neanderthals can equally be applied to the Nephilim situation.

1a. Neanderthals had brains as large if not larger than humans.

1b. Nephilim were Hybrid of two intelligent races; a large brain size could be anticipated.

2a. Neanderthals were well muscled with highly developed physiques.

2b. Nephilim would have inherited these common hybrid vigour characteristics.

3a. Neanderthals had distinctive characteristics (flattened cranium, heavy ridge above large eye sockets)

3b. Nephilim were only half-caste with human, characteristics being acquired from both parents.

4a. Neanderthals appeared after humans had been around for a long time.

4b. Nephilim started breeding some 1400 years after humans started populating the earth.

5a. Neanderthals and Humans coexisted, sharing living space for a period.

5b. Nephilim inhabited the earth alongside humans for 120 years.

6a. Neanderthals were skilled in tool and weapon making.

6b. Nephilim learnt physical skills and human culture from human mothers.

7b. Nephilim aggressive tyranny filled the earth with violence & blood shed.

8a. Neanderthals were skilled in language, spoken and written.

8b. Nephilim communicated freely with the human populus.

9a. Neanderthals were cultured in music and musical instrument making.

9b. Nephilim as an intelligent half-caste human hybrid had no problem mastering such skills.

10a. Neanderthals had general culture similar but not the same as humans.

10b. Nephilim inherited part human culture from mothers and part from metamorphosed fathers.

11a. Neanderthal practiced burial of the dead and religious rituals.

11b. Nephilim had an intelligent awareness with which to learn theoretical concepts, some may have been unknown to humans at that point but revealed to the Nephilim by their fathers. This cosmic knowledge awareness when handed down through later human generations may explain the seemingly high level of religious thought connected with intercommunications between the heavens and the earth as practiced by the early civilizations particularly the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, many of which we still do not understand to this day, ie mechanisms of electric batteries found in ancient Babylon, the interiors of the Giza pyramids etc etc.

12a. Neanderthal possibly possessed medical skills, practicing apothecary and, aromatherapy.

12b. Nephilim were intelligent, able to develop advanced skills, see 11b.

13b. Nephilim also lived in warm temperate climate before the deluge changed it.

14a. Neanderthal revealed possible hybrid ’vigour’ characteristics.

14b. Nephilim were a hybrid half-breed race with strength greater than humans.

15a. Neanderthal coexisting with humans 4,400 years ago according to corrected C14 dating.

15b. Nephilim according to the chronological manuscripts lived during this same time period.

16a. Neanderthals were exterminated suddenly, humans continued on.

16b. Nephilim because of degenerating the earth and the human race, were exterminated by a cataclysmic world deluge caused by bringing down of the protective water vapour layer while the human race was preserved.

The contradicting and mysterious circumstances surrounding the Neanderthals can be explained by the manuscript accounts referring to an ancient hybrid race, the Nephilim. These manuscripts are among some of the oldest ever found in the world, now collected together as part of the scriptures. The Neanderthal remains are very likely the remains of Nephilim.

Exposure is never met with welcoming arms and is often a bitter pill to swallow, but once swallowed the health of the science improves considerably.

The population on the earth 4,500 years ago may be calculated to 35 million. The chronology of the human race places the first breeding couple c 6,000 years ago. Using conservative population increase demographics of doubling every 60 years then over a period of 1,500 years the population would have increased from two to 35 million. By 4,380 years ago it would have increased to 135 million.

(figures are speculative and for approximation use only).

Evidence in the manuscript records from the Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.

Ref 1 Pet vs 18 ".. Christ died once for all time concerning sin . he being put to death in the flesh, but being made alive in the spirit".

Ref 2 Pe 3 vs 5 "There used to be a Sky (Heavens or atmosphere) and a earth of old which stood out of water and in the middle of water suspended".

Evidence in the manuscript records from the Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.