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Plastic Surgery: Just Say No

The breakout costar of "Dirty Dancing" expressed regret about the 1987 nose job that radically altered her appearance. Yet it evidently didn't scare her away from cosmetic surgery forever.

One of Alfred Hitchcock's iconic icy blondes, Novak shocked the audience when she presented at the 2014 Oscars ceremony. She later admitted she'd had fat injections in her face.

The star of "The Wrestler" actually looks better than he did several years ago, when—as Rourke told the Daily Mail—he "went to the wrong guy to put my face back together" after it was damaged in the boxing ring.

Back when Harry met Sally, Ryan was known as America's sweetheart. These days, Harry might not recognize her.

"I'm not like this genetically," the Italian designer said at a Vogue Festival in London, adding that she uses "tons of cream." Not to mention ….

Travolta's "frozen face" also drew stunned comments when he appeared at the Oscars.

Word around Hollywood is that Griffith is taking a break from cosmetic surgery, allowing the results of past procedures to fade.

According to several reports, the star of "Rocky" and "Rambo" has the same plastic surgeon as Jackie Stallone, his spunky mom.

A while back, Aniston said her "heart breaks" when she sees actresses who've undergone cosmetic procedures. "I am grateful to learn from their mistakes," she told Yahoo Beauty. Some took Aniston's remarks as a less than kind reference to her friend and former "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox, who reportedly had work done.

When Boiyle was only in her her 30s and co-starring on "The Practice," there were reports of Botox and collagen treatments, a prelude to the "work" that dramatically changed her appearance.

"Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn't?" said Cher, describing herself with tongue in implanted cheek as "the plastic surgery poster girl."

The lead singer of Guns N' Roses disappeared in the mid-'90s as the band fell apart. Then he returned with a whole new look.

A couple of years ago, Madonna posted a selfie on Instagram that observers say unintentionally revealed a facelift scar behind her right ear. Maybe they're mistaken, but it's safe to say that the macrobiotic Material Girl doesn't look 100 percent natural of late.

The "Goodfellas" star has denied rumors that he's gone under the knife, but his preternaturally taut skin has prompted speculation about Botox, possibly coupled with a facelift.

Could it be magic? In 2014, the veteran hit machine told the Express that if recent photos of him look strange, it's because he's been having steroid treatments for chronic hip pain.

Between the chin and cheek implants and the pointy little nose, La Toya seems to be following in the footsteps of her legendary brother Michael, the late King of Pop.

"I inherited my smooth skin from my father," Reynolds told OK! Magazine. But he had cosmetic surgery around his eyes, the actor admitted, because of injuries sustained during the fight scenes in many of his movies.

Of course, it's been decades since she robbed banks with Warren Beatty. But an array of treatments, reportedly ranging from Botox to an eyebrow lift, have made the star of "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Chinatown" look a bit like … someone else.

The star of movies ranging from "Point Break" to "The Buddy Holly Story," Busey suffered a serious motorcycle accident in 1988, while riding without a helmet. So he's got an excuse.

Last year Rinna revealed on NBC's "Today Show" that, after the silicone in her lips hardened, she had most of it removed. But don't tell her to give up her Botox.

"I never had any plastic surgery," the comedian told Florida Today in 2015, attributing his dramatic transformation to more time in the gym. "If I was going to have plastic surgery, I would look better than this!" We should hope so…

Some years after stealing the screen in "Blade Runner," Hannah allegedly encountered another blade, enduring an eye lift and a lip implant before easing into an aggressive Botox routine. What can we say? At least she still knows how to make a splash.

Last year on E!'s "Botched," the former supermodel candidly recalled her 30-year history with the knife. "I am no stranger to plastic surgery. I've had a face lift, a brow lift, tummy tuck and fillers." The upside? Her steely smize is seemingly still intact.

"I was an actress in the '80s, but, well, let's be real," Love told Jimmy Kimmel in 2014. "I had a really big nose. That schnoz was not taking me anywhere but radio." So Step One was a no-brainer.

Allegedly injected with "low-grade silicone," Graceland's former queen publicly shamed a highly questionable (and highly unlicensed) Dr. Daniel Serrano in 2008. Serrano's silicone treatments were even likened to that which mechanics use to clean automotive parts. Perhaps the King said it best: Lord, have mercy.

The model-turned-singer's cosmetic adventures haven't been as extensive as some, but they have attracted notice—especially since 2012, when her reign as First Lady of France was coming to an end. While her husband Nicolas Sarkozy was still the French president, there were accusations that she was addicted to Botox, but Bruni had no comment. How very political.

Transformation has been Tiegs' game since the beginning of her modeling career, but her more recent changes appear to go well beyond hair and makeup. Observers claim that the original American supermodel has likely endured a facelift and occasional fillers. Tiegs explanation for her wrinkle-free appearance? Just good old-fashioned genetics.

Ozzy's on-again, off-again wife has been refreshingly open about her nips and tucks over the years—copping to "peels, lasers, veneers and enhancements"—but her recent bingeing on Botox has been turning heads for all the wrong reasons. Sharon took issue with a media outlet that referred to her "taut-but-tired" look as"puffy." "Puffy?" she joked on "The Talk," the daytime show that she co-hosts. "They can say line-free but never puffy."

The "Prizzi's Honor" star first debuted her "new" look in 2013 during a press conference for the NBC series "Smash." That sparked media speculation that she had over-filled her cheeks, creating the impression of a disappearing chin. But Huston maintained that she had sworn off cosmetic "work" after a bad experience with Botox earlier in her career.

Heidi Montag was a girl-next-door reality TV star—that is, until she delved into plastic surgery. Now just 30 years old, she has reportedly had eight procedures, including an eyebrow lift, a chin reduction and a boob job. Montag says she had the cosmetic work done after a doctor pointed out everything that was wrong with her—but didn't warn her of all the pain and recovery that would go along with it.

In addition to the obvious nose job, Janet Jackson is said to have had a facelift and breast augmentation. She didn't go as far as her siblings Michael and LaToya, but it looks like they had the same surgeon.

Although she has admitted to having a nose job and breast augmentation, Tori Spelling obviously did not stop there. In an interview with "Good Morning America," the actress actress revealed that as a mom, her biggest regret is getting breast implants when she was younger, because of the way it affects breastfeeding. "Well, I got my boobs done in my early 20s," she said, "and if I had known it would or could possibly impact production of milk, I would never had had them done."

Oprah famously suggested the starlet is "addicted to chaos," but it seems Lohan may also be hooked on the quest for cosmetic perfection. Her list of alleged procedures includes lip and cheek fillers and an extensive program of Botox maintenance. Toss in a bleach-blonde dye job and and an occasional cigarette and behold—a signature look only money can buy.

One of Lindsay Lohan's contemporaries, Bynes first found fame as a fresh-faced "Nickelodeon" starlet. Cut to 2012 where Bynes—who was booked for a DUI and briefly became a recluse—resurfaced with an all new nose, breast implants and cheek piercings to boot. "Surgery is my favorite," she tweeted after debuting her new look.

Kenny admitted that he had cosmetic eye surgery in 2006—much to his regret. "Last year I had so many lines coming in at the side of my eyes up here," he candidly told Huffington Post. "So I went in and got my eyes done and I'm not happy about it. [The surgeon] is going to go in and fix that for me. They're too tight around the eyelids for me. It drives me crazy. "

Mr. Las Vegas is rumored to have undergone a facelift and eyelid surgery. Experts maintain that he also had a subtle nose job, but the the crooner remains hush-hush on the subject.

After hitting No. 1 with the '80s anthem "You Spin Me Round," Burns made headlines as an androgynous icon. The total bill for his cosmetic work? Nearly $38,000 for 12 surgeries, all of which Pete has vowed to maintain until his face "falls off." Ouch.

The "Las Vegas" star took a risk with her lip injections and Botox filler and ended up, shall we say, in the red. Luckily, Cox—who co-starred in "Unhappily Ever After" back in the '90s—learned from her mistakes the first time around. If only they could all be so lucky…

Van Ark was one of the leading faces in primetime soaps, from "Dallas" to "Knots Landing," before she made a few adjustments. According to several surgeons, she likely endured a blepharoplasty—or eyelid reconstruction—which often leads to a hollowed-out upper eye. Couple that with the traces of a chemical peel .

Though Rei's 15 minutes of fame may have expired, she earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by having the biggest lips on the planet. All it took was hope, faith and determination—and more than 100 injections. Lean in for a smooch. We dare you.

Alas, even angels falter from time to time. Kate Jackson reportedly began with a standard facelift, which left her features somewhat askew. To correct the problem, she allegedly followed up with an eyebrow lift and a mild chin implant.

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